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to USS Resolution – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

(( Yalu and Etan’s quarters, Deck 4, USS Resolution ))

Yogan skirted round his bed to the small closet and chest of drawers and peered inside.  His wardrobe wasn’t the most adventurous or daring; mostly utilitarian, comfortable, and durable garments in subdued, solid colors.  He reached in and threw a couple extra shirts and trousers into the travel bag lying open on his bed, then added a uniform jacket and tunic on top.  He wasn’t sure of the climate where they’d be going, so he wanted to be prepared for everything.  The Trill had eagerly accepted the invitation to spend some of his shore leave time helping to resettle their new Romulan friends, and he was looking forward to learning a new skill in the process: building a dwelling.

In his excitement, he visited the ship’s library to request some learning materials on the subject, but found the resident librarian rendered cheerless and unwelcoming by the noise of some repairs being conducted on the other side of the bulkhead.  He’d tried, but so distracted was she by the noise, she was incapable of offering her expertise in the library sciences to assist him in his inquiry.  After a few minutes of unproductive and one-sided conversation on his part, and lots of spittle-laded shushing on hers, Yogan finally determined that asking Gertrude for help just wasn’t Kettleworth the trouble.

Instead, Yogan dropped a PADD into his bag containing the latest Betazoid psychodrama he’d got his hands on:  Ever a Never After by Ha Unonis.  Something to read on the trip.  He hadn’t yet read any of Unonis’ psychodramas, but after the stinker that was Idel Roidek’s Built for Sin, he was ready for a change of pace.

(( Docking ring, Deck 321 or thereabouts, Deep Space 224 ))

Yogan saw the group of officers assembled as he approached their position, his travel bag slung over his shoulder and his work boots making a distinctly different sound against the deck than the ones he wore with his uniform.  Yellir, MacKenzie, and Nicholotti were already there, speaking with an officer whom Yogan didn’t recognize.

MacKenzie: Well now the party is here!

Nicholotti: response

MacKenzie: I’m ready to go whenever. Who else are we waiting on?

Nicholotti: response

The quartet politely parted to allow Yogan to join their circle, and he greeted them each with a smile and nod.

Yalu:  Captain, Commander, Lieutenant.  ::nods to Rainier::  Captain.  Lieutenant Yogan Yalu.

Rainier:  response

Yalu:  Pleased to meet you, Captain.  ::to MacKenzie and Nicholotti::  Thank you for the invitation.  I’m really looking forward to this project.

Nicholotti / MacKenzie:  response

Yellir:  response

Yalu:  I can’t say I’ve ever built a house, no.  I tried to find some resources in the ship’s library, just to get a head start, but that didn’t go as well as I’d hoped.  ::beat::  Oh well, learning on-the-job will be great, too.

Any:  response

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Lieutenant Yogan Yalu
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