Captain Roshanara Rahman: Special Dispensation & The New Chief Engineer

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Sep 5, 2018, 12:04:00 AM9/5/18
to UFOP: StarBase 118 – USS Veritas
((Officer's Mess, USS Veritas))

::As Roshanara stood to the side and behind Evan, observing with approval as he announced those to be recognized, she was caught off guard when he turned around, calling out to her.::

Delano: Captain Rahman, would you step forward please?

::She returned a questioning glance back at the newly-minted commander but complied.::

Rahman: Yes, commander?

Delano: From your perspective, it must all seem like a long time ago, but I wanted to make sure you received recognition for the actions you performed as a Lieutenant Commander assisting in engineering during our battle with the Borg ship. In particular, your selfless act of volunteering to perform dangerous, off-the-cuff modifications to the ship’s deflector may well have saved all of us. As such, Admiral Washington has approved my request to honor you with the Distinguished Service Ribbon.

::Now this was certainly unexpected. Truthfully, the memories of this mission were so long ago to her that the details were all a bit hazy. She'd had a few other nail-biting close calls in the last five years that they'd begun to blur.::

Rahman: I appreciate the thought. ::nods:: Thank you.

::After Evan had finished handing out the last of the ribbons to the senior staff, he then looked back out at his comrades.:: 

Delano: It’s been my privilege to serve with each of you, and to have served on this ship for the last two and a half years. Thank you for making the Veritas such a special place to call home.

::There was some more applause and light cheers, but the night was still young.::

Rahman: If you all would hold there for just one moment, there are a few other announcements. First, Commander Delano made note of a civilian member of the crew who contributed greatly to this mission.

::She turned to find Dr. Alentonis standing in the back.::

Rahman: Dr. Alentonis, will you please come forward?

Alentonis: Response

::She smiled as the memory of working with the doctor along with Tristam to neutralize the Borg's own harmonic resonance chamber came back to her now. Well, Alentonis had done most of the neutralizing while she tried her best not to get inducted into the collective.::

Rahman: Your design of a hand-held device to capture and neutralize the omega molecules was instrumental to the mission's success. For that, I have asked and been granted by Starfleet Command to have special dispensation to award you the Innovation Ribbon. In addition, though you are not a Starfleet officer, you are a member of this crew while you remain aboard with us. As such, I exercise my right as captain to make an additional dispensation and award you the Captain's Commendation in recognition of your services to this vessel on our last mission. Congratulations.

Alentonis: Response

Any: Response

::She then turned to the rest of the crew.::

Rahman: Finally, with Lt. Commander Lael Rosek having returned to Veritas, I would like to announce now her official assignment as chief engineer. I know she's a brilliant engineer, and I have the fullest confidence in her ability to lead that department. ::She nodded towards Rosek.:: Congratulations and good luck, commander.

Rosek: Response

Any: Response

::She let out a breath and cued the computer to begin playing some light music in the background.::

Rahman: All right, everyone, thank you again, and let's give Commander Blair a send off party to remember!

Any: Response

::A few cheers were made before the staff broke up into smaller groups to mingle. Roshanara turned back to Mei'konda and Evan.::

Rahman: Not bad, commander, for your first go.

Delano: Response

::She grinned.::

Rahman: Very "captainly." ::She turned to the Caitian.:: Wouldn't you agree, Number One?

Mei'konda: Response

Delano: Response

::The trio was soon joined by their new chief engineer.::

Rosek: Response

Rahman: Congrats again, commander. And if you're here to tell me you want to get back to work in engineer, permission denied.

Rosek: Response

Any: Response

::She nodded and looked back at Mei'konda and Evan.::

Rahman: If you'll excuse me.

Mei'konda: Response

Delano: Response

::As the captain made her way over towards the starboard wall of the officer's mess, Rosek walked beside her.::

Rahman: So what can I do for you, commander?

Rosek: Response


Captain Roshanara Rahman
Commanding Officer, USS Veritas
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