Ensign Kivik: Greetings

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Keegan Flick-Parker

Jun 21, 2021, 1:46:43 PM6/21/21
to USS Veritas

((Shuttlecraft, near Star Station Esperance))

Ensign Kivik sat in the shuttle, one of several Starfleet officers being transported to rendezvous with the USS Veritas or otherwise deployed in The Shoals. The energy on the transport was tense, maintained by the furtive glances darting between the officers and the oppressive silence that filled the empty spaces of the shuttle.

When Kivik had learned of nir assignment, ne had contacted a friend from the Academy, now stationed at a classified research Colony, who had warned… oO Try not to get yourself killed out there… Oo

The words rang in Kivik’s head as the shuttle approached its first drop-off, the USS Veritas. The scientist had always considered nemself rather bold - at least by J’naii standards. But the J’naii, Kivik had come to learn, were a sheltered and somewhat fearful people and, during nir time at the Academy, ne had spent hours pouring over mission logs that had made nir tremble with excitement and fear. Ne had yet to be deterred, though.

Pilot: Okay, everyone-

The voice of the pilot seemed to shatter the tension, at long last.

Pilot: We’re about to set down in the Veritas’ shuttle bay. Anyone looking to disembark here, please confirm your serial number with me and we’ll get you sorted.

Kivik pulled the datapad from nir duffle and quickly reviewed nir orders. The PADD contained the Science Officer’s assignment and initial orders, ship specs, crew manifest, and an ever-growing collection of facts about The Shoals, its history, its science, and its inhabitants. 

Kivik was to report immediately to Captain Roshanara Rahman in her ready room on arrival. As ne switched to looking at a map of the ship, planning the quickest route to nir meeting with the Captain, something caught the Ensign’s eye in the craft’s viewport. The Veritas glistened, ahead. A beacon in the darkness of space. The start of a new chapter.

((Shuttlebay, USS Veritas))

Kivik thanked the pilot and stepped off the craft, into the awaiting shuttlebay. A number of other crewmen smiled and waved, but they all knew the Ensign’s first order of business. Kivik slung nir bag over nir shoulder and headed straight for the turbolift.

Kivik: ::Stepping inside:: Deck 1.

The turbolift whirred to life, and despite the turbolift’s inertial dampers, Kivik felt nir stomach drop. While ne was sure the Captain would be gracious and leaderly, ne had heard whispers during nir layover of her fearsome reputation. Perhaps the other officers had just been trying to intimidate nir as a joke.

The turbolift reached its destination and Kivik stepped forth. oO I suppose I’ll know for myself, soon enough. Oo

Ne followed the map to the Captain’s Ready room and took a deep breath before pushing the intercom button.

Capt. Rahman: Response

The door slid open and Kivik peered inside.

Capt. Rahman: Response

Kivik: Of course. Thank you, Ma’am.

Taking a step forward, into the room, the J’naii shut nir eyes tightly for a moment, hoping that ne had used the correct honorific. Even after all this time, the gendered pronouns of Humans still gave nir a little trouble, especially when they had so much personal choice in the matter.

Capt. Rahman: Response

Ensign Kivik
Science Officer
USS Veritas
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