Lt. G'var- She can kill you with a wink of her eye

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michael barnes

Sep 10, 2019, 9:57:40 PM9/10/19

((Stage 4 - The Explosive Decompression - 2200 Hours))

After an hour of Singing and Dancing at the Singing Shoals, G'var was in a much better Mood. Wil had been magnificent in his performance. Smiling at her Beloved as the matter stream finished materializing her and the rest of her friends in front of their next location, G'var reached over and wrapped her arms around Wil's neck and gave him a passionate kiss. A small thank you for the night so far. Looking around at the small group surrounding them, G'var had to stifle a laugh. Standing in the middle of her fellow Crewman she had a quick flashback to one of Chief Xofo's safety briefs onboard the Kentucky. Their group now included: 6 Officers, 3 Crewmen, 2 Local Bogans, and a Ta'ch'iRoc in a JomJom Tree.

Wrapping her arm around Wil's neck, G'var motioned towards a nondescript three story building nestled between a Thai noodle house and a ramshackle sub-space communications station. Holographic advertising splashed across the front of all three buildings, the reflections in the rain puddles added a shimmering effect onto the walls. Several new holograms advertised the promise of exotic companionship and the cheapest alcohol in 12 parsecs. The buxom image of a semi-nude Orion female danced enticingly and beckoned weary workers inside. In raucous pyschodelic colors above the second story windows a Bajoran freighter was attacked by a Nausican Battleclaw, exploding in a sensation of color. The name Explosive Decompression blew out across the entrance as the Battleclaw did a barrel roll inches from their heads.

Stepping inside G'var's senses were assaulted by the smell of stale alcohol and unwashed bodies. Walking through the dark entryway G'var noticed a large Nausican sitting on a stool by the door, giving her and Wil a sharp stare. G'var had to suppress the urge to rip the males two front mandibles off, as his eyes roamed a little to long over her body. Growling deep in her throat, G'var motioned with her chin at the petite Deltean female behind a counter, wearing a revealing blue outfit . A colored chalk sign proudly displayed tonight's house specials, the Nausican Quencher, a Teal Tellerite, the Chintoka Sunrise, and the Gorn! Only 20 slips of Latinum Cover.

Leading the group past the Nausican, G'var saddled up over to the Deltean, Reaching down to her boot she presented two strips of Latinum to the female.

G'var: ( Nodding to the Group) Here's the cover DAHLING! (Giving Wil a wink) perhaps you can show us to the Bar. (Running her hand through Wil's hair, she grabbed a handful on the back of his head) My Mate and I are thirsty for pleasure.

Wil: Reaponse

Any: Response

G'var had to Laugh as several of her friends blushed. Shrugging her shoulders she motioned for the others to follow her deeper inside, the pulse pounding bass of an Andorian Nordik Synth song began pumping through the entryway.

G'var: Come Beloved, buy me a drink! I feel in the mood to wrestle a Gorn!

Wil: Response

Any: Response

Stepping inside the main room G'var was immediately impressed with the amount of junk hanging from the walls and rafters. It seemed the Proprietor had decided to furnish the place in early garbage. Bricka-brack, Tchotchkes, and Trinkets from around the sector adorned every spot of open space. On the right side of the room was an authentic cherba wood bar running 10 meters down the wall, hundreds of bottles of colored liquids lined four shelves behind the bar. A Multi-tap was at the center of the Bar. Strangely enough the Bartender was an elegant Cardassian female wearing a vibrant green dress. Several large round tables were spread out from the bar, on the left wall were several large booths. Towards the back, the room split as the bar apparently also ran behind the surrounding buildings. From the left G'var could hear several domjat games being played and from the right the sounds of cheers, as a sporting event of some type was being watched. In the back of the room was a stage that was currently occupied by an Andorian Thrash band, the lead singer was a White Andorian female with alluring indigo hair. A set of stairs wrapped over the stage leading to the second level.

Blinking twice G'var's mouth hung open, doing a quick double take, G'var gave Wil's shoulder a squeeze. Raising her arm she pointed to the balcony over looking the stage. There, Arms draped over the railing, a look of absolute boredom stitched across her face, was a blonde haired Orion female. Wearing a dazzling seductive dress, the Woman looking out on the crowed with contempt.

G'var: (pointing over the stage) Wil! IS THAT...Mistress IA?

Wil: Response

Any/Teller: Response



Lieutenant G'var
Assistant Chief of Security
USS Veritas NCC-95035

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