Flt. Capt. Kells: The Homeworld (Act 2 Begins)

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Tony Colella

Jan 26, 2021, 10:44:37 PMJan 26
to USS Thor – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
Captain's log, stardate 239801.26.

We all made it.

Both the Thor and the Endless Golden Penetrator made it through the displacement wave with only minor structural damage -- mostly on the Penetrator, as we expected. The quick thinking of my crew allowed for a number of fixes and modifications to the Penetrator that limited the damage caused, and their quick thinking and nimble feats of engineering have certainly earned them a few service ribbons when this mission concludes.

After the wave passed, I ordered a course laid in for the Zet homeworld. We weren't far away, as expected due to their pre-warp level of technology. Although my first inclination was to retreat immediately once the Penetrator and its crew were home safe, I judged that, regardless of the Zet subspace tech level, we must treat this as a first contact situation after all the assistance we have rendered.

Upon arriving at the Zet world, the crew of the Penetrator -- and the very surprised crew of the Thor, once we understood what we were seeing -- were greeted by the supposedly deceased Anroc, former shipmaster of the Penetrator. Or current shipmaster. I am not entirely clear on his current standing, but the shipmaster immediately sent an invitation for a delegation of Thor officers to join him at his guests of honor. Although I'm wary and more than a little suspicious, I'm also curious. How could a dead man return to life on a different world? We have accepted the invitation, and I've asked Captain Greaves to lead the away team. He'll be accompanied by Ensigns Dar and Jehe, and Lieutenant Sirok was requested by Shipmaster Anroc by name -- apparently, he already knew of the chief's work on the Penetrator.

I've also asked Commander Teller to lead an away team to the surface. They'll accompany the Penetrator crew who beamed over to Thor and have stayed with us for the trip home. He'll be assisted by Ensign Katsim and Doctors Alieth and Quen, all of whom I'm sure will be up to the task of repatriation.

However, since there's still much here we don't know, I've asked Commander Garcia to take a runabout and do a few flyarounds of the Zet world. To the outside, it'll look like a cruise purely for pleasure, but the commander will have Lieutenant Lovar and Commander Rouiancet with him, and my hope is that their covert observations will be able to help us understand more about the Zet as a people, as well as their mysterious tech level.

I'll remain on the Thor, along with Counselor Brodie. We're holding the fort, so to say, although I'll admit that I have personal reasons for asking him to remain, as well.

End log.

(( Captain's Ready Room, Deck 1, USS Thor ))

Aron stared out the wide window in the ready room. He had seated himself on the couch and he knew that Brodie was gazing at him, and while he was sure the counselor intended that gaze to have no weight, Aron couldn't help but feel stifled by it.

Kells: (after a long pause) I apologize for keeping you behind, Counselor. But I have some concerns about how a crew member has been acting. (beat) Me. How I've acted.

Brodie: Response

Now Aron turned slightly, enough that he could see Brodie's gaze, but barely. He knew why the counselor would ask, but it was still something of a relief to hear that his behavior wasn't completely out of line.

Kells: I'm not asking to be relieved, not yet. But I made the decision to beam over to the Penetrator, into a dangerous situation, without consulting my first officer. There was no reason I should have. Captain Greaves or Lieutenant Sirok could have easily led that away team.

Brodie: Response

Kells: Yes. I'm worried I'm not thinking clearly. I should never have done that.

Brodie: Response

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