Lieutenant (J.G.) Hallia Yellir - Wishing Good Luck

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Ryan Fender

Sep 25, 2021, 11:51:37 AMSep 25

((OOC: Just real quick tying this one off!))



(( Biolab, Deck 2, USS Resolution ))


Yellir: I was thinking it would act as an agent to speed up the healing process. Kickstart the innate immune responses, effectively ageing the wound several weeks or days. Probably days. But, it would’ve been fascinating, despite it already being made obsolete by our technology.


Sirin: Have you considered other uses? As the temperature rises, the thermal speeds of molecules could transport energy to power cells. If you were trapped on an inhospitable world, with a bit of this and a phaser, you could conceivably generate enough power to store for a few hours? Perhaps days if used judiciously. 


Hallia’s neutral expression suddenly shifted dramatically. She gasped and reached for a nearby PADD. That was an angle she never thought of viewing her experiment from. This form of synthetic flesh experiment was about to branch off in every which way. With her quickly fingers dancing across the device, she let out an audible gasp at the idea.


Yellir: That could be PERFECT! Like some form of biological battery? With the natural conductivity of most humanoid flesh exhibits towards thermal radiation, it would be incredibly easy to transform the wasted excess energy and revolutionize how we cycle through power.


Hallia could see that Meidra was going to say more, but an incoming transmission on her PADD got her attention.


Yalu:  =/\= Yalu to Lieutenants Morgan and Sirin.  Start packing your medkits, we’re going on a trip.  I’m sending some information to you now, and I’ll be in Sickbay shortly to brief you on the rest. =/\=


Sirin: Ah, it is as the humans say, “No rest for the wicked”. 


Yellir: Worry not Lieutenant, I’ve got my own away mission to attend to also. I wish you good luck on yours.


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Lieutenant JG Hallia Yellir 

Science Officer

USS Resolution



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