[V-CRR] Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek: A Rare Opportunity

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Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek

May 29, 2018, 9:57:54 PM5/29/18
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//Engineering Officer’s Log, Stardate 239505.24

We’ve made some headway with our investigations into the Romulan element Reskariaehhrr, but most of what we have is based on simulations. As easy as it would be to just use bits of the box for further study, I can only imagine that the Captain and Headquarters want it intact. This really leaves little option but to take a team down to the planet in hopes of finding enough of the element to continue investigating its properties as well as the possibility that we could create an isotope that is similar enough in composition to its parent while being easier to replicate.


((Captain’s Ready Room, USS Veritas))

::She’d been here a few times over the last several months, though she had to admit, it was the first time she was here in a leadership capacity. Her and Mint’s work had been fruitful, their conclusions offering her a rare opportunity to approach the Captain with a project that could mean a significant change in how they operated in the Shoals...or at the very least, increase the efficiency of their operations here.::

::It was an exciting possibility. Her adjustment to life in the Shoals had been difficult due to the issues that often plagued the ship’s systems--issues that she hadn’t encountered quite like this before coming to the Shoals. The research into the Romulan element could mean increased functionality, decreased blackouts, and fewer malfunctions. Exhaling shakily, she pressed her thumb to the doorchime.::

Rahman: Come in.


::Lael stepped inside to find the Kriosian woman studying her monitor, which she assumed held reports from their most recent mission. She’d submitted her AAR electronically this time, not needing it as an excuse to stop by. The PADD she held in her hand contained a proposal with what they knew about the Romulan element and what she believed they would be able to do with an isotope. It was a huge breakthrough, especially out here in the Shoals.::


Rosek: ::smiles:: Captain. A pleasure, as always.


::She strode toward the Captain’s desk when she saw the woman put her mug down and give her complete attention.::


Rahman: Ah, Commander. What can I do for you?


Rosek: ::offers her the PADD:: My team was assigned to look into the containment box and we found out some very interesting things about it. In particular, that it is composed of a rare Romulan element that shields against tetryon radiation, a common problem for us here in the Shoals.


Rahman: Response


Rosek: ::nods:: We believe that if we can find enough of the element on the planet’s surface, we can study it and produce an isotope with similar properties that can easily replicated. We’re confident that if we can come up with an isotope, we could use it to shield vulnerable sections of the ship from tetryon radiation and increase the efficiency of ships systems, including communications, by 25 percent.


Rahman: Response


Rosek: ::smiles:: It is. ::pauses:: I must admit, I find Dr. Alentonis’s knowledge and dedication impressive. With your permission, I’d like him to be a part of the team that goes down in search of the element. His expertise would be invaluable.


Rahman: Response



Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek, Eng.D.
Engineering Officer
USS Veritas NCC-95035 

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