Captain Felicia Nickson: What a Mess

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Jan 10, 2019, 1:59:46 PM1/10/19
to UFOP: StarBase 118 – USS Veritas
(OOC: Wrapping this up as we move forward to the mission today!)

((Day 57, Group B on Limbo, Medical Tent ))

del Vedova: I don't want her out and exerting herself until I'm reasonably certain she'll be able to do so without exacerbating her condition.

::Nickson crossed her arms, frustrated at the doctor’s protest. Why did *everyone* on Rahman’s ship have to be so obstinate?::

Nickson: Doctor, I won’t argue against your medical judgment, but you need to know our situation clearly. I just came out of a meeting with Petras, who said in no uncertain terms how desperate our food situation is, further compounded by the thief. If DeVeau is able to help, then we need all hands, doctor. Otherwise, you may be looking at a lot more patients soon.

del Vedova: I understand, but she isn't in any state to do that right now.

DeVeau: Niiiiic...

::At the sound of the science officer’s call, they both turned to look down at her.::

del Vedova: I'm here, Alora.

DeVeau: I think…

del Vedova: What is it? Do you need something?

::As Del Vedova moved closer to attend to her, Nickson walked up beside him, staring down at the feeble woman.::

DeVeau: I don’t feel so good…

::The woman starting to lean forward, and at first Nickson thought perhaps she was about to fall over, but instead, she vomited all over the captain’s shoes. The former Artemis CO stepped back in disgust while the doctor took a moment to process what just happened. And then he laughed. Hard.::

Nickson: Doctor!

del Vedova: I'm sorry, Captain. I know it isn't funny...

::DeVeau looked down at the pile of vomit she’d left on the ground.::

DeVeau: Uh oh.

::A few seconds later, more came, the woman coughing as she emptied her stomach.::

DeVeau: Oh yuck.  I’m sorry…

del Vedova: Don't apologize, Alora. How are you feeling now?

DeVeau: Response

::Nickson took a deep, long breath.::

Nickson: Fine, clearly she is unwell. When she’s ready to help with the camp, inform Petras.

::She looked over at DeVeau, and for a brief moment, the usual steel demeanor of the captain dropped.::

Nickson: Rest, lieutenant commander. Our hopes may just be relying on you.

DeVeau: Response

::As the doctor and his patient continued their conversation, Nickson walked out of the medical tent to check on the perimeter search for the creature. She looked up at the sky, the gas giant high above, and then back down at her stained shoes, shaking her head. Just another day on this hell hole.::


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