JP Lt JG Alieth & Ensign Meidra Sirin: Lass Night Out 2: Klingon Bogaloo

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OOC: this is the second part of this

JP Lt JG Alieth & Ensign Meidra Sirin:  Lass Night Out 2: Klingon Bogaloo

((Deep Space 224, Vulcan Science Academy campus))

After Alieth’s somewhat drunken toast, Meidra had convinced the waiter to refill her flask with something that may or may not be slightly illegal to people who should mind their own business. They’d found their way into two, perhaps five chocolate shops and had sampled the various wares. Alieth’s tolerance of the various products was vastly less than Meidra’s. There were times Meidra enjoyed being only half Vulcan.

Somehow, the idea of science suddenly seemed fascinating, and the Vulcan doctor dragged Meidra towards an austere section of the base, making the counselor groan. She had been doing fine with the alcohol until she’d added chocolate to her system. She’d forgotten she could do one or the other, but not both without getting a bit drunk.

Sirin: ::slurring:: The Vulcan Science Academy? There are Vulcans in there. I thought we were going to have fun.

The tiny doctor held Meidra by the arm for a second time and tried to adopt a dignified pose in order to lecture her relative. Unfortunately, she failed miserably in the endeavour.

Alieth: ::dragging out words:: Oh don't be like that, it''ll be FORRRMATIVE and that's implicitly good for your perrsonal development. Bessssides you know that I have not fallen into that absurd tendency of emotional beings of being " fun ". I am not. No. Nope. Nopetey nope.

Meidra was desperately trying to remember something she’d heard during her required counseling session...something about being her best self. It was fuzzy, like being underwater. She remembered that Genkos had insisted that she wasn’t a coward, but what did he know?  Being around regular, stoic, perfect Vulcans made her want to vomit. She pushed the thought out of her mind, along with the caring expression he’d given her. She focused on standing upright and getting through to Alieth.

Sirin: Lishen…. I mean listen…. I’m not completely Vulcan, I have a fun side. You presumably left Vulcan to find out if you have a fun side. ::looks around:: This place does not suggest fun.

The Vulcan paused again, staggered a little due to the wild movement of the station under her feet and straightened up again as best she could, clutching at the hem of her tunic like a lifesaver.

Sirin: I maintain that you do have a funny side, but you are certainly hiding it under a pompous Vulcan attitude.

Alieth: You INSULT me. I have NO funny side at all. And in the very UNLIKELY scenario that I have it, at this point in our lives you should have learned that if I say something is going to be fun, IT WILL BE.

The discussion was cut short by a small group of Klingons shouting at a serene looking Vulcan female. The loudest was a large Klingon male waving his arms around. The Vulcan was not intimidated. Meidra giggled. Alieth leaned forward, making a significant fuss about not seeming to be interested at all in the whole discussion.

Hakoth: And I am telling you that any species that has no passion cannot know the first thing about chemistry. Our science is so far ahead, you are like children.

T’lonn: I am not the one acting as a child, Hakoth.

Sirin: What you need is a negotiation person. ::stumbles over words:: a negotiated….

Alieth:  ::In a slow and deliberate manner to pronounce all words correctly:: A moderator, a judge, someone who can evaluate without bias and settle your dispute. Obviously, us.

Sirin: Yes! A negotiator. I’m a counselor on a ship, so I’m really good at sorting through disagreements. ::notices PADD and whispers:: is that the science?

In a move more foolish than brave, Alieth approaches the Klingon and, with a little leap, she stole the padd from his hands.

Alieth:  All right, so now let's see what you have been up to.

As her eyes drifted from one line to the next in the heavy text, Alieth's frown became more and more furrowed, while her expression became more and more sour.

Alieth: ::tapping sharply at the screen::  Can you believe it, Meimei?

Sirin: That Klingon science is just how to make bigger explosions? ::waves at Klingons:: 

Alieth: :: in a mocking tone :: indeed, big boom boom, Klingon smash. And everything else.

The tiny doctor rolled her eyes so obviously that she probably damaged some small muscle that she hardly ever used.

T’lonn: I have tried explaining to my colleagues the inherent folly of using science as a weapon. It is illogical to use this research to…..Klingon smash.

Meidra knew she should be attempting to be a voice of reason, but she wasn’t sure if her mouth was forming words. She opened and closed her mouth a few times, frowning, before popping another chocolate past her lips.

Alieth:  They have just rounded up the figures to two decimals and not only that, do you see the sample they have used? Tiny, teeny, minute, poor, almost negligible. Any reputable research would take as small a number of samples as an expected deviation from the median.  Wrong, everything wrong.

Sirin: It’s obviously the work of inexperienced idiots. ::takes a swig of her flask:: 

Hakoth: And what experience do you have in the field to make such accusations, you smug brat?

Alieth: More than you, no doubt

Hakoth: How dare you!?!?!

Sirin: I can see why Klingon scientists are considered beneath honor even on their own homeworld.

The following moments were confusing and probably none of the witnesses were able to say who started it.

Some would swear that the huge Klingon grabbed the Vulcan's wrist, which was obviously a no-no for anyone who had spent two minutes next to a Vulcan.  Others would say that the huge guy got carried away and hit first. A number of people would certify that the Vulcan, at some point, threw the padd at the Klingon's head, with the lucky aim of a drunkard so that it hit right in the middle of the man's ridges.

