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Keegan Flick-Parker

Sep 28, 2021, 11:27:43 PM9/28/21
to USS Thor

((USS Thor, Deck 5))

Kivik felt like a rock - oO No, a rock at the bottom of the ocean… Oo Ne had rolled out of nir bunk that morning after what felt like somewhere between four and forty-four hours of sleep totally uncertain of what time or even what day it was. After six months ‘on the road’ trying to rest aboard small shuttles - which the Ensign loathed - the Thor’s bunk had felt like a palatial cloud, enveloping the small J’naii and carrying them into a deep dreamless sleep.

The junior Science Officer had had to as the computer for the Stardate to confirm ne had not, in fact, slept through a century. Unfortunately, ne had slept through the ‘bowling’ tournament - whatever that was - but ne desperately hoped the ‘spa’ would help get them feeling a little less like a submerged boulder.

Rounding the corner, as the doors to the Asgard spa opened before nem, ne was greeted with the refreshing aroma of lemongrass and sandalwood drifting from some ephemeral place. Already the day felt a little less heavy.

((USS Thor, Deck 5 - Asgard Spa - 0505 hours))

Kivik immediately caught sight of Ambassador Rivi. The Betazoid woman, who would very soon be commanding Amity Outpost, was seated in a comfortable-looking robe on a teak bench, sipping on some sort of thick beverage. Kivik’s stomach growled.

oO ::To nir stomach:: Probably not a milkshake… Oo

Kivik: ::Groggily:: Ambassador Vataix! I hadn’t expected to find anyone else here at this hour. It’s a pleasure to see you - I hope I’m not intruding? I believe the ‘spa’ is open to all personnel, right?

Vataix: Welcome, Ensign! Yes, please join us. I'm just waiting for Lieutenant Wong. He's changing his clothes. Did you bring something appropriate to wear?

Kivik blinked. Ne hadn’t been quite sure what exactly a day at the spa would entail - nor the possibility that one would need to bring a change of clothing.

oO What am I wearing anyways? Oo

The J’naii looked down to find nemself wearing nir pajamas - a one-piece sleeping suit made of a silky blue material that ne had purchased from the Starfleet Academy gift shop as a civilian, shortly after filling nir application. It had been with nem for some time now - but ne doubted it was what the Ambassador was suggesting.

Kivik: I’m not entirely sure what to wear, Ma’am. While I’ve visited a public bath or two on J’naii - I’ve never attended a human ‘spa’. What would you recommend?

Vataix: Well, go ahead and change yourself then. I'm sure they have plenty of robes for everyone.

Kivik: ::Nodding:: Very well. I’m always happy to learn about a new custom.

Kivik began to walk, slightly disoriented, towards the changing rooms. Ne hadn’t gotten far before the Ambassador’s voice continued, from behind nem.

Vataix: If you see the Lieutenant in there still, tell him to stop being so bashful and assure him he looks fine.

Kivik: ::Turning back to Vataix:: I’m sorry? Oh, I suppose I can do that. Yes, Lieutenant Wong - you said that. Forgive me, I’m just feeling very… relaxed already.

Ne turned and continued into the changing room, feeling very uncertain about the impression ne was making on the Ambassador already.

((In the changing rooms a few minutes later…..))

The door swung open slowly and Kivik entered tentatively, peering around the room as if expecting some sort of trap to engage. Finding nothing but a rather sheepish-looking Lieutenant Wong within, ne smiled and relaxed.

Kivik: Ah - Lieutenant!

Wong: Kivik! Aloha! I didn’t know that you were into taking spa days.

Kivik: ::Making a mental note of Wong’s unfamiliar Earth greeting:: Yes - well, neither did I. But there’s a first time for everything - though I can’t imagine it’s that different from the baths on J’naii… Well, except that we’ll be wearing robes.

Wong: Well ah… this is my first time. ::Still adjusting his robe:: Ugh…. this just manages to cover everything.

Kivik: ::Averting nir gaze:: My apologies, Lieutenant. The Ambassador did tell me to offer you some encouragement - but I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. I’m sure you’ll be fine!


With that, ne stepped behind a screen and began changing nir own outfit, neatly folding nir jumpsuit and struggling to find the arm-holes in the provided robe.

Wong: If I had to be honest, I’m not used to the idea of feeling a breeze between my legs while talking to a commanding officer.


Kivik laughed at the Klingon’s comment. That was quite an unusual situation.

Kivik: I take it you’ve never tried wearing one the standard issue skant uniforms then? I’ve heard they are quite comfortable - though I can’t say they’d be my preference either. That said, we’ll all be dressed the same - including the Ambassador - so no need to be too uncomfortable!


Wong: Well… we really can’t keep her waiting either. Okay… how about as soon as you’re done in there on the count of three, we walk out and join Ambassador Vaitax together. Does that sound fair?


Kivik: Just close your eyes and think of it like some sort of… cultural experience.


Ikaia didn’t exactly wait either. He was mentally psyching himself up. He didn’t quite know if Kivik was going to join him. He was so wrapped up in his nerves that he didn’t hear ne’s answer. He grabbed an extra towel and got ready

Wong: Okay…. One….. two…….. THREE!

Ikaia finally walked out of the change rooms to see Vaitax. Simultaneously, Kivik stepped out from behind the screen wearing the standard-issue robe which, on nir small frame, covered far more than it did on the tall Klingon PA. Ne tried to look positive, giving Wong two thumbs up.

Vataix: Response

Wong: Ah er… aloha? 


Kivik: Yes - greetings, Ambassador. We’ve returned, ready to take in the experience together. ::To Wong:: Personally, I feel very comfortable - and I think you should too. None of us are here to judge.

oO Well, I suppose maybe the Ambassador is… Hmm… I wonder if she knows I just thought that… Oo

Vataix: Response


oO Eek! Oo

Wong: Do I…. do I look okay?

Vataix: Response


Kivik: I think you look very appropriate, Lieutenant. Before long, you may find yourself enjoying - what was it you said? The breeze between your legs. It could be refreshing.


Wong/Vataix: Response


Kivik: I am ready to find out what this ‘spa’ has to offer, Ambassador. I hope you won’t mind serving as our guide - I believe this is a first time experience for both myself and the Lieutenant. But we’re happy to learn! ::To Wong:: Right?


Wong: Response


Vataix: Response


Kivik: Well, I’m not quite sure what most of things options entail - but I can at least put together what a mud bath is. Tell me, why is that one should end their spa day with a ‘mani-pedi’ and, perhaps more importantly, what is a ‘mani-pedi’?


Vataix/Wong: Response




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