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Serafina Smith

May 7, 2021, 12:19:18 PMMay 7

(( Conference Room, Deck 1, USS Resolution ))

The briefing had gone quite smoothly, after all the awards and pinning on of pips. It felt a bit like she was sitting in on some secret Starfleet ritual, and she hadn't even had to disguise herself to see it, so Vreeya was feeling quite pleased by the time the captain got around to mentioning her.

Nicholotti: Commander MacKenzie, prepare the ship for departure and get us underway. I will be taking our guest on a tour of the Resolution.


MacKenzie: response

As though some sort of silent permission was given by the mention, many heads turned her way at once. Most seemed reserved, but there was the occasional friendly nod and a bit of noticeable distrust. All quite reasonable responses.


Nicholotti: This is Senator Vreeya of the Romulan Star Empire here as my guest and an observer. Please assist her in any way possible throughout our trip.  Are there any questions?


The first to speak was the Bactrican mission specialist.

Ilsam: ::smiling:: It seems fairly straight-forward, ma’am. ::turning to the Senator:: Jolan’tru, Senator. Aefvadh.

The pronunciation was good. The accent was acceptable as well. All in all, a greeting she could respond favourably to without lowering herself. She smiled a diplomatic smile.

Vreeya: Hann'yyo, Lieutenant Commander. It's a pleasure to be a guest here.

The security officer spoke next. Her inquiries were, understandably, a bit more pointed.


Sherlock: ::looking at Nicholotti:: Was the Hanno participating in a joint operation with the Romulans, Sir?


Nicholotti: Response


Sherlock: Jolan tru, Senator. Is there anything you're allowed to tell us about where we're heading?

The focus on the word 'allowed' told Vreeya a good deal about the Lieutenant JG's understanding of her people.


Vreeya: I have no restrictions on my speech, Lieutenant. In truth, I know only what I have read about the area, myself, in briefings not too unlike this one.

The Bajoran science officer was next to speak.


Etan: Is it possible that the Hanno made it to the Ba'ku planet? The inhabitants are technically a spacefaring civilisation.


Vreeya:  That would certainly be a favourable resolution.

Sadly, due to the vagaries of universal translators, she missed out on the pun she had just accidentally made.

Nicholotti: response


Ilsam: ::nodding:: It would certainly prove less disruptive to the society’s development if that were the case. Additionally, it might perhaps be easier to retrieve the vessel and its occupants.


Up spoke the counselor, with the most relevant question yet. Vreeya mentally added a tick beside the lieutenant's name in her estimations of this crew.


Sirin: Senator, the timing of your visit seems fortunate. Was there an expectation that this ship would disappear?


Vreeya:  ::with a slightly broader smile:: Fortunate indeed, at least for myself.  In fact, I am here because two Romulan exploratory vessels disappeared quite recently in the same area.  Since the area is in Federation space, I sought ought the help of an old friend.  Captain Nicholotti was kind enough to offer me a room here, since our missions are related. 

Nicholotti: response


Any: response

Vreeya: It is entirely likely that the disappearances, inasmuch as they are coincident with each other, are related, but if not I shall be poring through your sensor readings in hope of picking up my peoples' own lost vessels.

The questions then moved on from her and more into what specific teams would be doing in their investigations. Officers began leaving the briefing room together. Vreeya watched them go, continuing to evaluate each one as best she could. Starfleet's habit of putting the Federation's many races together into a single crew, while vastly different to her own people's approach, certainly made for an interesting dynamic.

Vreeya's own fondness for positive interaction with the Federation--or, at least, with certain Federation members--was one of the many things about her that her contemporaries had never understood. But so far she had achieved consistently positive results, and that was something her fellow senators would not argue with, in these difficult times.

Eventually the different teams had been dismissed to begin their work, and she stood.

Vreeya: I believe something was mentioned about a tour?

Nicholotti: response

Senator Vreeya

Hopeful Tourist


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