After bouncing off the man's forehead, the device spun in the air, did a couple of somersaults worthy of the most trained martial artist, ricocheted off a bulkplate, then another and...

A choff echoed across the room.

Damp and with an unmistakable whiff of useless chips.

Everything halted for a split second.... until Alieth let out a faint but unmistakable chuckle that her hands over her mouth failed to suffocate.

With the PADD sinking into a nearby fountain, the atmosphere turned a bit chaotic. 

Meanwhile, Alieth narrowly avoided the other man's charge, stumbled awkwardly at the edge the fountain and saved herself from that terrible danger holding herself in the edge of the it. Yet, her opponent didn't let this opportunity go by and grabbed her by the shoulder and threw her forward into that very same watery hell she had been tried to avoid in the first place.

Meidra jumped into a defensive pose as the nearest Klingon went to punch her. Ducking easily, her boot met his backside, shoving him into the water.

Sirin: Stay down, Qa'Hom! Perhaps a swim will calm your ire.

Once the first blows were exchanged it was no longer a one-on-one fight, but became a pitched battle between two very large men and two very small women who surprisingly knew how to hit where it hurt.

Alieth slipped out of the fountain like a tiny, soggy, FURIOUS Le-matya, using her fellow fountain-diver as a ladder to get out of that place. Once out of the liquid, her face green with righteous indignation, she glanced around until her eyes fell upon the dry Klingon.

A drunken battle cry rang out in her throat and with a surprisingly big leap for someone so small, she clung to the Klingon's throat, and she began to beat him on the top of his head with one fist as she used her other hand to do something halfway between holding on to his shoulders and pulling his beard out of his head.

The Klingon in the water, Hakoth, grabbed at Meidra, causing her to fall into the fountain, off balance and spewing Vulcan curses, intermingled with Klingon phrases that called his parentage into question. Picking up the waterlogged PADD, she hit him over the head with it, jumping out of the fountain to defend her cousin.

The Vulcan scientist, T’Lonn,  rushed off somewhere, presumably to call security. Meidra laughed now, caught up in the moment. Fighting holograms to work off her family issues obviously was not working. She thought back again to when she’d met with her CMO for her required psych eval. It finally made sense...during her counseling session, Genkos had insinuated that she needed to find a healthier way of dealing with her emotions. A real fight! It was brilliant, and she complimented herself for her insight.

She would send Genkos a fruit basket in thanks. 

Sirin: Krei, behind you!

Alieth heard the call and, at the last second, she dodged the projectile aimed at her. The flying padd pursued its violent course to slam into the Klingon on which she was perched, which stumbled to his left until it tripped over a canvas banner that tore from its support, trapping half of the fighters under it.

Blinded and confused, the minute Vulcan doctor kicked and punched left and right, until one of his tiny fist struck something stiff and brawny. Without hesitation, she threw herself forward and poured out a vicious rain of blows against the thing, not even aware of what or WHO she was hitting.

Meidra kicked Hakoth in the face in her mad scramble to escape his grasping hands. She raced to pull Alieth’s hands off the floundering scientist, only to have her cousin accidentally punch her in the face. Meidra fell to the ground, tripping Hakoth, who then fell backwards into the fountain once more.

With the efficiency and flair for timing that it was always renowned for, it was then that the starbase security detachment made its appearance. Needless to say, the seemingly simple task of reducing a drunken brawl didn't turn out to be so easy when there were two Klingons and two Vulcanoids in the mix.

Probably a second patrol had to be called in.

Perhaps a couple of them.

But after a few tense (and drawn-out) minutes, three of the four contestants were packed up and ready to be transported to the brig.

The fourth... well. The doctor needed a little more trouble to be managed. Almost carrying her around in the air between three officers, and using her free limb to still put as much fight as she can, it gave the others a bit more time to reflect on their lives and their current situation.

Meidra tapped her comm badge, swearing in Klingon.

Sirin: =/\= Sirin to that’s not right...Genkos! Sirin to Genkos, come in Genkos! =/\=   That...should have worked.  

She tried again, with no response. There was no one else she’d call. Yalu was too innocent to see the carnage of ripped uniforms and split lips. T’Suran would just lecture her. Addison? She shuddered...there was no way that she could find out about this...lapse in judgment.

Sirin: =/\= Genkos, I’m probably going to be late for my nurse training shift...thing. My drunken cousin just started a brawl with Klingons. Alieth, stop trying to kick him in the face….uh, I must go….=/\=

A decidedly unmanly shriek erupted in the background, and a decidedly un-vulcan giggle was heard just after it.

Alieth:  AND! I am NOT drunk, Meime. Bit intoxicated? Mmabe. Drunk? NEVER.

The Vulcan spun on herself and wriggled enough to turn to look at the fallen VSA banner.

Alieth:  As for you, you plutocratic institution of conceited ...

The rest of the speech was lost in a cascade of sparks, when captors and prisoners were finally transported to the place where they belonged.


OOC: Qa'Hom >   Klingon ...   small animal (a harmless thing trying to look impressive)


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