JP Lt. Cmdr. Addison MacKenzie, Lt JG Alieth & Ensign Meidra Sirin: Lass Night Out 3: The Return of the Doctor - Part 2

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JP Lt. Cmdr. Addison MacKenzie, Lt JG Alieth & Ensign Meidra Sirin:  Lass Night Out 3: The Return of the Doctor - Part 2

((Deep Space 224, at the deepest end of the darkest dungeon - brig))

MacKenzie: What did you two fools do?

Sirin: Defended real science from Klingon simpletons.

Alieth: Have a vigorous debate about the benefits of a well-designed scientific research project with the required sources and methods. Moreover, Meimei was to blame.

The Vulcan tried to appear dignified, but failed miserably in her endeavour. Meidra swung around to glare at her cousin, which in hindsight, wasn’t too smart with a hangover. She raised an accusing finger as she tried to bring back her lost dignity.

Sirin: Who exactly dragged me to the Vulcan Science Academy campus when I was perfectly content to drink illegally made...I mean….culturally rare beverages?

Addison shot them both a look of daggers which could have pierced them deeply. 

MacKenzie: Are you kidding?

Sirin: To be fair, I was fine until I ate the chocolates from that last shop. They may have still been moving.

Alieth pulled off some cleverness from an undamaged chunk of her brain and endeavoured in remaining silent this time. Although everyone knew that she was known primarily for the absence of humor in her.

Sirin: This brig is nicer than some of the places I’ve woken up in ::feels her tongue:: I think I may have bitten someone. Not all of the blood in my mouth is mine.

Katoth: I enjoyed it.

Sirin: Of course you did.

Addison rolled her eyes, tired of the two women in front of her who had very clearly forgotten that they were Starfleet officers. Their conduct was unbecoming of the uniform, let along the charges they faced directly.

She cleared her throat and raised her voice to a level that was sure to make their brains rattle between their ears...

It was time to wake the drunkards from the dream.

MacKenzie: Lieutenant Alieth, Ensign Sirin, do you think your presence in this cell is amusing to me?

Alieth: I regard your ability to indulge yourself in any form of amusement as surprisingly meagre, in spite of being human.

Sirin: I’m assuming that is a rhetorical question, Commander. Here’s one for would you have proceeded if you were attacked and had to defend yourself against opponents known for their ruthlessness in combat?

Meidra stared down the other officer, arms folded over her chest. Yes, the fight had been ill advised, but she was protecting her cousin. If Starfleet wanted to punish her for that, well, maybe this wasn’t the best place for her.

Addison cocked her head and her eyes slowly narrowed as she locked eyes with the Resolution’s counselor. Alieth was at least smart enough to know that the last sensible thing to do would be to talk back to her former CMO. The counselor, it appeared, had forgotten this part of her training.

MacKenzie: Counselor, I suggest that before you speak again, you consider to whom you are speaking and under what circumstance.

She waited to see if the counselor dared to speak, before asking for their account.

MacKenzie: I know what the report says, but I want to hear it from your side. (beat)  ::pointing to Alieth:: You first.

Alieth: I arrived at the station about... ::The Vulcan rummaged around in her brain for a short while, as she tried to patch up the choppy timeline of the last night:: ... 17.7543 hours ago. I arranged a meeting point with my relative which would allow a celebration according to the parameters established in a previous correspondence and her personal preferences. After a moderate intake of intoxicants as an impersonation of social rituals witnessed among our respective crewmates, we set out to approach the local VSA headquarters for.... reasons.

For a moment Alieth seemed keen to remove SOMETHING from her sleeve. Something that happened to be Klingon blood.

MacKenzie: ...Reasons.

Alieth nodded sharply. So much so that the nausea came back again and she had to prolong the pause longer than intended.

Alieth: Indeed, reasons. In any case, upon our arrival we found that these gentlemen were discussing with a VSA member the merits of their research and Meim-..... Ensign Sirin offered to mediate the conflict. Unfortunately the qualities of that paper were largely absent.

