JP: Flt Cpt. Kells & Cmdr. Teller: The Grand Tour - The Great Hall - PT7

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Tony Colella

Dec 31, 2020, 1:44:30 PM12/31/20
to USS Thor – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
(( Great Hall, Deck 13 ))

Their penultimate stop was the Great Hall, where the crew would normally have gathered for an awards and promotion ceremony. So far, though, Aron was glad that he had been able to surprise so many of the senior staff as they went about their duties. Hopefully they would come to associate those more mundane places with some of the joy and excitement of receiving awards there, and not just in the Great Hall.

However, he also couldn’t deny that he was happy that he was able to see more of the ship.

This trio of officers, though, he’d asked to meet him in the Great Hall. He was only a minute or two late, but he suspected that Alieth, Greaves, and Sirok would wait, and sure enough, they were seated as he and Geoff entered. They rose as Aron and Geoff approached, and while he normally would’ve asked them to sit again, he thought that they might well all be standing for this.

Kells: I’m sure you’ve already figured out why I’ve asked all of you to meet me here.

Teller: You’ve finally taken my suggestion and instituted disciplinary flogging, sir?

Alieth / Greaves / Sirok: Responses

Aron glanced back as Geoff opened the fernwood box. There were only a few ribbons left, most of which were destined for these three officers. There were also the pips, though, and those would stay in this room -- but only as long as the three officers did.

Kells: Doctor, you have the burden of being first.

Teller: Oh, I think she can handle it, sir. I even know a few Klingons that’d agree.

Alieth / Greaves / Sirok: Responses

Kells: I want to recognize you with two ribbons. First, the Prisoner of War ribbon, in recognition of the hardship you suffered as part of the initial away team to New Bajor -- but also the Gold Lifesaving ribbon, also for actions on the surface. Those actions, lest I forget, saved my life, but also have repercussions well beyond just saving your captain. (beat, with an eyebrow raised) But I do appreciate the save just the same.

Teller: A sentiment that I’m confident is shared by the entire crew. Well done, Doctor.

Alieth / Greaves / Sirok: Responses

Once Aron had presented Alieth with the pair of ribbons, he took one of the single gold pips from Geoff.

Kells: I’m also presenting you with a promotion to full lieutenant, effectively immediately. Along with that, you’ll be assuming the duties of chief medical officer for the Thor, also effectively immediately. Doctor del Vedova knows and, as I’m sure you can imagine, is relieved. Congratulations, Lieutenant.

Geoff smiled, deeply pleased to watch the journey of three promising officers continue to unfold.

Teller: Congratulations, Lieutenant Alieth.

Alieth / Greaves / Sirok: Responses

Next, Aron stepped up to Sirok, with the black-striped ribbon he’d become familiar with in the aftermath of the mission.

Kells: Lieutenant, you were a part of some very bizarre operations during this mission, which is to say that you saw the Thor through the strangest circumstances -- and continue to do so. This Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal recognizes your contributions to the past mission, but I like to think that it also represents your fine work in previous circumstances too. Just -- fewer pirates.

Teller: Thank you, Chief. I know just how much someone in your line of work has to do in a day, and I appreciate everything you’ve accomplished to keep the ship together.

Alieth / Greaves / Sirok: Responses

Once more, Aron accepted a full gold pip from Geoff, and he repeated the same pinning process he’d engaged in with Alieth.

Kells: I’m also promoting you to full lieutenant, and like the doctor’s, this is effectively immediately. I can’t name you to a position you already have, but I’m certainly glad that you’re already the chief of engineering, and I hope you’ll stay in the position for a long time to come.

Geoff stood in front of the Vulcan and nodded politely, aware the man didn’t prefer handshakes. He could’ve been imagining it, but the famously stoic Vulcan seemed, in just the smallest way, to be smiling. Just a bit.

Teller: Congratulations, Lieutenant. Your Service Honors Us.

Alieth / Greaves / Sirok
: Responses

Last, but certainly not least, Aron and Geoff stepped up to 1st Lieutenant Greaves. This time, Aron received three ribbons from Geoff.

Kells: Well, Lieutenant, what can I say? You’ve set the tone for marine operations onboard the Thor, but also around the fleet. Your detachment does you proud -- we’ve already presented some service ribbons to them individually, and I’m happy to echo that award here, with the Joint Meritorious Unit Award.

Teller: Always faithful, Mr. Greaves. You have my thanks, and those of the Thor, for all that you do.

Alieth / Greaves / Sirok: Responses

Kells: You were part of every area of operation for this mission, it seems like, and I could hardly believe all the places where I saw your name appear on the final reports. These ribbons seem like poor thanks for all you did and all you continue to do, but both the Good Conduct and the Captain’s Commendation ribbons are some of the highest honors I can bestow with service ribbons.

Teller: And they’re well deserved. That said, I’d appreciate it if I stopped seeing your name on injury reports after every mission, Mr. Greaves. Don’t they teach Marines to duck?

Alieth / Greaves / Sirok: Responses

Finally, Aron accepted the last set of pips from Geoff. This was distinct from the single gold pip he’d presented to Alieth and Sirok, but the jump in rank was equivalent.

Kells: I’m also proud to promote you to the rank of marine captain. Like Lieutenant Sirok, I would also promote you to detachment commander if you weren’t already in that role. Congratulations, all three of you.

Teller: Ever since the frantic day on Duronis II when you were assigned to us, I’ve come to rely on you all. You’ve frequently exceeded expectations and continue to be leaders among your peers. That, Lieutenants, was less than a year ago. Take a moment and imagine where you could be a year from now.

Alieth / Greaves / Sirok: Responses

Kells: (with a sigh) I suppose that means you’ll need to hand the reigns of JOPA over to officers of a lower rank.

Teller: The Captain knows All, you three. Never forget that as you climb the ladder either.

Alieth / Greaves / Sirok: Responses

Kells: Very good. Dismissed, and congratulations again.

Teller: Try not to wreck up the place celebrating, boQDu'!

Alieth / Greaves / Sirok: Responses


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