JP: Lt. Cmdr. Luna Walker & Lt. jg Danni James: Through Space and Time (Part 1)

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Mike Walberg

Oct 9, 2017, 9:14:24 AM10/9/17
to UFOP: StarBase 118 – USS Veritas

((Danni and Luna's Quarters , USS Veritas))


::Danni slowly and reluctantly woke up. She’d been dreaming. Good dreams for a change. The kind you wanted to hold onto and never let go. But try as hard as she might, the
details vanished almost as soon as she opened her eyes.::


::She instantly became aware of the warm body lying behind her with their arm draped over her. A warm puff of air hit her ear and she couldn’t help reaching up and running her hand over her ear and swatting at the source of the air.::


:: Luna had been awake for a bit now.  For once she did so without a terror that something horrible was going to happen, or the ship needed her to fix something before it was too late.   Instead, she'd just lay there watching her wife sleep.


She looked peaceful and relaxed... happy. Luna's heart swelled to see it.   Enough so that she'd silenced the alarm before it went off, granting Danni a precious snooze.  With a mostly internal sigh,  she'd blown across her ear to wake her. ::


Walker: Hey sleepy....  you were supposed to be up ten minutes ago.


::Danni smiled. Luna was the only one who could or would get away with waking her before she was ready.::


James: I don’t wanna get up.


:: She managed to keep her face almost serious as she responded::


Walker: You'd better.  I hear your boss got injured and is in a bad mood. I'd say she's on a warpath but it's more of a war lurch.


::Danni turned to face her.  She smiled and kissed her. She traced her finger across Luna’s jaw line, her smile turning into a mischievous grin.::


James: I think I know exactly what she needs to distract her from any and all bad moods.


:: Despite herself, Luna blushed a deep copper.  She was half sure that Danni would always make her blush just that easily. ::


Walker: I think I may need to be jealous.  :: Chuckling:: So just what did you have in mind?


James: ::chuckling:: I’ve reserved the holodeck for a couple of hours and plan to kidnap her.


:: Despite the words and attitude, it felt like a cloud passed in front of the sun at her words. She’d worked through things, intensely, but the image of Danni in the sand with a
broken arm looking in fear at her.. and the realization that she’d done it without ever realizing who she was.. still haunted her.  She swallowed hard and tried to cover it up though. ::


Walker: Heh.. really…  I’m sure that’s going to be.. Fun…


:: Danni realized immediately she had said something wrong. ::


James: What’s wrong?


:: Luna shook her head, it was silly really.  Just because she’d been tortured and had people try to brainwash her in a holodeck did not make them dangerous.  Right? 
Right.  Definitely not.  And she was definitely not freaked out by them.. anymore.  Really. ::


Walker: Forget it.  Just an old scar.  oO Like on your arm Oo  So, are you going to tell me where we are going?


:: Realizing what it was, Danni let out a sigh. ::


James: It was going to be a surprise but… the holodeck is the only place we can see this thing in my head in 3D and see if we can oO cuz we can Oo get whatever data is included without having an audience.


:: Luna's eyes widened, all worry falling to the wayside.  She felt a mixture of fear and worry that they’d be looking at the device inside her wife’s head… and a rush of
excitement and interest to find out about the literally futuristic technology. ::


Walker: Wait, did you already do the scans to get a three dimensional image of it?  Did you find anything yet?  :: she frowned:: Did you feel any pain or anything when you
did it?


:: Danni smirked. ::


James: Yes, maybe, no pain but something kinda hard to explain.


:: Without thinking, she tracked Danni’s replies to her own rapid fire questions.  Somehow when the two of them talked, they always seemed on the same wavelength.  Of course, when one didn’t talk.. it usually lead to the other playing catch up.  Sadly, Luna was not even usually holding the moral high ground for that part.  ::


Walker: Hard to explain how?  If this is something that is affecting you, maybe poking it is the wrong idea.  Hate to say it.. but this is normally where you’d tell me to pull in a doctor.



Lt. Commander Luna Walker

Chief Engineer, USS Veritas





pNPC Lt. jg Danni James

Officer - USS Veritas


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