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Sep 18, 2021, 10:39:29 AMSep 18
to USS Resolution – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

((Captain’s Ready Room, Deck One, USS Resolution))

Well, this was weird.

Genkos looked about the office that was to be his for the next few days whilst Kalianna recovered and Addison helped her. Acting Captain. It had a nice ring to it; I’m in charge, but I can give it back. Very much the grandparenting of Starfleet. One can hop up the child on sweets, but then you get to give them back. Here, in much the same way, Genkos could do whatever he liked (within reason), and then give the ship back. 

But Kalianna’s parting words to him floated like a breeze across his mind. As it did so, his gaze fell upon the model fighter jet on the corner of her desk. His every fibre wanted to pick it up as a way of being close to her, but he knew he’d just break it. So he left it.

Nicholotti: Take care of my ship…

And of course, the unspoken request… “And her crew”. Genkos knew he couldn’t do both alone, even for a short space of time, so he planned to enlist some help. As if listening to the train of his thoughts, the chimes to the office rang and Genkos spoke for the officer outside to come in.

From outside the captain’s ready room, Yogan pressed the control on the door jamb to announce his presence.  There’d been a lot of changes amongst the crew lately, Yogan included, and any return to normalcy aboard ship had been interrupted by the captain and first officer remaining behind on DS224.  As the ready room doors opened and Yogan stepped inside, he looked at Genkos with friendly concern, not just for the responsibility that now rested on his shoulders, but for how he must be feeling about Captain Nicholotti.

Adea: Lieutenant Commander Yalu. Yogan. How’s the extra pip feel?

He smiled at the Trill. He remembered when they had first joined the Resolution, there had been quite the gulf between their ranks, and now, here they both were, equals.

Yalu: It’s growing on me, thank you.  ::grins::  I’ve stopped checking to make sure it hasn’t fallen off.  ::beat::  You asked to see me?

Adea: Are you ready for a little more responsibility?

Yalu: ::raises an eyebrow:: What do you have in mind?

Adea: Well, it’s no secret that I’m Acting Captain for the time being. At least until Kalianna and Addison get back. What we need, however, is an Acting First Officer. I was rather hoping you’d do it.

Yogan turned round, as if he could see through the bulkhead back onto the bridge, and the command chairs at the center.  He’d found himself the ranking officer out there on occasion in the past, but usually during the night shift, or while Resolution was docked and most of the crew were on shore leave.  What Genkos was asking of him now was altogether different.

Yalu: Of course, Captain.  I’m honored.  ::beat::  And a bit nervous.

Genkos shot Yogan a winning smile.

Adea: You and me both, Yogan.

Yalu:  I promise you’ll get nothing but my best.

Adea: ::his eyes twinkling:: I knew I would. ::he gestured to the seat opposite:: Please, sit down. 

Yogan stepped forward and swung his leg over the back of the chair opposite the captain’s desk, planting himself in the seat in one smooth, first-officer-ish maneuver.

Yalu:  What is our mission, Captain?

Adea: ::with just a hint of irony:: Well, it’s supremely exciting, as befits our status.

Yalu: Nothing but the best for us, I suppose.

Genkos slid a PADD across the desk towards his First Officer. 

Adea: See this region of space?

Yogan rested his fingertips on the PADD for a moment.  The region depicted on the display was to the galactic west of the Borderlands; an out-of-the-way corner of the universe between the paradise of Risa and the living hell of Turkana.

Yalu: Unremarkable.  What happens when we get there?

Adea: We’re to stay there and make sure nothing happens. Babysit the quadrant, as it were. At least until Kalianna and Addison get back.

Yogan wondered if Genkos was playing a prank on him.  After botched coups-d’état, slave-owning lizards from the future, and plant-crumb-bombs, the Trill had a hard time believing that they’d be sent on a mission where the primary objective was to hang out.

Yalu: Seriously?  That’s it?

Adea:  You were expecting, perhaps, the Borg?

Yalu:  No, don’t get me wrong, I’m delighted.  After what we’ve all been through, I’m glad to have a nice, dull mission for a change.

Genkos rolled his eyes so hard he almost gave himself a headache.

Adea:  Now you’ve done it...


Lieutenant Commander Genkos Adea MD
Acting Captain
USS Resolution


Lieutenant Commander Yogan Yalu
Acting First Officer
USS Resolution NCC-78145
Justin D238804DS0

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