Addison bit the inside of her cheek, then gestured at Meidra.

MacKenzie: Now you. 

Sirin: It is as my cousin says. We met at a bar and drank before eating too much chocolate and wandering into an asinine discussion between a Vulcan scientist and these….gentlemen. We attempted to assist them in their faulty research. They attacked and we defended. After a short time, Security arrived to beam us here. Apparently we found a tattoo artist during our stay. Then you arrived.

Katoth: They fought like true warriors, bringing honor to their houses. 

Sirin: This is the part where you say you started it, Katoth.

Had Addison’s eyes been laser beams, they’d have likely blown a hole in the woman’s chest. The idea that a Starfleet officer would justify participating in the equivalent of a bar fight by saying “they started it” suggested that there might be larger issues with this officer.

She then wondered if the counselor would accept such an argument from one of her patients and she would see them through it.

Unfortunately for the counselor, it was now the red-headed first officer who stood in front of them.

Addison moved very close to the forcefield where the Katoth stood and spoke to him in a low, clearly-not-screwing-around tone.

MacKenzie: And did you start it?

Katoth: Of course. We had to protect our honor.

MacKenzie: You have no honor, petaQ. Picking on women over such a small matter. Disgusting.

Katoth: They threw my research into a water fountain!

Sirin: I broke a nail too.

Even though Alieth's brain was rather reminiscent to some food from Earth referred as Gruyère cheese, she still had the experience to keep her mouth shut while her cousin and the Klingon argued and her former boss seemed more and more about to explode in an emotional outburst that she intended to avoid. Mainly because she didn't want to have to practice a medieval procedure and.... "smelly" with the level of nausea she currently experienced. And knowing Mackenzie as she did, she was convinced that this time she would force her to perform it with a wooden spoon and three leeches for... reasons

When the bickering among the rest of the crowd seemed to abate a bit, Alieth dared to stand on her very unstable feet.

Alieth: So... are you going to get us out of here... sir?

Addison crossed her arms over her chest and scowled.

MacKenzie: That remains to be seen, Lieutenant.

Katoth: ::to Meidra:: Perhaps we can exchange information and meet again when we both are in the mood for more scientific debate.

Sirin: Perhaps. Once you learn some actual science.

Addison held up both her hands.

MacKenzieEnough! If the Klingons admit fault, then you’re free to go.

She nodded to the guard, who was prepared to lower the forcefield. Her gaze fell upon her former officer.

MacKenzie: Lieutenant Alieth, you will report every detail of this altercation to Captain Kells and Commander Teller. If I hear that you omitted anything, I will find you.

The tiny Vulcan rushed to acquiesce.

She paused before facing her current subordinate.

MacKenzie: Ensign Sirin, you should be glad it was me who came for you instead of Captain Nicholotti. As a former marine, she highly values personal integrity and accountability. I would consider myself on a very short leash if I were you.

Addison turned to the guard and nodded, indicating the field be lowered. As she made her way toward the exit, she heard one of them inhale as if to speak. Stopping in her tracks, she held up one hand without bothering to turn around.

MacKenzie: Not one more word from either one of you until I leave this room.

She paused, waiting for ensured silence, before exiting.

Alieth waited 2 eternal minutes before she turned to face her cousin.

Alieth: Krei, you are screwed.

Sirin: It was worth it. No one messes with my cousin.

Alieth shrugged slightly as the guard handed them their belongings. The petite doctor hung her tiny sack over her shoulder before she glanced at Meidra sideways.

Alieth:  You know, we should do it again, maybe next shoreleave. :: Outside, in the security office an echo of Mackenzie's voice could be heard, the words were not clear even to the Vulcan's keen ear, but the tone was undeniable. The tone of someone who wasn't up for any of this nonsense :: Well, maybe the one after that, depends on how you handle her.



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