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Aine Sherlock

Jun 22, 2021, 9:54:54 AM6/22/21
((OOC: This takes place after the group gets back from the humanity mission.))

((FMC Movie Theater, Deck 228, Deep Space 224))

After getting back from the Romulan colony, Aine felt the need to spend some time alone. Though she loved her crewmates, being on such a small ship didn't leave a lot of alone time and it would be nice to wear some leggings and a flannel rather than a uniform or athletic wear. She'd heard that there was a new holo out. A Vulcan rom-com, if there was ever such a thing, Affection Evidently. In a world of immediate access to information and entertainment, Aine felt a certain endearing feeling about a "movie theater" like Earth had well before she was born. She'd even heard that couples would often go there as a first date. An intriguing concept for how would two people talk and get to know one another? As she approached the FMC she could see a poster for Affection Evidently, she hadn't missed it.

Sherlock: One, please. For Affection Evidently.

Box Office Clerk: Here you go. ::handing Aine a literal ticket::

Sherlock: ::smiling:: Thanks. ::looking at the small paper ticket:: Quaint.

Just as Aine was about to enter the theater's lobby through the old fashioned glass swinging doors, she heard an uncomfortably familiar voice behind her.

Martinson: Would you like some company?

Aine froze. Her shoulders pulled forward, feeling like she wanted to curl up in a ball. She never thought she'd hear his voice again. A rush of emotions hit her. Anger. Frustration. Fear. Even some comfort. She clenched her jaw to keep it from quivering, though she wasn't sure if it was the fear or anger that made it do so. She slowly turned to see Mel standing there. Tall and properly upright in his red shouldered uniform.

Martinson: Hi.

Sherlock: Hi? What the hell are you doing here?

Martinson: Didn't you get my last message?

Sherlock: :thinking back to when she deleted it:: No.

Martinson: Well, your last message said you kind of missed me. So I figured I'd come see you. I had some leave ti...

Sherlock: Are you kidding me!? I was drunk and even then I don't remember inviting you to come here.

Martinson: I thought maybe you wanted to patch things up.

oO Anger, it's definitely anger. Oo Aine could feel the heat in her ears at the insinuation. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. oO He is the worst! Oo Aine pushed her hands out, slamming her palms into his chest and pushing him back.

Sherlock: I don't ever want to see you again!

Martinson: ::jokingly:: Whoa there, you're striking a superior officer, Lieutenant.

Sherlock: ::accent coming out strong:: You're such an arse! How could you think this was ok!?

Mel paused for a moment. Aine felt as though tears were welling up in her eyes but she was determined to not be vulnerable in front of him. No, this time she wanted him to know how angry she was.

Martinson: I can hear you're angry...

Sherlock: Ano'er damn joke. Great. E'erything's a joke to you, right?

There was another pause. This time, Aine was happy with it. It meant she'd taken control of the situation, that it was not going how Mel had planned.

Martinson: Can we just ::beat:: start over? I'm sorry.

Sherlock: ::pointing the ticket in her hand to his face as if it were her finger:: How about you start walking the hell away ::beat:: like ya do.

She raised her eyebrows and gave him a moment before she turned and shoved the glass door open. As she stormed over to the concession counter to place her order, she didn't look back but could feel him still standing there looking on. It was a free station, but she hoped he wouldn't think it was ok to buy a ticket.

To be continued...

Special appearance by:
Lieutenant Melvin "Mel" Hollis Martinson

Lieutenant Junior Grade Aine Sherlock
Security Officer
USS Resolution
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