Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek: Additional Responsibilties

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Lael Rosek

Sep 5, 2018, 3:47:20 AM9/5/18

((Officer's Mess, USS Veritas))


::The group gathered their ribbons and Anjar returned to her side, holding two boxes, grinning like an idiot. She smirked, elbowing him playfully in the ribs.::

Rosek: Earth to Anjar. Come in, Anjar.

::He turned to her and the blush intensified when it finally clicked for him.::

Thoran: ::murmurs:: A Captain’s Commendation.

Rosek: ::smirks:: Yeah. They’re quite a thing, aren’t they? Those get you places in your career.

::Anjar opened his mouth to reply, but was interrupted again by Evan speaking.::

Delano: Mr. Galven. You’re next, if you please.

::She had to fight to contain a loud, breathless laugh, instead clutching at her sides, shaking with silent laughter as surprise registered on his features. Unlike Anjar, he let his surprise show openly. It was almost adorable.::

Galven: ::stunned:: What?

::As German stumbled toward the stage, she was concerned for a moment that he might trip and fall face first at Evan’s feet. This only increased her amusement, a short, bell-like laugh escaping. She struggled to compose herself, earning her an arched eyebrow from Anjar. A flush filled her cheeks when she noticed his expression and she straightened immediately, plastering on a polite smile.::

Delano: Your determination and perseverance in helping to liberate Mary Audron from the Borg Collective was also an important part of us eliminating the Borg threat both on and off the ship. For that, you will also receive the Captain’s Commendation.

Galven: ::shocked:: Sir..

::She watched German accept the box, still clearly in shock.::

Delano: Congratulations

Galven: ::beat::Th..Thank you sir!

::Her gaze lingered briefly on German as he re-took his seat, but only briefly before Evan’s voice drew her back to the central focus of the room. It appeared he wasn’t done yet. She was more than a little surprised to hear him call Rahman by name.::

Delano: Captain Rahman, would you step forward please?

Rahman: Yes, commander?

::She arched an eyebrow. Captain Rahman, to her knowledge had been conspicuously absent during this last mission just as she had. It had her curious as to what exactly Evan had in mind.::

Delano: From your perspective, it must all seem like a long time ago, but I wanted to make sure you received recognition for the actions you performed as a Lieutenant Commander assisting in engineering during our battle with the Borg ship. In particular, you selfless act of volunteering to perform dangerous, off-the-cuff modifications to the ship’s deflector may well have saved all of us. As such, Admiral Washington has approved my request to honor you with the Distinguished Service Ribbon.

Rosek: ::glances at Anjar and smirks:: o0 Well, that explains a couple of things. 0o

::Her friends had been extremely vague about the details, but it seemed something about the nature of the mission had been cleared for the entire room...either that or Evan wasn’t aware that she was present tonight. But she’d gotten the invitation, so…::

Rahman: I appreciate the thought. ::nods:: Thank you.

::A brief exchange took place between Rahman and Evan before the captain returned to where she’d been standing.::

Delano: Finally, it’s been noted on the records of every officer who participated in the mission that you will receive both the Galactic War with the Borg Service Medal and the Defense of the Temporal Flow Ribbon.

Rosek: ::elbows Anjar and murmurs:: Hey! No fair. You have two more I don’t have.

Thoran: ::smirks:: That’ll teach you to leave the ship for long periods of time, won’t it?

Rosek: ::scowls:: Well, the mess that I came back to as far as reports and damage to my ship has already done that. ::smirks:: Last time I leave you in charge.


::The comment lacked the heat to really sting, despite the fact that she WAS irritated at the chaos she’d come back to. It seemed she couldn’t leave the ship without some intense mission happening that had her picking up pieces. She sighed. As much as she loved her job, it could be downright exhausting.::

Thoran: ::chuckles:: You don’t mean it. ::smirks:: What would you do if I wasn’t around?

Rosek: ::smiles sweetly:: Call Carter.

::She laughed at the petulant pout on Anjar’s face before patting him on the cheek. He was so easy to bait and the result was often hilarious and well worth the effort.::

Rosek: I’m only teasing. Quit looking like somebody spit in your soup.

Thoran: ::smirks and elbows her lightly:: Brat.

Rosek: ::grins and elbows him back:: @$$.


::The familiar light-hearted teasing made her smile. After the tension that had lingered between them in the months since sleeping with him for the third time the night before her surgery, the return to normalcy between them was nice. Anjar really was a good friend and he could make her laugh even when she didn’t feel at all like laughing.::

Thoran: ::chuckles:: You know you love me or you wouldn’t put up with me like you do.


::She huffed, taking a long drink from her champagne glass, finishing it off before setting it on a passing tray.::

Delano: It’s been my privilege to serve with each of you, and to have served on this ship for the last two and a half years. Thank you for making the Veritas such a special place to call home.


::Lael clapped politely...or as much as she could with a glass in her hand. Her gaze went to Anjar, who still seemed to be absorbing the evening’s events. A small smile slid across her lips. It wasn’t often someone surprised Anjar into near silence. Maybe the last mission had gotten to him more than he would have liked to admit.::


Rahman: If you all would hold there for just one moment, there are a few other announcements. First, Commander Delano made note of a civilian member of the crew who contributed greatly to this mission.


