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Marissa Jeffrey

May 5, 2021, 9:01:49 PMMay 5
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(( Briefing Room, Deck 1, USS Resolution ))

The timing had been perfect, with her arriving with the XO and moving into the room as if the whole thing had been coreographed. The few looks that had been shot towards their visitor were not unnoticed, though for the moment Kali allowed the topic to go unaddressed. Instead, she did nothing to steal the thunder of what was to come next, and seeing as how Kali had not been there for the events of the prior mission, she felt that MacKenzie should do the honors.

As such, and making herself as quiet as the bulkhead, Kali sat in the chair at the head of the table and watched as each of the officers was presented with recognition for their hard work and obvious dedication to the ship and to the mission. From the stories, reports, and these awards, she regretted that she was unable to be there.

Finally, the ribbons were all handed out and a slight smile crept onto her face. Still, the raven-haired captain said nothing, sitting back in the chair and watching with visible pride as each of the promotions was handed out. Shiny new pips abound, Kali shot each a look of confidence as if to let them know that she knew they would all exceed the expectations. How did she get so lucky as to end up with such a crew?

MacKenzie: Alright, time to get back to work. I happily turn the floor back to Captain Nicholotti, who can brief you all on our next mission. Captain?

Nicholotti: Thank you and congratulations to all. You all served the good name of the Resolution well while I was away.

With a smile, Kali nodded slightly to her first officer. She tapped a few commands on the table and allowed a holographic projection of the Briar Patch to appear only to look back over at the commander, as if distracted. She cleared her throat.


Nicholotti: This is...

She looked back at the first officer and tilted her head sideways, clearly distracted from the briefing to come.

MacKenzie:  Response?

Kali cleared her throat again and looked at the holographic image once more as if she were going to start again, but then she stopped. 

Nicholotti: Commander, you're out of uniform.

Allowing a moment of confusion to take hold of the room, Kali looked intently at the red-headed woman whose fiery spirit had not only helped breathe life into the crew that had now become like family, but had supported her when she hit rock bottom and nearly died. 

MacKenzie: Response?

Finally, Kali stood, at nearly attention, waiting for the woman in front of her to follow suit. It was only when the two were face to face, standing at the front of the table that she spoke.

Nicholotti: Lieutenant Commander Addison MacKenzie. The name is written on the very soul that is the Resolution, beside names like Turner, Jaxx, and Nicholotti. Your leadership, as fiery and enduring as the eternal flames of Sol itself,  has brought this ship and her crew through the very gates of oblivion and back safely home. The distinction in which you serve, and the fervor with which you lead are invaluable and irreplaceable in the annals of Starfleet history. Your actions have echoed through the galaxy and your name is known well beyond the hull of this ship.

Kali let the words settle. After all, they were big, but each one was true.

Nicholotti: Therefore, let it be known that on this day, in the company of the senior staff and honored guest, that Addison MacKenzie is hereby promoted to the rank of Commander, with all rights and responsibilities that accompany that rank. May you continue to be the beacon of inspiration that you have always been.

MacKenzie: Response?

At this point, Kali reached into her pocket and pulled out a solid pip. Stepping forward, she carefully replaced the half with the whole and stepped back to admire the three small gold reflections in the conference room light. Her smile beamed, reflecting not only on her face, but in her eyes. Turning, she looked to the crew.

Nicholotti: Ladies and gentleman...Commander Addison MacKenzie!

Any: Response?


(OOC - Actual briefing will be out tomorrow. Congrats Matt, on the promotion!)


Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti
Commanding Officer
USS Resolution


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