JP Lt. Cmdr. Addison MacKenzie, Lt JG Alieth & Ensign Meidra Sirin: Lass Night Out 3: The Return of the Doctor - Part 1

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JP Lt. Cmdr. Addison MacKenzie, Lt JG Alieth & Ensign Meidra Sirin:  Lass Night Out 3: The Return of the Doctor - Part 1

((Deep Space 224, at the deepest end of the darkest dungeon - brig))

It was an enlightening circumstance that her temples ached like that. It prevented efficient and linear thinking, but at least it was an indication, along with the retching of her stomach and the burning thirst in her throat, of what had happened. The tingling of the bruises and the throb under her eye could be explained, considering the choppy memories that flickered in her brain and that she was trying to piece together through confusing and murky loopholes.

Even so, there was one particular and VERY specific point that she was unable to explain. And since neither her senses nor her memory could make sense of this disturbing sensation, she willingly asked.

Alieth:  Why is my shoulder sore?

A roaring belly laugh resounded from one of the cramped corners of the cell.

Hakoth: Don't you remember? Really?

The Vulcan blinked a couple of times, exhibiting a more than obvious confusion, but considerably more contained than the... exuberance she had flaunted hours earlier.

Alieth:  No :: She paused for a second, bit her lower lip and carried on:: Do you want to elaborate on the matter?

Meidra: I was incorrect. Spending time at the Vulcan Science Academy campus was fun. ::turns to Hakoth:: you scream like a frightened songbird when kicked. It was most gratifying to hear.

Hakoth:  Klingons do not scream. ::his companion snickered:: You did not fare any better, Agrohk. The little one kicked your face like it was a child’s toy.

Alieth blinked quickly again. So much so that the sudden movement made her slightly dizzy. Moderate neuralgia from intoxication and dehydration.Not for the first time since she had woken up, the young doctor wondered why she had done this to herself and how it was possible that her relative had dragged her (again) into that spiral of entropy. 

The Vulcan pintched the bridge of her nose before she returned to her queries.

Alieth: So, that thing you two talked about happened... exactly how?

Sirin: You tried telling these…..scientists…..their research was not satisfactory. They did not take it well.  ::looks at her arm:: did we get tattoos before or after we arrived here?

Yes, that seemed partly like something she would do, the little Vulcan thought with chagrin. oO Hold on... which tattoos!?!?!?! Oo

As she looked around and slowly began to put the pieces together in her mind, Alieth witnessed how the larger Klingon stared at his lower leg, shown by the ripped uniform. The beautiful Vulcan script tattooed there spelled out a phrase, but he didn’t quite understand what it said. Meidra smirked.

Sirin: Yours reads I was bested in combat by two little Vulcan females.

The counselor looked down at her forearm and frowned. It was in the Klingon language and she had to squint to remember how to read it. 

Katoth: Your markings state that you are a drunken warrior - it’s quite the compliment. 

In the light of day, Meidra could admit he was a bit handsome. She saluted him with a jaunty grin. Perhaps they could all get breakfast together later. Actual battle made her a bit restless the next day.

Sirin: ::yawning:: You should see me fight when I’m sober. ::Turns to Alieth:: Krei, are you well?

Agrohk glanced at Alieth, who was studying her own new tattoo.

Agrohk : Yours translates into she devil

The tip of the Vulcan's ears quickly became green, despite all her efforts to conceal it.

Alieth: that is PREPOSTEROUS AND…

She did not finish verbalizing her remarkably rational counter-argument, as at that moment the corridor door hissed open, and  they could hear some footsteps. Footsteps that half of the inmates knew  just a little too well....

Meidra groaned, and it had nothing to do with her headache. No, this was more of a deep into her bones type of pain that could only mean one incredibly annoying person had been summoned.

The counselor rose to her feet and stretched, wincing as she felt the effects of chocolate and liquor churning through her bloodstream. She vaguely remembered calling someone with her comm badge but could not remember who she’d tried contacting. She knew it hadn’t been the smugly furious First Officer in front of their cell. If Genkos had turned her in….wait...she’d called Genkos. She’d never be able to look him in the eyes again.

Having received word of the arrest of one of her officers for drunk and disorderly conduct, the Resolution’s first officer made it a point to go visit the prisoner in her new habitat. She was both surprised and taken aback to find an apparent co-conspirator imprisoned with her in the form of one of her former medical officers.

MacKenzie walked into the station’s brig, promising that she would stay calm. This was, after all, not only a time for discipline, but an opportunity for mentorship and… rehabilitation.

...then she spoke.

MacKenzie: What did you two fools do?



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