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Aine Sherlock

Oct 25, 2021, 2:42:09 PM10/25/21
((Lua Pele - Maklau Resort Hotel - Risa))

As her hands clapped together and the words came out, the sound almost echoed through her mind. She felt like it was all beyond her control. She didn't want to yell. She didn't want to be rude. But all the little things were like little pockets of heat. Each one not enough on its own, but together, they caused the water to boil.


Silveira: What?

Sherlock: Remember that communication we had? The call where you told me you'd met someone on the Juneau? I thought you were happy there. Then suddenly, you show up, without warning, on two-twenty-four and tell me you want to be with me. Which, by the way, was horrible timing. But you never even let me think about it and the next thing I know, you're transferring to the Resolution. Then there was that pissing contest between you and Martin. Then you came to me on the Excalibur and everything seemed great but you suddenly got all moody then stormed out without saying anything. So I gave you space. And now, I have to hear through the rumor mill what happened on the Res?

Silveira: I was confined to quarters and you were in Sickbay… I couldn’t see you...

Sherlock: ::calmly:: Everything's got to be in YOUR timeline. By YOUR rules. I just want you to slow down and think.

She was exasperated. She'd let out all her frustrations. On the verge of hyperventilating, she felt like she was breaking down. All the recent events had been so much.

She watched in silence as the words sunk in. His hands trembled as he tried to take a drink. The confident man she knew had just been humbled. A part of it scared her, but an even bigger part was relieved. She didn't want him to be in trouble, she didn't want him to be reckless. She genuinely wanted the best for him. And the best wasn't an inquiry, but alas, it was coming nonetheless.

Silveira: I… I never learned to do that… ::He turned to her, his eyes burning.:: And now it might be too late. For those lost it certainly is...

She thought about those lost. Most she only knew in passing. Like the Acting Chief of Science who, rumor had it, never thought too highly of the Security Department. Then there were those she knew a little better, like Chandra. The almost immediate understanding she had of her. So protective of the ship itself. As funny as she thought it was at the moment, she understood.

She choked back tears and bit into her lower lip hard trying to stifle another outburst.

Sherlock: Thirteen of those we lost ::beat:: were a part of our family.

Silveira: I am sorry Aine.

Sherlock: Look, I need to go oONo you don't...Oo. Your inquiry, if I could give you one piece of advice: be humble. I think only one of the charges will stick and others have done far worse and gotten light punishments. Just ::beat:: think about it.

As she walked off, tears began to roll down her cheeks. She'd cried more in the last couple days than she had in the last year. She tried to walk confidently, but she could feel a slight shake in her knees and she wasn't sure if it was adrenaline wearing off of emotion breaking her down physically.

End scene for Sherlock

Lieutenant Aine Sherlock
Chief of Security
USS Resolution
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