Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek: The Things I Do To Support My Friends...Part II

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Lael Rosek

Sep 3, 2018, 2:36:15 AM9/3/18
((Officer's Mess, USS Veritas))  

::She watched mildly envious as Evan took his next step along the path to his own command before a smirk stole across her lips. It had been a long time in coming for him. Besides...she was confident that she wouldn’t be far behind him.::

Lovar: ::He gave a small clap:: Congrats, sir!

Galven: Congrats new Commander!

Kelrod: First round is on him today!!

Blair: Congrats and very well deserved Commander!

Rahman: And now, for your first act as a full commander, I would like you to lead the rest of the ribbons ceremony, since they were your crew as acting captain.

Delano: My pleasure, Captain.

::Her gaze flickered to the wooden boxes on the table, her heart missing a beat for a moment before her eyes found Anjar’s face. He’d tensed beside her the moment he caught a glimpse of them and she felt the stomach-churning rush of anticipation as Anjar’s hand tightened around the one on his arm.::


::A smile touched her lips not for the first time that evening. In all of the years she’d served with him, he’d really only been recognized for his efforts as part of the crew and not for his specific contributions. With her being gone for the last mission, it had put him center stage as a member of the senior staff, giving him the opportunity to really shine.::

Delano: I hope you’ll all bear with me if this is a little rough around the edges. This kind of formality has never been my strong suit. That said, I wanted to start by giving all of you who were with us during our little misadventure my personal thanks. Starfleet has always asked a lot of us, but I don’t think it’s out of line to say that the Shahrazad System really pushed our limitations. All of you performed admirably, and I’ve never been more proud to say I’m a part of this crew.

::Lael grabbed a glass from a passing tray and noted Anjar did the same, both raising them as Delano offered a toast.::

Delano: So, I hope you’ll all join me in raising your glass in appreciation of everyone else in this room.

Any: Responses

::Her gaze met Anjar’s and they shared a secret smile, tapping their glasses gently together.::


Rosek: ::murmurs:: Now I’m even more sad that I missed it.


Thoran: ::huffs:: If you’d been here, I wouldn’t have gotten to spend a day in a chief’s shoes. ::grins::


Rosek: ::smirks and drinks:: You best not be gunning for my position, Mr. Thoran. I know where you sleep.


Thoran: ::chuckles and drinks:: I wouldn’t dream of it. ::pauses:: Someday, maybe. But certainly not anytime soon.


::They turned their attention back to the stage just as Evan began speaking again.::

Delano: Now that that’s done, there are some of you I especially wanted to recognize. Since he’s already on the spot, let’s start with Commander Blair.

Blair: Well, I was just about to head back to my seat, but I guess I can wait a moment.


::Lael laughed and rolled her eyes, shaking her head. Only Alex.::

Delano: Commander, despite my asking a lot of you throughout the crisis in the Shahrazad System, you continually impressed me. In particular, your timely shield modulations are what gave us the ability to overcome the Borg probe. Your innovative ‘gravity bomb’ also helped us escape the system without having to engage with the Ohanze. For that, I’m pleased to recognize you with the Legion of Merit.

Blair: Thank you Commander. It was a pleasure to help.

Rosek: ::yells:: Yay, Alex! ::grins and claps loudly::

Delano: Next, would Commander Kelrod and Lieutenant Dugoras please join me?

::Lael smiled as both officers stepped forward, T’Katt in particular seeming surprised to hear his name called. She recalled their conversation in the officer’s lounge and how reluctant the man had been to discuss the last mission at all. He no doubt thought that he was lucky not to have received a note in his record. On the contrary, Lael had done something similarly outrageous during her first mission with the fleet and had been given three awards for it.::

Delano: Your actions in the heat of the battle with the Borg Probe were particularly harrowing. I’m told that you saved more than a few lives by helping to evacuate personnel from at-risk sections of the ship, even though it put yourselves in danger. As such, I’m pleased to recognize both of you with the Gold Lifesaving Ribbon.

Dugoras: T-thank you Commander... :: He could hardly utter the words.::

Kelrod: Nothing any good officer wouldn’t have done. But thank you. It’s appreciated.

Delano: Don’t go anywhere yet. Lieutenants Moonsong and Thoran, would you please join us?


::She fought the urge to laugh at the gobsmacked expression on Anjar’s face as she released his arm and encouraged him forward. He handed her his glass and straightened his uniform jacket before schooling his features into a neutral expression and stepping forward to take up the at-attention pose, hands tucked behind his back.::

Moonsong: Response

Delano: For directly facing the Borg threat, and the hostile alien life on an unknown and dangerous planet and performing with distinction and achieving the goals of your away mission, you will each be receiving the Good Conduct Ribbon.


::Even with how far away she was, she heard the catch in Anjar’s breath as he took in what Delano was saying. It was no Purple Heart, but who really aspired to those anyway? She smiled. The Good Conduct Ribbon was on that she had yet to add to her collection. Knowing Anjar, he wouldn’t miss an opportunity to remind her of it.::


Kelrod: This is starting to be embarrassing. :: he said while accepting the ribbon :: Some of you better say something...

Thoran: ::murmurs:: Thank you, Commander.


Moonsong: Responses

Delano: Mr. Thoran, your senior officer during the away mission praised your personal bravery in his report, and stated that your actions were essential to the success of the mission. Such praise deserves formal recognition, which I’m pleased to offer in the form of the Captain’s Commendation.


::This time she couldn’t contain her laughter as a bright red flush crept up the back of Anjar’s neck, reaching his ears. He was actually embarrassed and humbled. She never thought she’d see the day that ANYTHING humbled Anjar Thoran.::

Thoran: ::rasps:: I--Thank you, sir.


::The words were breathed as though it was taking the last of the air in his lungs to say it.::

Delano: Finally, Mr. Dugoras, I wish to recognize the personal sacrifices you made to accomplish that mission by awarding you with the Purple Heart.


::She froze, the smile on her lips wavering slightly as she heard the award he was given. A Purple Heart. Well, damn. Memories of Temlai came tumbling back and she had to close her eyes to will them away. They were only memories. Somehow, she managed to keep her head, though she worried she’d accidentally projected her panic.::

Dugoras: Thank you again, Commander.

::The group gathered their ribbons and Anjar returned to her side, holding two boxes, grinning like an idiot. She smirked, elbowing him playfully in the ribs.::


Rosek: Earth to Anjar. Come in, Anjar.


Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek
Acting Chief Engineering Officer
USS Veritas NCC-95035 

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