::A smirk crossed her lips. Given the limited number of civilians aboard, she had a pretty good idea of who Rahman was referring to. She’d last seen him lingering near the back of the room, presumably to avoid detection and the spotlight. It didn’t come as a surprise, really, given how reluctant the man had been during their last conversation outside of duty to engage her on a personal level or to be engaged.::


Rahman: Dr. Alentonis, will you please come forward?


Alentonis: Response


Rahman: Your design of a hand-held device to capture and neutralize the omega molecules was instrumental to the mission's success. For that, I have asked and been granted by Starfleet Command to have special dispensation to award you the Innovation Ribbon. In addition, though you are not a Starfleet officer, you are a member of this crew while you remain aboard with us. As such, I exercise my right as captain to make an additional dispensation and award you the Captain's Commendation in recognition of your services to this vessel on our last mission. Congratulations.


Alentonis: Response


::She had to resist the urge to yell out, instead clapping enthusiastically and whistling only just loud enough to be heard over the noise in the room as others joined in congratulating Tim. As he passed by on his way back to his corner of the room, she laid a hand on his arm and brushed a kiss across his cheek before murmuring in his ear.::


Rosek: Congratulations, Tim.


Alentonis: Response


Any: Response


::She was so focused on Tim’s reaction that hearing her name called caught her by surprise, her expression taking on a deer in the headlights look.::


Rahman: Finally, with Lt. Commander Lael Rosek having returned to Veritas, I would like to announce now her official assignment as chief engineer. I know she's a brilliant engineer, and I have the fullest confidence in her ability to lead that department. ::She nodded towards Rosek.:: Congratulations and good luck, commander.


::It was Lael’s turn to be stunned into silence. Yes, she’d been acting as the ranking officer in the bowels, so it only made sense that she’d be assigned the role. But it still came as a surprise that it took her a few long moments to recover from. She was snapped from her daze when she felt Anjar’s elbow dig into her side, seemingly encouraging her to respond. It took another moment before she was able to find words.::


Rosek: ::rasps:: Thank you, ma’am.


Any: Response


Thoran: ::chuckles:: Payback is a %!$^&...right, boss?


::His comment pulled her from her shocked state like a figurative bucket of ice water and she turned on him, arching an eyebrow.::


Rosek: Yes. It is. Mr. Thoran.


::She laughed as she saw the implication behind the comment register on his features. Most of the time, she used her power for good...but it wouldn’t hurt just this one to literally bring Anjar to his knees, scrubbing the gunked up plasma manifolds.


Rahman: All right, everyone, thank you again, and let's give Commander Blair a send off party to remember!


Any: Response


::Her positive mood faltered slightly at the reminder that Alex would be leaving them. It was almost enough to take the fun out of being named Chief Engineer. Almost. She paused, a glance at Rahman reminding her of something she’d been meaning to talk to the woman about for awhile now. Straightened her shoulders, she murmured an excuse to Anjar before striding in the Captain’s direction. With each step, she drew in calm, steadying breaths as she began to compose her speech in her head. She arrived just as Rahman, Mei’konda, and Evan were finishing their conversation.::


Rahman: Very "captainly." ::She turned to the Caitian.:: Wouldn't you agree, Number One?


Mei'konda: Response


Delano: Response


::She released a breathy exhalation before forcing herself to relax, a warm smile that she didn’t completely feel crossing her lips.::


Rosek: ::nods at Rahman:: Captain. ::smiles and glances at Mei’konda and Evan:: Commanders.


Rahman: Congrats again, commander. And if you're here to tell me you want to get back to work in engineer, permission denied.


::She grinned at the joke. Rahman knew very well that Lael was a classic workaholic and that she spent more of her time in Engineering these days than in her own quarters. But that had less to do with wanting to be in Engineering that badly and more to do with not wanting to endure the emptiness of her personal space, which had once been so filled with the calming presence of others.::


Rosek: ::pauses:: Actually, ma’am, I was hoping to have a word with in private regarding Taz.


Any: Response


::The woman’s nod and glance back at Mei’konda and Evan was her signal of the Captain’s agreement.


Rahman: If you'll excuse me.


Mei'konda: Response


Delano: Response


::Rahman moved toward one of the walls, presumably for the privacy Lael had requested. She didn’t hesitate to fall in beside Rahman.::


Rahman: So what can I do for you, commander?


Rosek: ::pauses:: With my change of title being official and all, I wanted to discuss with you the possibility of Taz becoming my administrative assistant.


Rahman: Response


Rosek: ::nods:: I agree. She has the potential to make an excellent officer someday. ::smiles:: Maybe even Chief at some point...if that’s what she wants. Her enthusiasm and ability to think on her feet have been real assets to the department in times of crisis.


Rahman: Response


Rosek: ::pauses:: She’ll be 18 in November, correct?


Rahman: Response


Rosek: If you’re in agreement, I don’t see any reason why at that stage we couldn’t see about making it official and seeing if Starfleet Command wouldn’t grant her a provisional Crewman Third Class while she begins work on her studies...if that’s what she wants.


Rahman: Response


Rosek: ::nods:: I, of course, would be happy to take responsibility as her supervising officer while she works toward whatever her goals are in that regard.


Rahman: Response



Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek
Chief Engineering Officer
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