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Geoffrey Teller

Sep 13, 2020, 11:42:56 PM9/13/20
to USS Thor – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

((The Great Hall, USS Thor))

With every muscle in his body aching fiercely from the “activities” the night before, Geoff Teller was fidgeting with a long row of ribbons spread across a table, easily at hand for the ceremony ahead.  Geoff felt a special sense of obligation around these awards, as they were recognition for the incredible performance the crew had put in under his command.  Fleet Captain Kells had worked with him, reviewing crew evaluations and mission reports for days, before the final list was put together and Geoff was happy to be able to acknowledge the crews efforts.  With a few commands to the computer, the torches lining the hall came alight.  

Fleet Captain Kells had joined him a few minutes ago and was making final preparations for his own little ‘surprise,’ and Geoff was glad they’d be able to share this moment with the crew.  From Geoff’s perspective, it was their victory as well, and he knew he wouldn’t be standing here without them. 

Teller:  All set sir - unless you’ll let me add the flying warhorses back in.  I mean, I realize now the first model was a little too realistic and nobody wants horse excrement falling from the sky.  Still...sorry about your jacket.  

Aron gave his XO a sour look. Thanks to the room’s holoemitters, it was all gone in a flash, but Aron searched Geoff’s face for a moment. Was this a prank? He wouldn’t have put it past him, especially -- especially -- after what had happened the day before. 

Kells:  I’ll try not to hold it against you. And no more flying horses. No more!

Geoff couldn’t help but smirk and found himself leaning on a heavy wooden bench, one leg perched precariously.  It was awkward and odd, but he felt strangely at ease.  .  

Teller:  Fine fine, they’re out for good. ::Geoff wiped his hands with a flourish::  Thanks again for last night.  Damn near gave me a heart attack - most fun I’ve had in ages, though.  

Aron gave a genuine, if also slightly guarded, smile.

Kells:  You deserve it, truly. (beat) Though I’m going to be keeping my eye out for your payback.

True to his word, Aron cast a weather eye up at the ceiling, from which the holo-poop had so recently fallen. 

Kells: At least we cleared all this up before anyone else arrived. It’s not great for morale when a captain gets pooped on. (beat) Speaking of, it must be nearly time?

Teller:  Ah, here they come now.  

Senior staff new and old filed into the room, some looking around for the first time.  Geoff hadn’t had the opportunity to hang new shields for their two newest Ensigns, but he’d found most of the Laudean lumber still intact, if randomly distributed in one of the cargo bays.  His to-do list grew longer by the day, but it was worth it for their people.  After folks had an opportunity to mingle and grab a beverage, Captain Kells stepped upon the dais and Geoff came to his side.  

Kells:  Greetings, everyone, and welcome back aboard the Thor. I think you’ll find nearly everything as you left it -- except, of course, for all the changes.

He grinned around at them.

Kells: Our own engineers, as well as the fine folks working with us from Deep Space 9 and beyond, helped to give the Thor a complete overhaul. I think almost all of you are going to find your facilities expanded on and improved, and I hope that you’ll look forward to returning to the ship even more as a result. (beat) But we’re not here to talk about the ship, we’re here to talk about you. I’m going to ask Lt. Commander Teller to say a few words with each ribbon we award, since he knows best what each of you did during the time the Thor was trapped in slipstream. So, without further ado, I’d like to recognize Doctor Addison MacKenzie.

Aron looked to Addison, and then to Geoff, who spoke honestly and emotionally about their now-former chief of medicine.

Teller:  Doctor Addision MacKenzie has been a friend and colleague since the early days of my career.  In all that time, I have never once seen her put her safety or her needs in front of those of her patients.  She is one of the finests physicians I’ve ever known, and among the best people I’ve ever been privileged to call friend.  Her performance during this crisis, which was to be her last with us as Chief Medical Officer, perfectly demonstrated the kind of extraordinary individual she is.

As Geoff spoke, Aron rose from his seat to approach Addison, with her Captain’s Commendation in hand.

Teller:  With that in mind, and as one of the privileges of being in command during her final mission with us, I award you the Captains Commendation for your comprehensive excellence.  I hope the Resolution knows how lucky they are to have you.  ::Geoff lowered his voice just for  Addison:: Take care of yourself, Doc.  

MacKenzie: Response

Aron pinned the ribbon on her uniform and shook her hand.

Kells: It’s going to be much less interesting without you around here, Addison. Try to make some trouble on the Resolution, won’t you?

MacKenzie: Response

Any: Responses

When the conversation had stopped, Aron returned to his seat and selected the next ribbon. He grinned over at Doctor Alieth, who he knew would not return the smile.

Kells: I wasn’t surprised to hear that your acting captain nominated you for this one, Doctor. I was only surprised when I found out what happened. Let me just say, your experience made for some interesting reading of the reports over the repair period.

Alieth: Reponse

Teller: Doctor, your little mindmeld with Dar Kalib may not have worked out exactly as planned, but it did give us a valuable insight into the opposition, and an opportunity to save ourselves.  

Again Aron rose, and this time approached Alieth with the ribbon she’d earned while Geoff spoke.

Teller: For your heroism in directly confronting an unknown intelligence in defense of the ship and crew, you are hereby awarded the Silver Star.  Congratulations, Doctor.  Try not to get all emotional about it.  

After he pinned on Alieth’s Silver Star, Aron bowed slightly.

Kells: Congratulations, Doctor.

Alieth: Response

Any: Responses

This time, though, Aron didn’t sit back down.

Kells: Oh, and since we’re on the subject of our fine medical staff…

With a wicked grin, he showed the table the ribbons that remained in the carrying case, including two Medical Science Ribbons. He glanced over at Geoff before he removed them.

Teller: Doctor Quen, if you’d join us.  

As Geoff spoke, Aron pinned the Medical Science Ribbons -- one on Doctor Alieth, and one on Doctor Quen. 

Teller: You two were instrumental in countering the biological factors of the weapon used against us, and finding the connection between the Laudean fielding ability gave us a much needed information at a critical moment.  As such, you are both awarded the Medical Science Ribbon.  ::Geoff leaned in and whispered conspiratorially:: I don’t think Addy had one of these.  

Kells: Well done, both of you. The Thor is incredibly lucky to have the talented medical staff it does.

Quen / Alieth: Responses

Any: Responses

Once more Aron took his seat at the head of the table, but this time, like the others, he didn’t plan on staying seated for long. 



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