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Amanda Nordstrom

Jan 6, 2019, 10:49:49 PM1/6/19

((Day 57, Group B on Limbo, Medical Tent ))

del Vedova: Do you know where you are?

DeVeau: Henna ne….

del Vedova: Henna ::beat:: near? Neat?

::He wasn’t listening. nee…::

DeVeau: Takosu hoshiidesuyo…

::Alora’s eyes fluttered open and she turned.  There was a face there.  It was a squiggly face, but nice looking.  She liked that face.  It was familiar.  It was friendly.  Did it have tacos?::

DeVeau: Hiiiii….

del Vedova: ::cautiously:: Alora?

DeVeau: I’d like crispy beef, no lettuce, but I definitely want tomatoes and sour cream. Lots of salsa.

del Vedova: You--you do?

::She did. yummy.::

DeVeau: Can I have chocolate ice cream after?

del Vedova: Oh, dear friend, I wish you could. ::beat:: Can you tell me more about how you're feeling?

DeVeau: My side hurts. I don't like it.

:: He bit his lip, and through the fog of the wooziness of whatever that plant had injected into her, Alora knew he was concerned.::

del Vedova: Can you show me where?

DeVeau:  Yes here.

::Alora pressed gently against the part on her side where the needle had pricked her.::

:: He placed his hands on Alora's side, feeling for what might be wrong and waiting for her to flinch as he moved his hands down. ::

del Vedova: Tell me if I"m near the spot.

DeVeau: Loooower.  It almost got me in the hip.  Just missed my hip.  Tried to hip check me.

del Vedova: Do you remember coming into contact with anything that might have hurt you?

DeVeau: Yes!

::Alora’s eyes opened wide and she leaned forward, placing both of her hands on Nic’s shoulders as she half whispered.::

DeVeau: A plant.  A new plant!  A glorious plant!  I have to go back and get a sample!  Plaaaaaant...

:: At that moment, Captain Nickson joined them inside the tent, taking up more space than she really should have.  Alora’s hands slipped from Nic’s shoulders and she peered up at the woman.::

DeVeau: You look...familiarrrr...

Nickson: How is she, doctor?

del Vedova: For the moment, she's stable. I can't say much more than that right now, I'm afraid.

DeVeau: At least I’m not dying!

::That elicited a laugh that was far too hearty for the ‘joke’ in quest.  Her head tilted back, the sound filling the tent as she let it out in a burst of three, short barks then suddenly became very serious.::

DeVeau: I’m not dead...

Nickson: I'm Captain Nickson, formerly of the Artemis. If he hasn't told you already, you've been brought to a survivor camp. What do you remember?

DeVeau: Remember?

::Even as she sat, sort of wavered a little, as if she weren’t quiet steady.::

DeVeau:  Everything.  I remember everything.  Okay, not everything, I’m not a Vulcan, but almost everything.

::Alora’s blathering didn’t seem to bother the captain.::

Nickson: ::nods:: I'm told you're a botanist.

::That spurred Alora’s face to light up and she clapped her hands together in glee.::

DeVeau:  Yes!  Yes I am!  I like plants!  And animals!  Botanist and zoologist!  Zoologist and botanist!   I like them a lot!

Nickson: Our supplies and rations are running low. If you can help us... it could make the difference between life and death.

::Alora’ frowned and peered more closely at Captain Nickson.  Despite how her head swam and how she was having difficulty catching on to the proper tongues, what the woman said didn’t make sense.  Rations?  Low?  Didn’t they see?  Around them was oodles of food!  Ooodles and oodles!  They couldn’t get more unless it rained on them!

DeVeau: Oooookay...I’ll help.

::Maybe they had to taught.  She could teach them!  Alora liked helping others learn.  She liked learning!::

del Vedova: Hang on, then.

Nickson: Response?

::Alora went silent then, still swaying in her seat.  The dizziness was beginning to lessen a little, though.::

del Vedova: I don't want her out and exerting herself until I'm reasonably certain she'll be able to do so without exacerbating her condition.

Nickson: Response?

DeVeau: Niiiic…

::Alora’s voice was so low they must not have heard her, for they continued on without acknowledging her.::

del Vedova: I understand, but she isn't in any state to do that right now.

Nickson: Response

::The dizziness was better, yes, but something else was going on…::

DeVeau: Niiiiic...

Nickson/del Vedova: Response

DeVeau: I think…

::Alora was trying to warn them, but the tongues kept flying away.::

Nickson/del Vedova: Response

DeVeau: I don’t feel so good…

::Then suddenly, Alora bent over and vomited all over Nickson’s shoes.::

Nickson/del Vedova: Response

::Well that wasn’t good.  Alora stared down at the mess her nose crinkling.  Yuck.::

DeVeau: Uh oh.

::A moment later, she vomited again.  Then a third time, heaving up her breakfast and lunch from earlier that day.  For several moments, she wretched until her stomach was finally empty, then she dry heaved a few moments more.  Finally, her body slowed, then stopped and she gasped for air without any further bodyquakes.::

DeVeau: Oh yuck.  I’m sorry…

::There was one good side effect.  While still woozy, her mind was a little clearer and she could think a little straighter.::

Nickson/del Vedova: Response

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