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::With a sniffly nose and sore cheekbones, Blake found herself rugged up in three layers and again standing in the cold of the Brig. Not that it was cold for her fellow crew members - just her. Because thanks genetics.

::They were gathered nearby a new guest of theres, having been met down on the planet according to the reports Blake hastily caught up on as they walked to the Brig.

::In somewhat of a humourous specticle, their XO stood in the middle of the gathering, and in the absence of their captain, was in fact the shortest of them all, and yet the most menacing. Which was a fun description to give, considering Delano stood about a head taller than his husband.::

Tacir: ::murmurs:: Come to kick a girl while she’s down? You got what you wanted. ::meets Mei’konda’s gaze and jerks her head toward the others:: And what’s with the audience? I’m not stupid, but I recall one of your security officers warning me that these cells were escape-proof...something about having been tested on the craftiest officer your Starfleet could find.

((Flashback, 238902.09))

::Blake found herself standing in front of the Mercury's newly occupied Brig.::

Blake: Mister Bale, as I’m sure you know, my time is restricted, so lets cut this short. What did you do, and why did you do it?
Bale: ::keeping his tone flat:: Ensign Isaac Bale.  Starfleet Intelligence.  Serial number 01070714.
Blake: Starfleet Intelligence, huh? We have two other Intel officers on this ship and neither of them were aware of your existence.

::The man stood and approached the forcefield to the cell, looking directly into the emerald eyes of Blake with a dark stare, repeating himself with his cold black eyes.::

Bale: Ensign Isaac Bale.  Starfleet Intelligence.  Serial number 01070714.

::She huffed, glancing at Martinez.::

Blake:::She looked at Martinez.:: He’s to stay in here tonight and tomorrow until Parker, our good Captain, or the head of Starfleet Intel tell us otherwise.

::Martinez simply nodded her head, and Bale retook his seat, eyes casually glancing over her as if he were searching for something.::

Bale: What are you hiding, Lieutenant?

((End flashback))

::The memory sent a shiver up her spine, more than the chill of . Apparently Ensign Isaac Bale, Starfleet Intelligence, serial number 01070714, was one of the "craftiest officers" Starfleet could find. Part of her wanted to call him "the most craftiest bastard" Starfleet could find, but she couldn't recall what would have given her that opinion. Sky shook her head at herself.::

Kelrod: The cells are Starfleet standard. Until we believe we can trust you, here’s where you’ll have to remain. At least is better than what I’ve heard from the Marshall’s brigs.

Mei’konda: Mister Kelrod is correct.  These cells are fail saafe.  We aren’t here to kiick you while you’re down, Tacir.  You maade a deal with our Captain that she would help you saave your daughter.

::Blake glanced back at their XO.::

Dugoras/Delano: Response?

Tacir: ::grimaces:: Thanks for the reminder. As if I wasn’t already feeling low enough. ::sighs:: They’ll likely kill her as soon as word gets back that I was taken into custody.

Kelrod: Then we’re lucky to be on the Shoals. Coms here are very sketchy and we have our own ways to spread the rumor that you’ve escaped. So they’ll think twice to do anything if they believe they still can use her against you or to keep you controlled.

Mei’konda: Not only the Shoals, but the Shadows.  Yes, the Syndicate will haave no reason to thiink that anythiing has happened to you.

Dugoras/Delano: Response?

::Blake leaned against the Brig console, arms folded over herself.::

Kelrod: I’ve dealt with the syndicate before, they don’t like rogue agents on the loose as a single person could be impossible to track. They’ll keep her safe until they got you.

::Mei'konda turned, brushing some giners over the short goatee he'd grown as he stolled a few feet away.

Mei’konda: We’ll leaak a message saaying that you escaped capture, once we’ve left the Shoals.  Are you expected to report baack to your home baase or ship in person?  And which one of those two things is it, base or ship?

Dugoras/Delano/Kelrod: Response?

Tacir: Response?

::The Caitian nodded thoughtfully, then spun back around to face the cell.::

Mei’konda: Commander Blake, do you have any contaacts near that location?  Someone who could get her daughter out?

Blake: Unfortunately, none from Starfleet, if that's what you're thinking. None that are close by, at least.

::There were three rangers on this side of the Shoals - Blake was one of them - and even fewer elsewhere. There was a smattering of Starfleet officers scattered throughout the area where the Veritas or the Montreal were not - though they weren't exactly equipped for solo rescue operations as much as a ranger was, and she'd never ask them to be.::

Mei’konda: Then perhaaps we should make use of the Marshals.  They’ll be much quicker to get there than we would be, from here.

Dugoras/Delano/Kelrod: Response?

Tacir: Response?

Blake: It's impossible for the Syndicate to have ears *everywhere*. I worked well with the Marshals new head of department - trust me, the chances they'd "buy" her are pretty slim.

Dugoras/Delano/Kelrod/Mei'konda: Response?

Tacir: Response?

Blake: There are a few areas we can get safe housing for you. Given the expanded operations out in general Federation space, it might be safer for you to remain in the Shoals. Ketar V is generally considered the safest place in the Shoals.

Tacir/Dugoras/Delano/Kelrod/Mei'konda: Response?

Tbc . . .

LtCmdr Sky Blake
USS Veritas

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