JP: Flt. Cpt. Aron Kells & Lt. Cmdr. Geoffrey Teller - Sound the Horn - PT. 2

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Geoffrey Teller

Jun 8, 2020, 1:13:01 AM6/8/20
to UFOP: StarBase 118 – USS Thor

((Deck 13, ‘The Great Hall,’ Banquet Room, USS Thor))

When the room had calmed down slightly, Aron returned with his box to the head of the table. He opened it to show the racks of ribbons that still waited there.

Kells: I’ll hold onto these for the time being, until we can add them to your official commendations, but I want you all to know that they’re here and waiting for you. First, I want to turn things over to Commander Teller for the presentation of ribbons from your final mission at the Duronis II Embassy.

Geoff nodded and leaned forward, opening a box bearing the Embassy crest.  The activity in his time there had been so brief and frantic, he was glad to have a tangible reminder of his experiences.  Geoff looked out and caught the attention of Doctor Addison MacKenzie.  He wasn’t sure if she’d be as appreciative of the reminder, but her grit and steely determination were to be honored.     

Teller:  Doctor MacKenzie, please join me.  

MacKenzie: response

Teller: Doctor, within twelve hours of our arrival on Duronis II, you were shot down, kidnapped and ill treated by a pair of enemy operatives.  You were unarmed, injured and cut off.  Yet, through your determination and steely resolve, you not only survived - you all but rescued yourself.  For recognition of your injuries suffered in the line of duty, you are awarded a Purple Heart.  For the manner in which you earned that last award, you are also recognized with a Prisoner of War ribbon.  

Geoff stepped forward and handed the medal cases to the woman while affixing the award itself to her uniform.  

Teller:  Glad you’re here to get these, Addy.  

MacKenzie:  Response

Teller:  Since I don’t want to be the person standing between you and the food, I’ll keep the rest of this brief.  ::Geoff consulted his list and smiled.  Even delivered in summary, the list of awards and merit this crew had already won for themselves were impressive.::  For your work to hinder the plans of the Tal Shiar both in space and on the ground, the entire crew is awarded the Romulan Campaign Ribbon.  

Geoff smiled and waited for the smattering of applause to die down. 

Teller:  To our science and engineering teams - Lt. Lovar, Ensign Wilkins, Ensign Sirok and, at that time, Lt. Cmdr. Pandorn - for your efforts to understand the protomatter field, and later to restore the Thunder -  you are awarded the Innovation Ribbon.  Congratulations!

The merriment was picking up strength and the cheers were getting a bit louder.  Teller took that as a good sign.  This would be a great warmup act for the Captains show.  

Teller:  To our Medical team, our Security team, and our Marine detachment -  Lt. Quen Deena, Lt. JG. Alieth, Major Parker, 1st Lt. Greaves and Ensign Dar - for your efforts to effect the rescue of the Doctor and, earlier on, myself from a rather unpleasant situation - you are awarded the Good Conduct Ribbon.  Your dedication to your responsibilities is an example for all of us.  Lastly, for serving with distinction and poise as acting first officer of the Thunder, Lt. Cmdr. Brodie is awarded the Legion of Merit!  

Once Teller had completed his ceremony-within-a-ceremony -- which only solidified Aron’s opinion that this was an extremely talented crew -- Aron called for attention again by knocking on the table.

Kells: I hope those ribbons didn’t exhaust you just yet, because there’s more to come. You, Commander--

Aron looked to Teller, who seemed slightly surprised.

Kells: I understand that you were also injured in the course of your duties, and that you came by your injuries in the very real defense of your new post. I couldn’t let that go unacknowledged, which is why you’ve also earned the Purple Heart.

With that, Aron eased open the wooden box.

Teller:  Thank you sir.  

Kells: Now, I want to acknowledge Chief Sirok and Ensign Wilkins.

He directed his attention to the pair of ensigns, the acting chief of engineering and the science officer. The attention of the table followed.

Kells: I’m recognizing you both with the Innovation Ribbon. Chief, you demonstrated your technological mastery at every step of the mission. Ensign, your speculation on what caused the magnetospheric anomalies on Vel Maijan was invaluable to our rescue efforts. Without both of you, this mission may not have been a success.

Teller: You two keep this up and we’re gonna run out of these.  Congratulations.

Geoff offered each a handshake as he affixed the award.

Sirok / Wilkins: Responses

Kells: Lieutenant Greaves, I want to recognize you again. It’s never easy to put yourself in the way of harm in the course of your duties, even when it’s often a part of those same duties. You were injured in the course of this mission, and I know that this is small consolation -- but you have certainly earned the Purple Heart.

Teller: ::Geoff smirked as he pinned the award to the man's jacket:: I kept telling him it was only a scratch, but the Captain didn’t buy it either.  

Greaves: Response

Kells: And, Lieutenant, I want to recognize you, Commander Teller, and the rest of your away team. You all put yourselves at risk from the beginning of our arrival, not only to ensure the rescue of the time-displaced colonists, but to ensure their evacuation -- and to establish first contact with the Azcou. Commander, Lieutenant -- and Captain Brell, Commander Pandorn, and Lieutenant Lovar, I recognize each of you with the Legion of Merit.

Teller: Thank you, sir - couldn’t have done it without this team.  

Brell / Pandorn / Lovar / Greaves: Responses

Even with the ribbons Aron had already named, there were still quite a few that hadn’t been spoken for in his case. He smiled around the large table.

Kells: Often the success of the mission is an effort on behalf of the entire crew, and it’s only right that everyone should share in the rewards. As such, I have chosen to recognize everyone with the Explorer’s Ribbon and the First Contact Ribbon -- the latter, of course, for our unexpected meeting with the Azcou.

Teller: It may not have been what any of us expected, but that’s what a life in Starfleet is all about.  Wear those two with special pride - I certainly will.  

Any: Responses

Aron snapped the box shut. 

Kells: That’s all, everyone. Thank you for lending me your attention for so long. (beat) Have a great time on leave, and try not to do anything your captain wouldn’t do.

Geoff smiled once again and pressed a small control hidden on the podium.  Suddenly, the torches in the hall burned brighter and the low rumble of distant thunder split the sky.  Outside the hall, horns rang out in celebration.

Teller: Or at least don’t get caught.  Crew Dismissed!  

Any: Responses



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