[Epilogue] Lieutenant JG Yogan Yalu – Zhian’tR&Ra

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Apr 8, 2021, 1:34:22 PM4/8/21
to USS Resolution – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG


Yogan Yalu Personal Log, Stardate 239804.08

Hello, personal log.  How are you?  I’m fine, thank you for asking.

We finally got all the gel packs back online, and they’re functioning like they’re supposed to.  It was the result of some ingenious, collaborative sciencing and doctoring and engineering-ing.  Everyone on the ship should be proud of this accomplishment.  We expect to make it back to Deep Space 224 without any problems, but Resolution will need a fair bit of repair work once we arrive.

Rumour has it that Captain Nicholotti has been cleared to return to duty, and she will be rejoining us at the starbase.  Presumably this means that Commander MacKenzie will return to the second chair, but if her performance on this mission is anything to go by, I’d imagine it won’t be long before she is given a command of her own.  Best we all not get too attached.

Everyone aboard seems to be looking forward to some R&R, but for me, this upcoming shore leave will be unlike any other.  You see, personal log, shortly after Resolution arrives at Deep Space 224, I will be leaving for home to perform zhian’tara.  In all, I will be spending about a week on Trill, which is longer than any visit I’ve made in the last four years.  I am looking forward to the ritual itself with, I guess, the usual anticipation and anxiety.  Seeing my family is another thing altogether.  So much has changed in the last few years, and I don’t really know what to expect from them, or from myself.  I hope that meeting my past hosts will give me some helpful new perspectives.

Fortunately, I won’t be going alone.  Commander MacKenzie, Doctor Adea, Meidra and Iljor will be coming back with me.  They’ve each volunteered to embody one of my former hosts.  Neddo, Kejana, and my father will embody the other three.  I am glad that my friends and colleagues will be there; knowing that they are sharing the experience with me will make me less nervous.  I had hoped that my mother would be able to participate, but Kejana tells me that the number of ‘good days’ she’s having lately is dwindling.  Instead, I decided I would go back to the old house in Grodor to visit.  I only hope I go on a good day.

Also, I just found out that the timing of the trip has been accelerated.  Originally, we were expecting a week’s rest on the starbase before boarding the USS Majestic bound for Trill.  Instead, Rohjess Beem, the Guardian who is supervising my zhian’tara, managed to pull some strings and have a runabout waiting for us at Deep Space 224.  We are expected to leave the following morning and make haste for my home planet.

Want to know the best part, personal log?  The runabout waiting for us is the USS Yalu.


(( OOC:  In keeping with the old Danube-class tradition, the Yalu River forms part of the border between China and North Korea.  Who knew? ))

Lieutenant JG Yogan Yalu
Helm Officer
USS Resolution NCC-78145


As you liberate yourself in metaphor, think of others, those who have lost the right to speak.
— Mahmoud Darwish

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