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Ryan Fender

Sep 25, 2021, 11:42:29 AMSep 25

(( Rinascita Station ))


Up until this point, answers to their queries had been… oddly vague. Hallia had worked with many scientists and, being one herself, it was odd that they weren’t talking the team’s ears off with facts and obscure knowledge that would hardly ever come up in the day to day life. She found it very off-putting, especially that it seemed like not even an expert in the field wanted to be here.


Adyr: What is normally done with the water?


Sherlock: I’m good, not thirsty really


Etan: I will pass, thank you. I had a big lunch. ::it was a lie, but he was now so sure something untoward had occurred on the station that he didn’t trust the water supply.:: Couldn’t possibly drink anything else. ::he patted his stomach for good measure.::


Yellir: I’ll take a sample! I’d like to see how efficient the product of your filtration is.


Sherlock: ::pointing to the device.:: Everything ok, Chief?


Careswell: Response.


Sherlock: ::stepping closer to Careswell:: If you need help with anything, just let me know.


Adyr: Indeed. We are here to observe and assist as necessary. While it is true that your station’s distress call brought us here, we are happy to offer whatever assistance we can in other areas while we are here. And learn at the same time.


Etan: As scientists, Hallia and I stand ready to assist. I’m sure our Captain won’t object if you wanted to use our facilities. The Resolution is a dedicated science vessel, after all.


Yellir: Indeed! And we have some of the most gifted science officers in the fleet available to us, with some of the frontline equipment pioneering a better tomorrow for The Borderlands.


Careswell: Response.


Adyr: I’m sure that your person is in great hands. We’ve sent over our own doctor to assist. We are here to understand this.


Grendle: Understanding is the first step in harmony. You honour your superiors.


Etan: Just as you honour The Lady. ::he said, with a respectful half-bow. Then he added.:: I studied your culture as part of my anthropological studies at Starfleet Academy.


Adyr: So how about that tea?


Sherlock: Response.


Grendle: I’m certain that Mr. Careswell is well versed in the making of refreshments. If you will excuse me, I will take these two scientists to my lab so that they can witness the making of water.


Despite the very vague answers the crew had gotten, one thing for certain was that Careswell and Grendle didn’t seem to get on very well. A silent “oh dear” passed Hallia’s lips as the verbal backhand was thrown.


Careswell: Response.


Adyr: Response.


Hallia and Iljor followed Grendle along. Maintaining her outwardly ‘all-smiles’ expression, she could feel something was afoot. She was feeling something off about this whole facility. Upon feeling a tug on her arm, she turned to Iljor, wondering if he needed anything whatsoever. 


Etan: I don’t buy any of that. ::he said, thumbing towards the rest of the station.:: Have you ever heard of a science station dedicated to water reclamation? They’ve got replicator, for The Prophet’s sake! That’s unlimited water right there.


Yellir: ::In a hushed tone:: Exactly! I would’ve thought this was at least serving as a producer of hydroelectricity. But I feel I was mistaken, also — where are the biohazard measures? ::pulling out her tricorder:: here, there shouldn’t be this little presence of airborne microbes without more intensive quarantine measures.


Etan: And why can’t they even answer our questions about the history of the station or what they do with the water?


Yellir: ::holstering her tricorder:: I’m beginning to think they don’t know what they’re doing. They’re obviously avoiding the questions. We need to be careful. Whatever you do, stay behind me. 


There was a look of genuine concern on Hallia’s face. Now that the group had been separated — they were a much easier target. She feared that they would make for a far easier target without the presence of a security officer. Hallia was no pushover, but she obviously wasn’t Lieutenant Sherlock. For now, they needed to maintain the falsehoods of their own fascination and naivety But how much longer could they continue such a charade without rousing the idea that the pair of science officers, at least, were beginning to unravel something?


Iljor quickly dropped his commbadge and Hallia caught on, determined to make a show out of trying to defer as much suspicion as possible.


Etan: Sorry. ::he said with a mock apologetic tone.:: I dropped my combadge. I’m so clumsy. ::he chuckled.::


Yellir: I keep telling you, magnetic fascinators are much more secure! 


Grendle: Response.


Within moments, Hallia and Iljor quickly fell into stride with the Dokkarian host, having to continually pace herself to keep track of their long strides. It was impressive to see one up close, they looked indistinguishable from humans, barring the lack of colour variation in skin tone, hair and even the eyes. Hallia found it incredibly fascinating.


Etan: You mentioned that some of the reclaimed water goes to the plants kept on this station? ::beat:: Do you or your colleagues undertake botanical research as well? Surely water reclamation is not the only goal of Rinascita Station?


Hallia didn’t speak, for now. Waiting for Grendle to answer the question, she slowly loaded up her own. Hoping to construct something to catch him off guard and confirm their suspicions.


Grendle: Response.


Yellir: Do you do much research into the oxygen-producing properties of your plants? If so, what sort of plant species do you house? 


Grendle/Etan: Response?


Yellir: I’m very well versed with plantlife, botany was never my main subject, however, how plants function in ecological lifecycles was required learning, especially identifying and learning how to generalize specific groupings of flora.


Grendle/Etan: Response?




Lieutenant JG Hallia Yellir 

Science Officer

USS Resolution



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