[Mission Start] JP - Commodore Kells & Major Greaves: The Graveyard, Part 2

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Jacob Rittenhouse

Oct 26, 2021, 10:38:01 PM10/26/21
to USS Thor – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
(( Strategic Operations Office #2, Deck 1, USS Thor ))

Greaves: Do we know anything about the graveyard itself? Like where it all came from, how old it is, etcetera etcetera? I can’t imagine it’s never been explored. 

Aron frowned as he pulled up the whole file that the ambassador had sent along, and he populated the map with the extent of the graveyard that had been reliably scanned and logged. It was a relatively small volume of the overall space.

Kells: Just what you see. I gather it’s never been a priority.

Greaves: Really? We’re not that far from the borders of several major Delta Quadrant powers. No formal surveys? 

Kells: (with a shrug) Some of the ships in there are centuries or millennia old, apparently, to answer your earlier question. Probably no one’s cared much. It’s just space trash, not a treasure trove. (beat, then a grin) To everyone but us, anyway.

At that Wes raised another eyebrow. If rumors of the field were common on Amity station then it certainly was a well known landmark. Either there really were no records, or they just hadn’t been shared with the Federation yet. Not everyone enjoyed getting new neighbors. 

Greaves: Well if it’s really that old, I guarantee you the scavengers have been through it a dozen times over.

His eyes flickered over the hologram once again as if seeking out hidden threats.

Greaves: Still, with the amount of junk out there, I’m sure there’s a wreck or two that still hasn’t been touched…

Aron thought that was almost certainly true, and in fact probably the scavengers had first visited centuries or millennia before, and their bones -- if they’d had any to begin with -- were long since dust. The graveyard was very, very old.

Kells: In any event, we’re explorers, not scavengers. Even if the skeletons of those ships are picked clean, we can play at a little space paleontology.

Space-leontology? Aron shrugged again, but this time to himself. He’d have to think about that one.

Greaves: Aye aye sir. How do you want to crack the egg? 

Aron tapped a particular derelict in the graveyard, which was already slightly larger than the rest, and the holo zoomed in to show that ship. It was much larger than its neighbors at that scale.

Kells: They tell me this one’s been called Proud Mary, even if its original name is unknown. It’s one of the very oldest, but also one of the largest, and that’s enough to make me curious. I want you to take an away team to explore this one first.

Wes eyed the hulk. Unlike many of its neighbors, it wasn’t spinning, which wasn’t strange in itself.  It did pique his interest though. A high spin rate or no spin both would make the obvious landmark a good hideaway. The lack of a spin did mean they wouldn’t have gravity though, and unless the could pressurize a millenia old ship, it meant EV suits for all. 

Greaves: Understood, and if I may make a suggestion, I’d like to take Lieutenant Katsim with me. This seems like an easy win in a challenging environment. The experience would be good for her. 

Kells: Good idea, and you should take a couple of security officers as well. Richards and Samuels? Give him his first taste of an away mission.

Not that Aron expected it to be very exciting for an eager ensign in security. That ship had been abandoned for a long, long time, and it was likely that the team wouldn’t find anything that the Thor’s sensors couldn’t have told them. But there was always a chance…

Greaves: Got it sir. It’ll be a good chance to practice some zero g combat formations for them as well. The best training is real life. What’s the rest of the plan while we’re stomping around in Miss Mary?

Kells: The Thor will use Proud Mary as a reference point. We’ll launch Tigris and have it circle the graveyard coreward, while Thor heads spinward. We’ll meet each other halfway, then double-check the scans of the other to make sure nothing’s changed on the way, and meet back to pick up your team. Easy.

Or at least he hoped it would be. And also that he would see a cosmozoan or two.

Greaves: Probably would be good to send another scientist on that team sir. Engineering representation would be good too. Between Reid and Corelli they should be able to handle most anything that they find. 

Kells: Yes, let’s make sure it’s a mixed team. I want Garcia there to pilot, and Dar at security and tactical. I hate to leave Thor without Corelli since he’s just been promoted, but we have his staff, so he should be on Tigris as well.

Wes nodded. In a pinch, the Commodore could call up one of the many engineers on the ship to help out. They didn’t have that option on the runabout. 

Greaves: Concur sir. 

Kells: Great. That leaves me with Brodie and Fargo on the bridge, and that should be fine if we run into any trouble. Not that I expect us to, but just in case.

Wes chuckled a little and grinned at the skipper. 

Greaves: The biggest threat you’re gonna have to fight off is boredom, sir.

Aron nodded to that. The Thor was, by his reckoning, massive overkill, but it could also complete the survey in much less time than anything Amity had at its disposal. Better they be bored -- with perhaps a cosmozoan sighting -- than anything else.

Kells: Assemble your team. Unless there’s anything else, you’re dismissed. Good luck.

Greaves: Aye aye, sir. You too.

Swiftly snatching his padd from the corner of the holotable, Wes spun on his heel and made for the door, already reaching for his comm badge to summon the team. With a hiss of hydraulics the Marine disappeared through the door. 

After Wes had left, Aron tapped his comm badge.

Kells: =/\= Kells to Reid, Corelli, Dar, and Garcia. I’ve assigned you all to the runabout Tigris, with the following mission parameters. =/\=

He shunted the briefing he’d just given Wes from the holo display to whatever PADD or station was nearest to the four officers, and he gave them a moment to skim them before he spoke again.

Kells: =/\= You’ll launch on Tigris as soon as the Thor arrives at the Graveyard and Major Greaves’ team beams over to Proud Mary. You have diverse skillsets, so I want you to act as an equal team. If you need to make any judgment calls, whoever has the most experience in that context makes the call, understood? =/\=

Reid / Corelli / Dar / Garcia: =/\= Responses =/\=

Kells: =/\= Very good. Prepare to launch. Kells, out. =/\=

He closed the channel, dismissed the holo, and made his way out of the strat ops room en route to the bridge. He opened a second channel as he walked.

Kells: =/\= Kells to Brodie and Fargo. Please join me on the bridge. =/\=

Unless they were already there, that was.

Brodie / Fargo: =/\= Responses =/\=

Kells: =/\= Very good. See you there shortly. =/\=

He closed the channel and hurried forward. 


Commodore Aron Kells

Commanding Officer

USS Thor


he/him/his (character & player)


Major Wes Greaves

Acting Executive Officer

Marine Detachment Commander

USS Thor - NCC 82607


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