Flt. Capt. Kells: A Captain's Gratitude

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Tony Colella

Apr 8, 2021, 8:48:30 PM4/8/21
to USS Thor – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
OOC: With the possible exception of Brian's prologue post, this sim will occur after every ongoing or concluded sim. You'll see why when you read it!
OOC 2: While I have not singled out any NPCs for ribbons this time around, you can assume that any ribbons that the whole crew received were also received by all NPCs.

(( Captain's Ready Room, Deck 1, USS Thor ))

Aron was alone. He closed his eyes and breathed in, breathed out, once, slowly. He couldn't hear anything beyond the bare whisper of the ship's hum, and that was particularly odd, given what he was about to do. The action -- a celebration, of a sort -- would, he hoped, still be special.

Kells: Computer, open a shipwide channel.

The computer did so and replied with a neutral beep. He cleared his throat and then spoke.

Kells: This is Captain Kells. I know that nearly all of you have returned to begin the Thor's next mission, and your department heads will brief you soon on what it will entail. Before we move on, I want you to take a moment and join me in recognizing the efforts of the senior staff.

He paused for a moment. This way of giving out ribbons and awards was a strong contrast to the method he'd used at the end of the previous shore leave, during which he and Geoff had visited each person individually. This way, though -- everyone would know, and they could celebrate in their own ways.

Maybe next time he'd invite the whole crew to a theater on a holodeck, so that he could give out awards in person and celebrate together.

Kells: First, the Captain's Commendation. I want to recognize two exemplary members of the crew: Captain Greaves and Ensign Jehe. Captain Greaves was thrust into multiple positions of leadership during our last mission, and he rose with distinction to every occasion. You may rest assured that, if you ever find yourself under his command, you're in good hands. The same is true of Ensign Jehe, whose adaptability and multi-expertise I witnessed myself on the Zet world. If those two officers were to join forces, well. (beat, slight smile) There's no problem they couldn't tackle. (another beat) Captain and Ensign, your replicators have been pre-programmed to replicate your Commendations. They should be there for you now.

And if they weren't, well, that was something for the engineers to figure out. They could do so after, as Aron continued on.

Kells: Ensign Dar has received Captain's Commendations herself, and due to her excellent and lifesaving actions in the past, I'm with you now. I want to recognize her today with the Legion of Merit, in recognition of her subtle, tactical mind and her knowledge of the Gamma Quadrant and the historical operation of the Dominion and other groups here. Her experience and knowledge proved, as always, invaluable.

He stopped speaking for a moment, and a quiet notification from the computer let him know that Dar's award should also have been replicated in her quarters. He didn't know if Dar herself was there, but she would be able to find it -- again assuming that the program had worked and the awards replicated as he intended.

Kells: This mission also presented us with more technical and technological hurdles than I expected, given that it began with a radio mayday that had only accidentally made it into subspace. Yet again, we were able to succeed because of our deep well of technical experience and knowledge, contained in two very able people: Lieutenant Sirok and Commander Teller. For their work in the rescue and protection of the Endless Golden Penetrator and their ongoing exemplary work, I award them both the Innovation Ribbon.

He smiled slightly as the computer again acknowledged that the program had run and Geoff and Sirok would have received their replicated awards in their quarters. If anything had gone wrong, now that the two had seen the program in action, they would probably be able to fix it before he was finished with his address.

Kells: Speaking of Commander Teller, I next want to recognize him and Doctor Quen with the Silver Star. It isn't easy to seek risk and danger for the sake of others' safety, but that's what both volunteered to do on the surface of the mostly-unknown Zet homeworld. I would expect nothing less of either of them, and I would only remind them that, as their captain, I expect them to always come home safely.

Easier said that done, he knew, but he hoped that the Silver Stars would remind all of the senior staff of the successful assumption of risk. And, speaking of -- he sighed, but nearly inaudibly. The comm channel probably wouldn't have picked it up.

Kells: Much of the mission's action happened on the Zet world or aboard the Endless Golden Penetrator. Yet I myself owe special thanks to some excellent, professional work that occurred right here on the Thor. (beat) I won't belabor this point, but I will thank Counselor Brodie, and recognize him with the Unity Ribbon.

The Unity Ribbon was for those who championed the health of their crews in all their aspects, include mental health. Alex Brodie had certainly done that for Aron.

Kells: I've spoken now of knowledge and experience, and so it seems only fitting that two of your department heads have now served long enough in those posts for recognition with the Department Chief Ribbon, which is given only to those officers who have led their departments for a minimum of six months. Chief Sirok has been a fine administrator and an even finer engineer, and Captain Greaves has recently agreed to take on the leadership of security and tactical in addition to his leadership of the Thor's marine detachment. We are extremely lucky to have them both.

Aron could only imagine how the marines down on Deck 9 would stomp and shout their approval of that.

Kells: I also want to recognize two unexpected arrivals. Neither Ensign Glass nor Ensign Richards expected to join us at the conclusion of our mission -- in fact, we weren't even supposed to be in the Gamma Quadrant for as long as we were. But already they have become integral members of this crew, as evidenced by their exemplary conduct during the mission's conclusion and the rescue of Captain Greaves and Ensign Katsim from the crashed shuttle Odin. They have both earned the Good Conduct Ribbon.

Aron hesitated. He could still hear nothing, but he was trying to remember -- were the ensigns roommates? If they were together, would they receive their ribbons at the same moment? He needed to double-check with operations personnel.

Kells: So much of what a crew does is as a unit, and so I want to finish this presentation of service ribbons with those given to the whole senior staff. Those who participated in the previous mission were Commander Teller, Lieutenant Commanders Garcia and Brodie, Lieutenants Alieth, Quen, Sirok, and Lovar, Captain Greaves, and Ensigns Dar, Katsim, Jehe, Richards, and Glass.

He frowned. Was that everyone?

Kells: Oh. And me. (beat) All of the officers named receive the First Contact, Diplomacy, and Peacekeeper Ribbons, for actions including initial contact with the Zet, the rescue of the Endless Golden Penetrator, and the granting of asylum to Zet refugees.

He paused for a final time, and again smiled slightly to himself. The crew could assume that he was finished, since he had spoken of ribbons for the whole staff. But he wasn't quite finished.

Kells: I'll conclude with a promotion. I have already praised this officer once, and I'll add simply that she impressed me from the moment she arrived, when I asked her for an impromptu briefing of goings-on across the entire fleet. She didn't choke and provided me one of the best intelligence briefings of my career -- and this for her first time out as a new ensign! But she's not a new ensign any longer. I'm proud to recognize Jehe Saja as the Thor's newest lieutenant, junior grade. Congratulations, Lieutenant -- and congratulations to all of you. I won't waste time on platitudes, and I will say, honestly, that without all of you, I would not be here today. I owe you my life, many times over. You give me that gift, every day you serve. Thank you. (beat) Computer, close channel.

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