Lt. Cmdr. DeVeau - "Obeservations" (Sort of backsim)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Jan 4, 2019, 11:56:58 PM1/4/19

((Planet Limbo, Day 40))

::Above her, starts glittered, pinpoints in sky that hovered above her.  With the trees surrounding her, the gentle glow that always seemed to hover at the edge of the horizon was blocked, helping to emphasize the display above.  Because of the river, a swath was cut through the canopy, allowing a lovely view of a swath of the sky. Over the course of the last week and a half or so, she’d watched it, wondering if she would ever take her place among them once again.  It had also afforded her time to study them. What she noticed was rather disturbing.::

::Alora was not an astronomer or a stellar cartographer, but she was a scientist.  Observations, studying her surroundings, studying everything really, was part of that, part of who she was.  Eve if it was just in passing, even if it was not overt, subconsciously, she was always observing, always noting.  The stars, they had bothered her in the patches that she would catch glimpses of them, but she hadn’t been sure why.  With the opportunity the river afforded, she was able to get a better and longer view. What she saw wasn’t normal.::

::Stars were supposed to change position, not because of their own movements, but because of the movements of planets, moons, or whatever object one was on where one could view the stars.  They were supposed to change due to such movements. While exceptions did exist, the laws of planetary motion were pretty universal for the most part.:: ::So why were the stars not changing position?::

::For the millionth time, Alora wished she’d been able to salvage more from the wreckage of her pod, or that her triPADD was still working.  If she had some more advanced tools, taking measurements and using models would make things much easier.::

DeVeau: I guess this is how Kepler felt.

::Kepler, at least, had a telescope.  Alora had no way to make one, no glass, nothing to use to magnify what she saw.  Making glass wasn’t a simple affair, and it was also something she had no experience in at all.  The most she’d ever seen was someone blowing glass to create a beautiful vase, but not how to actually make the glass.  She knew sand and heat were involved, that the sand had to be heated until it became liquid, but she didn’t know how she would go about doing that with such primitive tools.::

::Regardless, her eyes were telling her something wasn’t right.  As beautiful as the planet was, there were mysteries surrounding it, and the space around it.  All Alora could do was hope she found some of her fellow officers and that they, perhaps, had some things she could use.  That was, if they hadn’t been rescued by then. I they had been rescued, though, surely they would have scanned for other humanoid life signs.  They wouldn’t just leave her or anyone else there.::

::Alora sighed and closed her eyes, shutting out the sight.  Everything about the situation stunk, but Alora was determined to find her friends.  Her extended family.::

::As much as the stars disturbed her, there were other, more pressing matters. Survival, meeting up with others who had survived.  With her current predicament, that had to take precedence. Sometimes, questions had to wait.::

::Alora turned to her side and tried to settle down.  A few minutes later, she returned to her back, eyes open to stare up at the stars.   Again, she closed her eyes. Sleep also needed to take precedence. Because of her attempts to make new clothing, teaching herself how to skin, and other things, Alora had stopped progressing in her travels.  She needed sleep so she could be alert, rested, She had to find the others. She was so tired of being alone.::

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