Ensign Callium Treetus - A medical emergency!

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Steve Bullock

Nov 26, 2020, 5:42:24 PM11/26/20
to USS Resolution – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

((Docking ring – SB224))

The calm after the storm, the moment of clarity where you see yourself for what you are. In the moments after Callium’s tackle of the assailant that had so brutally shot down the tall dark stranger, the sudden realisation hit home…

Treetus: Anyone…, get security! ::The man writhed under Callium’s weight::

Assailant: Get off me!::More agitated squirming::

Treetus: Your going nowhere!

Unknown: Let him go now.

The tone was flat, the volume high enough to be heard, but low enough to pass as conversation rather than an attention-grabbing barking of orders.

Unknown: Let him go now Starfleet or suffer the consequences. :The tone was very definitely sinister…a tone that you could tell was used to getting its own way!::

Assailant: Kabol….get this Sarg off me!

Unknown: Shut it you fool!

Assailant: Security will be here any second, deal with him!

Unknown: You leave me no choice Starfleet!

The squirming figure under Callium’s body was taking most of his concentration to focus on keeping pinned, but even through the maelstrom of thoughts, decisions and the shear effort of holding someone against their will Callium heard the swish of fabric and the almost inaudible click of a button being depressed.

Callium only heard the first shot, but three followed it in short succession. Darkness swallowed his consciousness up, like a blanket smothering out a flame.

Ensign Callium Treetus
USS Resolution
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