Lt Aine Sherlock - Official Business, Part 1

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Aine Sherlock

Nov 15, 2021, 12:11:56 PM11/15/21
((OOC: time is somewhere before the group session but after the night out.))

((Shuttle Port, Maklau, Risa))

Aine didn't know where she was going, in the broader sense. Where she would end up after the inquiry. The question of if they were still a crew loomed over everyone's heads. It appeared that not even the Captain knew. But knowing Kali as she did, she was sure she would fight tooth and nail to keep them all together, even Sil. She wasn't one to just abandon a crew.

Her Senior Chief in Security, and roommate, Zetol, had chosen to resign. He was done with Starfleet. She figured he'd return to Bajor but he instead chose to live on Earth. She was out a SNCO, and would need to find a new one before she was in over her head. Sure, Starfleet could assign one, but she wanted someone she could trust, especially if she ended up on a bigger ship. A department the size of a company was a big step up from the fourteen people she was tasked to oversee on the "Little Ship That Could."

Risa to Earth by shuttle was normally days of travel, even a high speed shuttle. Luckily there were regular transports going between the two worlds that reduced it to hours. She was able to request free transport on the grounds it was "official business."

She looked up at the small tender as it hummed and gently settled down on the shuttle pad to whisk her away to the sleek silvery luxury transport in orbit above them.

Sherlock: oOOf course Risian pilots are shirtless...Oo Let's go, Pilot.


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