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to USS Resolution – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

(( Home of Ambassador Sarep, Vulcan ))

Yalu: If I had to choose something completely different for myself, I think I would become a philosopher.  Maybe join one of those symposia, like the Questor Group in South America, where a big group of them just sit in a room and debate the big questions of life, day in and day out.

Yogan was a fairly contemplative person, and although the symbiont had moderated his introverted nature somewhat, he still loved the idea of becoming a professional thinker.  Of course, it was never too late.  Benim, Yalu’s fifth host, after retiring from journalism and political activism, started a second career at the age of 84 as the popular writer of trashy fiction.  There was nothing to say Yogan couldn’t leave doctor-piloting behind and go think for a decade or two.  While he mulled this over, Meidra had attracted the attention of Dr. Adea and Yalu’s roommate Etan Iljor, and they were coming over to join their conversation.  Yogan greeted them with a polite nod and a smile.

Adea: Good evening Meidra, Yogan, Jamie.

Etan: Hello. ::he offered everyone a friendly wave. He quickly looked to Jamie.:: I’m Ensign Etan Iljor-Science Officer.

MacNemar: response

Sirin: Hello you two, enjoying yourselves?

The doctor opened his mouth to answer, then paused without saying anything.  After a few moments of silence, he finally spoke, leaving Yogan to wonder what had happened.  Perhaps Genkos Adea was like the protagonist in The Zest of Life:  constantly buried under the onslaught of others’ careless conjurings, losing his own identity and absorbing every random thought fragment he encountered.  Eventually, he would be nothing but a twisted carnival mirror, a distorted reflection of the people he loved the most, and their most secret desires and fears.

Adea: Very much so, yourself?

Yogan shook the plot of his latest Betazoid psychodrama out of his thoughts.  That could never happen in real life, right?

Etan: I’ve not long arrived, but I’m looking forward to meeting everyone.

MacNemar: response

Yalu:  Dr. Adea, have you any updates on the captain’s recovery?

Adea: Well I can’t say too much, but suffice to say that Addison - Commander MacKenzie and I were there this afternoon and the signs were all positive. Apart from that, I cannot tell. You’d have to ask the Vulcans.

Yalu:  I’m glad to hear that much, at least.

MacNemar / Sirin:  response

As they continued their conversation, the attendees were led from the reception into a dining space.  Yogan sat at the end of the long table, between T’Suran’s mother and a Trill whom he’d not yet met, and opposite Dr. Adea and Meidra.

Adea: What’s the human saying about bad pennies?

Yalu:  Don’t step on them, or else you break your mother’s back.  oO Humans are funny. Oo

Sirin: Response

Sherlock: ::shaking her head:: Not sure I know that one. At home they'd say "ádh na nÉireannach," which doesn't mean what most think.

Yogan made a mental note to find out what part of Earth Ensign Sherlock called home.  Based on the bits and pieces of language and culture he’d heard her share, it seemed like a delightful and richly cultured place, full of brilliant, sophisticated people who were an absolute joy to know.

Any: Response

Sherlock:  Are they serving drinks? I could use a drink? Anyone else need a drink?

Any: Response

Having all taken their seats, the attendees started striking up conversations with their neighbours at the table.

Etan: Have you been aboard the Resolution long, Lieutenant?

MacNemar: response

Etan: ::he nodded his head.:: I graduated from the Academy just over a week ago. It all still feels pretty new. ::he smiled.:: I certainly didn’t think I’d be dining in the company of an Ambassador so soon- if ever! ::a chuckle escaped his lips::

MacNemar: response

Etan: Well I haven’t gotten lost in the corridors just yet, but there is always time. ::he smiled again.:: Yogan- ::he motioned across the table to his roommate:: -gave me a brief overview of the Resolution’s missions so far. They seemed…. Eventful?

MacNemar: response

Any: response

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Lieutenant JG Yogan Yalu
Helm Officer
USS Resolution NCC-78145


As you liberate yourself in metaphor, think of others, those who have lost the right to speak.
— Mahmoud Darwish

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