JP Yogan Yalu & Addison MacKenzie (embodying Auzell Yalu) — Where the action is, Part 1

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Apr 23, 2021, 3:29:47 PM4/23/21
to USS Resolution – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

Zhian’tara IX

(( Symbiosis Institute Compound, Leran Manev, Trill — Tuesday afternoon ))

After back-to-back conversations with Keroga and Benim had delved into issues of emotion, tragedy, and loss, Yogan was relieved that the tone of his time with Auzell was markedly lighter.  Her boldness and her zest for life were evident in everything about her, and Yogan seemed to feed off of her energy, making the interaction lively and quick-paced.  They had begun with what they most had in common–their Starfleet careers–and after an initial comparison of service records, they had moved on to discuss their motivations behind a life in the service.

Yalu:  To be honest, I had never considered serving in Starfleet before I became Joined.

She beamed, offering a wide smile.

MacKenzie (as A. Yalu):  Well, I’m glad to know the best part of me rubbed off on you. … but seriously - if you weren’t considering Starfleet previously, what did you have planned?

Yalu:  I knew I wanted to continue my education, and I was thinking of attending medical school on Trill.  But I remember feeling your drive and your dedication to Starfleet, how much fulfillment you got out of it.  And your sense of adventure played a part, too.  I don’t think I would have had the confidence to make such a bold career move before.

MacKenzie (as A. Yalu):  It was beyond a career for me… it gave me purpose. The day to day was monotonous, but the thrilling moments were such highs. Even the war… Well, we don’t need to talk about the war. Tell me about all the exciting stuff you’ve experienced so far.

While Auzell was sitting in front of him, he lacked the memories of serving in Starfleet during wartime.  Drawing on her strength, her professionalism, and her eagerness to serve had helped him during some of the darker days he’d experienced during his first year in Starfleet.

Yalu:  It has been full of surprises.  The ship I serve on has had a few close escapes in the past year.  There were some moments when I thought we might not get out alive.

Yogan recounted his recent adventures, including the sentient computer virus, the Da’al self-coup, the slave-driving lizard people from the future, and the terrorised treaty negotiations all in turn.  It was a wonder that he was even sitting here today.

The more Yogan told her of his experiences, the more enamored she became.

MacKenzie (as A. Yalu):  Sounds like it’s been quite the ride so far! Can’t lie - I’m a little jealous.

Yalu:  Resolution is posted in a region of space called the Borderlands.  It’s only partially charted and the borders are nebulous.  Every time we head back in, there’s an adventure or two waiting for us.

Because of Auzell’s dynamic, high-energy nature, Yogan was reluctant to turn the conversation toward anything more serious.  However, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so at the risk of being a downer, Yogan carried on.

Yalu:  I have to say, Auzell, when I am on duty, I remember you most of all.  You have definitely influenced the officer I am becoming.

She blew on her fingernails and wiped them on her shirt.

MacKenzie (as A. Yalu):  Oh, it’s all in a day’s work. Shaping lives, even in the afterlife.

Yogan grinned.  When things on Resolution’s bridge got too real for comfort, Yogan often attempted to defuse the situation with a quip just like that.  It hadn’t occurred to him that this quality might have come from one of his past hosts, it seemed so naturally a part of him.

Yalu:  You certainly have.  When I was transferred from medical to helm, I was nervous, and maybe even a little disappointed.  But then I remembered your experiences as a bridge officer.  To be honest, now there’s nowhere else on the ship I’d rather be.

MacKenzie (as A. Yalu):  Gotta be where the action is - you definitely get that from me! Tell me more - how long have you been in?!

Yalu:  Well, I’m only a year out of the Academy.  But I have been promoted to Lieutenant junior grade.

She slapped him playfully on the back.

MacKenzie (as A. Yalu):  Only a year in and you’re already at JG?! That’s pretty good! They must think pretty highly of you if they bumped you up that soon.

Yogan allowed himself a proud smile at the accomplishment.  The increase in rank and the additional rights and privileges felt great, but what felt even better was the recognition by his peers and his superior officers of a job well done.  Earning the respect of his crewmates meant just as much to him as another pip on his collar.

Yalu:  I guess so.  I’ll keep doing my job to the best of my ability. ::beat, wryly:: We might have a lot of things in common, Auzell, but I have had to work hard to keep your ambition and your drive in check, especially when it comes to Starfleet.

MacKenzie (as A. Yalu):  ::smirking:: Oh come on, seems to be working for you so far.

Yalu:  Not all of us are meant to be captains by 35.  ::beat:: Although, the person who lent you their body seems like she might be.

Yogan’s voice trailed off as he spoke.  It felt strange, possibly a bit rude, to talk about the commander as if she weren’t in the room.

MacKenzie (as A. Yalu):  Is that right?

Yalu:  ::to MacKenzie:: I apologize if I’m speaking out of turn here, Commander.  ::to Auzell:: She’s remarkable.  Skilled, determined, always willing to hear all sides and make the tough decisions.  In the short time I’ve served with her, I’ve learned a lot.

MacKenzie (as A. Yalu): Well, seems like you picked just the right host for me. Speaking of, how did you get time off to come home? They practically had to drag me kicking and screaming…

Yalu: ::laughs:: I didn’t get quite that far, but I think the Commission had almost run out of patience with me.  They said if I didn’t come home right away, they would send someone after me.  Our ship just returned from mediating a negotiation between two species over a disputed planet.

Yogan began telling the story of Resolution’s visit to Vionus IV, the ensuing drama, and the aftermath, which was still playing out at Deep Space 224, where the ship was still being repaired.

She listed as he recounted in greater detail the experience of the Resolution’s latest mission - seemingly straight-forward on the surface, but Starfleet missions were generally anything but. As he ran through the details of the delegates, their differences, the terrorism, the kidnapping, and the hole in the side of the ship’s hull, it suddenly made more sense.

Yalu:  We rescued the Nascaik commander but the Thama aide died in an explosion on the planet.  The peace agreement is tenuous, but every day it lasts is another day of stability in that corner of space.  Once the document was signed, we limped back to Deep Space 224.  I’m sure the repair crew’s jaws hit the deck when we slipped into the drydock.

MacKenzie (as A. Yalu): Well now it suddenly makes sense… You’ve got time to kill.

Yalu: And fortunately, so did my four friends.  ::beat::  Speaking of DS 224, I have to tell you who I saw the last time I was there.  Gaiane.


Lieutenant Commander Addison MacKenzie, M.D., Ph.D., FASFS (embodying Auzell Yalu)
First Officer
USS Resolution


Lieutenant JG Yogan Yalu
Helm Officer
USS Resolution NCC-78145

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