Lt Aine Sherlock - The End of the Beginning

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Aine Sherlock

Oct 17, 2021, 5:03:36 PM10/17/21
((Temporary Quarters, USS Carpathia))

After getting a fresh uniform from Sickbay, sans communicator and pips, Aine wandered around the Carpathia trying to piece together what she could. She hadn't seen an official list but had heard that over a dozen people were lost. Too many. There were even rumors of a Starfleet Intelligence Officer dying. She chose not to believe it until she saw it in writing.

She'd even made her way to the shuttle bay where all the pods had been brought onboard. It was mostly empty of crew except those working on gathering bits and pieces, most likely for evidence. One Ensign was even being told off by an Enlistedman to take a break. She left them to their business. Other than Martin she hadn't seen anyone from the Resolution. They were most likely resting in whatever accomodations the Carpathia gave them. She'd been assigned to some other Lieutenant's quarters. She declined and just asked for a cot in the Security Office, if she could even sleep.

She'd sent off the Petty Officer on duty in the Security Office, taking over the reception shift until the Carpathia got to where it was going, Risa. The desk lacked the flat screen display she was used to on the Resolution, instead having a newer holo-projector display. Turning it on, she opened the communications channel. She didn't realistically think anyone would answer given what time it was there, and partly hoped they didn't. But alas, the screen lit up.

A.R. Sherlock: Aine, is everything ok?

Sherlock: Yeah... ::beat:: no. I'm sorry to call so late.

A.R. Sherlock: It's fine, what's wrong?

Aine paused. She couldn't figure out an easy way to say it. She took a page from the young Ensign Watson's book and decided to just say it.

Sherlock: Mom, I got injured. Shot.

A.R. Sherlock: Jaysus, Mary, and Joseph...Aine! Are you alright!?!

Short of the fact she'd just told her mother she'd been shot, the question seemed odd. There she was, talking to her.

Sherlock: I'm fine, look, I'm here, I'm fine.

A.R. Sherlock: Well what happened?

Sherlock: I don't want to go into details right now. All I can say is that it was a rescue mission. There's one more thing...

A.R. Sherlock: My God, please tell me it isn't something bad?

Sherlock: ::taking a deep breath:: The Resolution, my's gone.

Saying it aloud seemed just as hard as seeing it happen. She could feel the tears welling up in her eyes. She sniffed and then rubbed her eyes before the tears could fall.

A.R. Sherlock: ::making the sign of the cross:: I'm sorry sweet heart. Did everyone get out ok?

Aine bit her lower lip and shook her head.

Sherlock: We lost fourteen.

There was silence as they both let it sink in.

A.R. Sherlock: Maybe it's time you came home?

Sherlock: ::shaking her head:: No. I'm not leaving Starfleet. I'm not leaving my crew.

Aine expected this would be what her mother would say. She also assumed the next part would be an argument, just like before when she wanted to leave home. She was ready this time, she would stand her ground.

A.R. Sherlock: ::smiling and nodding:: I understand, sweet heart. Just try to be safe, Ok? I'll tell your father when he wakes up. He'll understand too. And if he doesn't, by God, I'll make him.

Aine covered her mouth to try and hide her laugh.

Sherlock: Thanks, Ma.I'll message you again when things calm down. I just needed to tell you.

A.R. Sherlock: Be safe.

Aine gave her a nod before closing the line. She could feel tears welling up again and she wiped her eyes. She activated the holo-display again. She had some reading to do and a report to write and she wanted to get it done now to try and put it all behind her.

Lieutenant Aine Sherlock
Chief of Security
USS Resolution
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