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Danny Lee

Feb 6, 2020, 6:54:49 AM2/6/20

((Sickbay, USS Veritas))


(OOC: Happens before the mission!)



If there was even the chance that whatever had felled del Vedova was contagious, and Ukinix had picked it up, then he needed to have called for quarantine five minutes ago.


Ukinix: Me? I’m fine! My eyes just went out of focus for a split second, it’s happened before


Riya: At all similar to what you saw Doctor del Vedova experience?


Ukinix: (Shaking head) No, I’ve had that happen before I came in here.  And I felt what Del was feeling.  I definitely don’t feel like that.


Riya: Good.


That was a relief, at least. Still, Riya wanted to be sure, and he turned his tricorder on Lt. Ukinix.


Wil picked up a nearby medical tricorder, and pointed at himself.


Ukinix: Point yours at Del!  He’s the one that needs help.


Riya: Right.


He nodded. His patient was his first priority, of course, and in the few moments he’d had to investigate, he was reasonably sure that the CMO was his only meaningful patient for now.


Ukinix: (Tapping at console with one hand) OK, stasis field ready to be activated.


Riya: Please bring it online.


Ukinix: Aye.


As the stasis field activated, the medical tricorder that Wil had pointed at himself beeped.  The screen gave him an all clear - even though he had really only run a basic check on himself.


Ukinix: (Showing tricorder) See?


Riya spared a glance for the tricorder, and felt a stab of pleasure that he’d been right. 


Riya: Good. Let’s keep it that way.


He gazed down at his patient. The immediate crisis was over, as the stasis field would hold Doctor del Vedova in a state of suspended animation until someone had a better sense of what to do.


Ukinix: (Looking at Del) Is he going to be OK?


Riya thought that he was looking for an affirmative, in order to feel better about the terrible thing he’d witnessed -- but, while he tried to cultivate empathy with his patients and his colleagues, he wasn’t in the habit of lying. He slowly shook his head.


Riya: I don’t know. I don’t know what’s wrong, or what his prognosis might be.


Ukinix: (Hands on head) Dammit.


Wil then leaned forward and put his hands on his knees, while keeping his eyes on Del.


What Riya needed to do now was consult any senior doctor. Failing that, he needed to consult (or holo-consult) with a physician who had more experience with whatever sort of neurological disorder del Vedova might be suffering from -- which a senior doctor might ask him to do anyway.


Riya: Do you know where we are? What’s the nearest large medical facility?


Ukinix: (Hands on still knees) You mean, you don't?!


Riya looked around in surprise. He knew the shock of the CMO’s collapse must have been great, but he didn’t expect to see Ukinix so worked up. The tone of his voice mellowed at once.


Riya: Lieutenant? Are you alright?


Ukinix: (Standing up) Yes. I - I'm sorry, I'm just (Looking at Del) - I'm rattled. 


Riya: You saw something traumatic and distressing. But you did all the right things. And now…


He glanced at del Vedova.


Riya: I can’t know for sure what will happen, but you know we’ll do everything we can for him. Everything.


Wil placed his hands on his hips. He sighed through his lips, then closed his eyes for a few seconds before opening them again.


Ukinix: OK. If there's anything I can do to help, let me know.


Instead of leaving, Wil sat on the biobed opposite Del and placed his hands in his lap while looking at him.  He hoped the stasis field was a temporary measure, and that whatever it was that Del was suffering from could be easily resolved.  Wil considered him his friend, and being so far from Earth, a kindred connection to his home.



Commander Nic del Vedova

Chief Medical Officer

USS Veritas




Lieutenant Wil Ukinix

Assistant Chief Engineer

USS Veritas




Ensign Riya Sanaso
Medical Officer
USS Veritas


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