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to USS Resolution – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

(( Conference Room, Deck 1, USS Resolution ))

As Sherlock and Sirin were offering Etan a comparative analysis of the respective command styles of Resolution’s commanding and executive officers, the doors slid open and in walked an ensign wearing gold, presenting as mostly Tellarite but with human features as well, Gar Tin Nox.  With a friendly smile, Yogan waved him over and pulled out the empty chair next to him.

Yalu:  Ensign Nox, come join us.

Nox:  response

Kirky had raved about Ensign Nox.  The two had met briefly on a shuttle trip during the previous mission, and Kirky had spoken highly of the engineer’s sharp wit.  Yogan also heard that Nox played a role in flushing the pollen crumbs from the ship once and for all, something for which both Yogan and his sinuses were eminently grateful.

Yalu:  How was your shore leave, Ensign?  Did Lieutenant Gnaxac invite you to participate in one of his experimental holo-adventures?

Nox:  response

Sirin: We haven’t yet been introduced, Ensign. I’m Meidra Sirin and you have not made your required appointment with me. Have you been too busy playing on the holodeck?

Yogan grinned.  It appeared that Etan Iljor wasn't the only anthropologist in the room.  Yogan wondered whether his politeness or Meidra's more authentically Tellarite brusqueness would elicit the more favourable response from Nox.

Ilsam: Good day, everyone. I trust everyone enjoyed their shoreleave?

If shore leave were a competition, Yogan might have been a contender for “Most Transformative Spiritual Experience.”

Yalu:  I enjoyed mine very much, thank you.  And how was yours, Commander?

Ilsam: ::grins and nods:: I’m glad. I admit mine was rather uneventful. ::smirks:: But then, that was a welcome reprieve after the last mission.

Yogan nodded in agreement with Commander Ilsam.  Everyone knew that bringing the Nascaik and the Thama to the negotiating table was going to be a challenge, but Yogan didn’t think anyone anticipated what all had transpired along the way.  The very room they were all sitting in was, until recently, a literal disaster area.

Ilsam: Hello. I don’t believe we’ve formally met. Lieutenant Commander Tai Ilsam, Mission Specialist. Am I correct that you are relatively new?

Nox: Response

Ilsam: ::nods:: Ah. My apologies, then. ::smiles:: PADDwork has kept me relatively bound to my desk. If you’d care to join me in the Mess when there’s a moment, I’m most curious to hear about your previous assignments and why you chose to join Starfleet.

Nox: Response

Yogan considered making a jaunt to the replicator before the meeting kicked off, but the arrival of Dr. Adea, to be followed in short order by the captain and first officer, meant that things would be getting started presently.

Adea: Well, whilst we’re waiting for the Captain and the First Officer, I suppose, I should probably make a start. Except for the fact that I don’t know much more about the next mission than the rest of you…

Sherlock: I'm looking forward to getting under way. Just wish we had some hint. We could do without too many surprises.

Any: response

Adea: Anyone seen any good holonovels lately?

Any:  response

Yalu:  I just started reading a new psychodrama.  Built for Sin by Idel Roidek.

Sherlock: ::looking at Yogan and grinning:: I didn't know you like reading those. Noted.

Yalu:  Love 'em.  This one is really weird.  It’s about a bank robber whose telepathic consciousness gets transferred into a Maquis ship's computer.

Yogan was set to continue recounting the plot of Built for Sin when he saw Commander MacKenzie and Captain Nicholotti take their positions at the head of the conference table.  The boxes neatly arranged in front of them gave Yogan the sneaking suspicion that they were about to be handing out some puddings.

(( OOC:  Will continue the next bit in a separate sim. ))

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