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::Every bone in her body ached the morning she pulled herself out of bed. That was the downside to ground work in tiny research settlements - first aid, but nothing like there'd be on Veritas. One glance in the mirror and already there was a wicked bruise shaped like a large hand covering her jaw and neck. It wasn't the worst of her injuries, just the most noticeable.

::But with the settlements doctor "on his way" from another colony (which could take months), Sky and many others whom had been injured have to make due with whatever assistance First Aid staff could give. Aside from electroactive bandages and bandaids, there wasn't much else to be done for the various cuts, bruises and muscle pulls inflicted.::

::With a slight limp and her weapon holstered, she had ignored advice to rest and instead made her way back to the Security setup.::

Tydo: You look like you've gone through eight rounds with an Orion.

Blake: Yeah. I feel like it, too.

::She started pouring herself a water when Tydo tossed a carrier bag onto the table, it's contents making a clanking noise.::

Tydo: You're Starfleet. Maybe *you* can tell me what this is doing here?

::Sky frowned, her eyes still on Tydo as she put her cup down to pick up the clear bag.

::One item. No, actually, one *weapon*.::

Blake: This is an EM-33.

Tydo: Caught a five year old girl running off into the jungle with it.

Blake: This thing is over *two hundred years old* - where the hell would anyone find this?

::And it looked pristine as well - almost as in a good condition as the Aqualia currently strapped to her hip.::

Tydo: You didn't bring it in?

::If Sky didn't look shocked, she must have looked offended.::

Blake: *Two hundred years old*, Tydo! Not to mention that this thing requires actual ammunition, containment bottles - as well as software updates to make sure the thing doesn't blow up in your hand-

::A stabbing sensation in her brain had stopped her Sabor-fueled rant about the weapons usefulness. She'd never remembered the Vulcan's Armory officer lectures before, yet here she was reciting one practically word for word.::

Tydo: You alright?

Blake: Yeah. Yeah - too many hits to the head, I think.

Cormac: =/\= Veritas to Blake. =/\=

::Well *this* was beginning to turn into a day of wonders, now wasn't it? The Veritas? In range of her combadge?::

Blake: =/\= You're a few thousand clicks too far from Donova, Cormac, why are you in Shadow space? =/\=

Cormac: =/\= Captain wants you running an op in the main colony. She's particularly sorry that she's pulling you out of Cakapunnual, but this is important. =/\=

Blake: =/\= Please tell Zhou to remind her I'm not a marine. =/\=

Cormac: =/\= She said you'd say that, and that I am authorized to tell you to stop hiding behind your boy toy. =/\=

::Sky blinked, because of course the rest of the Bridge on Veritas had probably just heard that. Cheeks flushed red, she rubbed her eyes.

::So the captain knew about Zhou. Awesome.::

Blake: =/\= . . . standby. =/\=

::She tapped her combadge to silence the link before looking back at Tydo, changing the subject before the other woman could get a word in.::

Blake: I'd like to take this back to my ship for analysis.

Tydo: Do what you please. It's Starfleet property - by rights, I have to give it back to you, anyway.

Blake: It'll help me determine where it came from if-

Tydo: Blake. I've already said yes. Take it and run.

::The Brekkazoid gave a thankful nod before tapping her combadge again.::

Blake: =/\= Vertias, I have a package to drop off to forensics and require some medical attention. =/\=

Cormac: =/\= Aye, Commander. Head to the pick up zone and we'll beam you aboard. =/\=

Blake: =/\= Understood. Blake out. =/\=

Tbc . . .

LtCmdr Sky Blake
Strategic Operations
USS Veritas


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