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May 14, 2021, 7:21:45 AMMay 14
to USS Resolution – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

((Briar Patch Planet))

The chill air of their world’s dark cycle caused Arbelo to add dark red moss to the usual sharp rocks surrounding them. They had sensed a disturbance in the clear pool of water surrounding the Seeing Stone. Visions of something just out of reach irked them, and they had sent scouts to bring back knowledge.

Vinos and Fulky had been boring Arbelo with tales of streaks of light in the sky, but they had seen such things before without this feeling of other. No, there was something different about this reaction of the Seeing Stone. They would need to get more of it from the ground to strengthen their sight.

Soon, a ball of purple light covered in stones appeared, and Arbelo dismissed the other scouts. Gabbro was young in comparison to them, but observant and quick with ideas to defend themselves. Arbelo’s tiny bursts of lightning within their blue essence grew stronger as Gabbro approached.

Gabbro: ~ Arbelo, I have news. ~

Arbelo: ~ Tell me~

The mental images showed strange creatures who were searching their planet, but for what? Had they come to steal from the Skarn? One of the creatures held a rope with strange knots. A net to imprison the Skarn? Another had a sharp stick, attacking the wild animals that hunted nearby. The sharp rocks cradling Arbelo slowly rotated as they thought over this new information.

Gabbro: ~ Who are these flow? Where have they come from? ~

Arbelo: ~ They come to invade our world.~

Gabbro: ~ What do we do? They might need our help ~

Arbelo scoffed. The young one had no knowledge of those who had come before, a hundred rotations of their sun earlier. The invaders had come using words like crash and cooperation but Arbelo did not know these words. They’d been killed before they could harm the Skarn, their bones scattered to the winds by now. 

Arbelo: ~ Help? They are skulking, hunting, invading. We must get them to leave.~

Gabbro: ~response~

Arbelo: ~The mines must be defended. If these creatures find our mines, they must be destroyed.~

Arbelo spent many long hours with the Seeing Stone, and it had given much power, making them the leader. They would stay the leader. The purple lightning crackled within them. They would need to plan the best way to remove these unwanted beings from their world.

Arbelo: ~We will watch these invaders to learn the best way to remove them. Go out and tell the others. We are on alert. I will consider what you have shared.~

Gabbro: ~response~

The leader sighed, retreating back into the cave to once again consult the Stone, as their best scout went out to warn the others.


Arbelo, Leader of the Skarn

as simmed by

Lt Meidra Sirin 

Counseling Officer 

USS Resolution 


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