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Aine Sherlock

Jun 1, 2021, 9:54:40 AM6/1/21
((Skarn Homeworld, Briar Patch))

The group now became two. Aine took to the front of the small team aside Yozal and Gabbro. Gabbro seemed insistent that they meet this Arbelo. Though Aine had her doubts because of what she'd heard earlier, she figured it may be their only way off this rock.

Sherlock: Gabbro, can you tell us about Arbelo?

Gabbro: response

Sherlock: Specifically, can Arbelo help us to leave?

Etan: Gabbro, you seemed unaware of how we came to be on your world. ::beat:: Is it possible that this Arbelo could bring down a vessel alone? ::If that was the case, then they could represent a grave threat.::

Iljor had picked up on a minor detail that could be a major problem. Despite their telepathic communication and the open mindedness of Gabbro, the Skarn may have those among them with less than great intentions.

Gabbro: ~Response~.

Adea: Response.

((OOC: Continue if need be.))

((Time Jump))

((The Cave Of The Skarn, Skarn Homeworld, Briar Patch))

As they entered the cave, Aine's eyes were overwhelmed with the bright light emanating from the rocks. Not being the most scientific of minds, she wasn't sure if it was some sort of bioluminescence or radiation that caused them to do so. She noticed something else, pain in her head. Again she wondered. Could it be from the light or was it some sort of invasive telepathy.

Arbelo: ~Welcome travelers. Come inside where we can discuss why you have come to steal from us and how you have failed. ~

Gabbro: ~ NO Arbelo! That’s not what happened here! ~

Yozal: Indeed – we’ve been over this already, Arbelo…

Aine felt like they were just thrown into the fire. This Arbelo creature was tossing around accusations that left Aine bewildered.

Sherlock: oO Steal what? Oo No, we're not here for your ::beat:: stones. We're a peaceful people. We're just here to get those on the ships that crashed home.

Etan: What my friends say is correct. Our peoples are united in a common goal: cooperation, scientific progress and equality for all sentient beings. We have no desire to take what you claim as your own. We have evolved beyond the pursuit of material gains.

Arbelo: ~ Gabbro, you have been listening to these off worlders. I sense distrust in you. ~

Gabbro: ~ You brought them down with the rocks! You attacked them baselessly! ~

A shift happened with Arbelo suddenly appearing physically aggressive towards Gabbro. The glowing ball changed the rocks around it, sharp and jagged rocks were now pointing outwards from it.

Arbelo: ~ You will die with them, Gabbro - you will die. ~

Etan: Doctor- ::he said in a whisper.:: -it could be that the Skarn have had hostile dealings with others before our ships crashed here. We should try and convince them of our good int-

It appeared to Aine that the good Doctor had had enough. He firmly tugged at the tunic of his uniform and stepped forward in an affirmative manner.

Adea: Arbelo, we come in peace, only to retrieve the people that you have stolen from us. Nothing more, nothing less. If you let us take them back to our ship, we can leave you alone.

Arbelo: ~Guards! It is time to feed the invaders to Baab. ~

More rock creatures, looking like Gabbro when they had first seen them, appeared around Arbelo. Aine knew the situation was getting dire.

Etan: Oh, this is not good. ::he breathed.::

Yozal: Arbelo, this is madness! We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you, and we’d be well on our way out of here if you’d help us!

As Yozal pleaded with Arbelo the rock creatures made more aggressive motions towards the group and Aine raised her rifle out of instinct.

Sherlock: Do not come any closer!

Adea/Gabbro: Response

The Bajoran Security Officer shook his head in disapproval.

Yozal: Your weapons won’t work… and even so, we’ve already tried to tell Arbelo we don’t want anything to do with them – we just want to go home.

Aine's shoulders sank. He was right, their weapons would not fire. Aine looked down at the rifle in her hands. She noticed all the details, every line of it. She thought about how it still shows full power, but when she attempted to fire it, nothing happened. It was nothing more than a useless piece of metal and plastic. She dropped it at her feet.

Sherlock: ::frustrated, to Arbelo:: What is it you want from us!?

Adea/Etan/Gabbro: Response

One of the newly manifested rock creatures made another aggressive move, this time to Yozal. It attempted to push him towards a pit, presumably with whatever Arbelo referred to as the Baab.

Yozal: response

Adea/Etan/Gabbro: Response

Arbelo: ~ There is none left to mine. It is all in this cave. It gives me my strength. It gives me the power to read everyone. Everyone but Gabbro. They must have brought you here, they must have been planning to kill me and take over, knowing I could not read them. They will die, and I will remain leader. I will not let you take the Stone! Guards - kill Gabbro. Then kill everyone they have brought to kill me!~

Aine quickly weighed what few options they had left.

Sherlock: Arbelo! You said you wanted someone for Baab? Is that what you really want?

Arbelo: ~response~

Sherlock: Then I volunteer!

Adea/Yozal/Etan/Gabbro: response

Sherlock: ::looking at the group:: It's the only way, trust me.

Arbelo: ~response~

Aine stepped to the edge of the pit that held Baab. She looked down into it, a glowing, swirling pool of some sort of liquid at the bottom. Her hands shook and she closed her eyes. She had no clue how telepathy worked, but she remembered that Arbelo said they couldn't read Gabbro, she hoped with all she had that Gabbro could read her mind. She focused as much as she could, trying to force her thoughts only towards Gabbro.

Sherlock: oO Gabbro, tell everyone to run. Oo

Gabbro: ~response~

As Aine stood at the edge of the pit she slowly moved her hand to the phaser on her hip. It was clear to her that all the power that was affecting everything, the power that was keeping them from being able to leave, was here in this cave. And the only way they were going to be able to leave was to eliminate that power. She didn't know how to fight a rock creature, or little glowing balls of light. But they were out of options and it appeared that reasoning wasn't Arbelo's strong suit.

Aine quickly pulled her phaser from her belt and flicked open the access panel and tossed it down the pit to Baab. She could only hope the others got her message from Gabbro.

Sherlock: Now!

She quickly turned and began running towards the cave entrance, trying her best to usher the rest out of the cave. She could hear the power cell from the phaser screaming as Baab attempted to "eat" it. It was overloading as she hoped it would.

The small group sprinted towards open ground with Gabbro rolling as fast as they could with them. As they emerged from the cave, the power cell of the small phaser exploded. Rubble and dust rushed out of the mouth of the cave. Aine was knocked, face first, to the ground. She could only hope there were now ninety-seven Skarn left.

Any: response


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