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Sep 22, 2021, 11:17:47 PMSep 22
to USS Resolution – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

(( Science department, Rinascita Station ))

As the group from Resolution exchanged pleasantries with Nat and Grendle, Nat wondered whether they would be interested in a full tour of the place.  If so, he would need to exercise caution.  The station wasn’t large, but there were several out-of-the-way nooks and crannies where someone could easily get lost.  He wouldn’t be doing his job well if one of their guests accidentally tumbled out of an airlock.

Careswell:  ::chuckles::  Heh, I could tell you anything you want to know about our security arrangements, not that we have much.  But for the sciencey stuff, you’ll have to ask my friend Grendle here.

Nat looked up at Grendle, eyeing him directly with a smile.  His right hand, which had been slack at his side throughout the conversation, now moved imperceptibly closer to where his phaser was holstered.

Careswell:  ::pleasantly, never breaking eye contact::  Right, Grendle?  You can answer our guests’ questions, can’t you, buddy?

Grendle:  I am certain of my ability to do so, yes.

Nat chuckled.  Classic Grenders.

Adyr: Good. Then perhaps we can get started.

Nat turned his gaze back toward the visitors, his affable grin never changing.  They seemed like decent, professional types.  They certainly wouldn’t cause any trouble.  And as for Grendle, well, Nat knew that there was nothing for him to worry about there.

Yellir: What does this station specialise in? Do you have multiple officers that work towards a singular purpose? Or do you prefer to generalize?

Etan:  response

Grendle: We are a simple station, reclamation of water from the atmosphere is our primary goal.

Sherlock: And what about you, Chief? You have many security issues here?

Nat let out a trademark half-chuckle.

Careswell: Heh, heavens, no.  We’re a little group here.  We’ve all gotten to know each other.  To bond.  It really is like a family here.  And you don’t mistreat your family.  You just don’t.  ::long beat, chipper::  Right, Grendle, buddy-ol’-pal?

Nat didn’t wait for the tree to respond with one of his trademark quips.  Instead, he looked back at the Starfleet officers in turn, flashing another wide smile.

Careswell:  Yeah, I’d imagine you’re way out of our league, Lieutenant Sherlock.  Way out here, our security needs are pretty minimal.

Adyr: Seems reasonable for a small station.

Yellir: What sort of technology do you use for your procedures? Have you modified any of your instruments to better streamline such a task?

Etan:  response

Grendle: It is a mundane, yet common enough procedure. I am certain you have better things to observe than an old scientist bringing hydrogen and oxygen together to water their plants. 

Careswell: Good thinking, my main man, “Monumendal Grendle.”  ::beat::  My buddy here has got to get back to his work, but I’d be happy to show you to our games room and cafeteria.  They make a great kedgeree.  The haddock almost tastes like real fish.

Adyr: Oh, but we are here to observe your work. It is fascinating, research on the edge of the frontier.

Nat nodded with another smile.  The visitors wanted to get a closer look at the science, although Nat would have preferred to show them Rinascita’s recreational facilities.  It was much easier to relax and have a conversation there, over a game of Connect Four.  Ah, well, if the visitors preferred to watch Grendle work some science, who was he to stand in their way?

Yellir: You sound like an expert in your field, perhaps… a demonstration would be in order? I’ve always been very fascinated by the process of water reclamation. It’s such a noble goal for a scientist to dedicate themselves towards.

Etan: response

Sherlock: Yes, we'd love to see the work you do. ::pointing to Iljor and Hallia:: Especially these two.

Grendle: I see. They have some fascination with the production of water?

Careswell: Well then they’re in good company with my Dokkaran Doge over here.  Grenders is the eminent waterizering specialist in the quadrant.  If you want to learn more about H or 2O, you spend an hour or two in his presence.  I swear, you three ought to prepare to have your minds blown.

Adyr: These are our two brightest science officers. While I am certain to be awed by the work, they will find the meaning in it.

Grendle: The meaning is more water. ::glances at Careswell:: But if it is permitted, I see no reason why you may not observe.

Careswell: Heh, Grendy, what do you mean, “if it is permitted?”  Of course it is permitted!  We’ve got nothing to hide from these people.  ::chuckles::  Honestly, why you gotta be like that?  ::long, post-laugh sigh; gestures to Grendle::  He kids, really.  You’re welcome to stay and watch a demonstration.

Nat stepped away from Grendle, allowing the Starfleet group to get closer.  With a quick glance, he checked the communicator in his pocket, just to make sure all other checkpoints on the station were still showing condition green.  Satisfied that they were, he rejoined the group.

Sherlock: response

Etan: response

Adyr: Yes, I look forward to seeing it. So far the station is quite unique. How long have you been here?

Grendle: Since the beginning of the project. It has been a most...unique experience thus far. When I am allowed to do my work, it pleases me greatly to learn more of our experiment. Knowledge paired with intelligence is a boon to be respected. Not all have this capability.

Careswell: I’ve been here for sixteen long, lonely months.  My position doesn’t permit me to bring my family, so my hubby Kenny lives on Starbase 118 with our kids, Dottie and Kenny, Jr.  I don’t get to see them nearly as often as I’d like.  That’s why I’ve gotten so close to the crew here.  I’m not exaggerating when I say it is a family.  ::beat::  There are a couple more of us, besides Grendissimus here, who’ve been here since the project began.

Sherlock: Response?

Yellir: Ooh?! That long? I would never have guessed! Everything looks brand new, even the environment is quite sterile and incredibly clean.

Careswell:  Heh, as the saying goes, when you’re in the business of making water, you learn to keep things tidy.

Etan: response

Yellir: I do suppose that’s the benefit of having a smaller crew, everything is often much more manageable on a smaller scale. 

Grendle: In truth, there are times where I believe being alone on the station would be most beneficial. ::turns to Careswell:: It would certainly make your job easier to only protect one being here.

Careswell: :half-chuckles, gestures to Grendle::  Heh, this guy, am I right?  I tell ya, Grendo, you’re a rare kind.  I love ya, buddy.  ::grins::  I swear, I would just die if anything ever happened to you.

Adyr / Sherlock / Etan: response

Nat noticed the Yelikan scientist’s eyes darting about the room.  He wondered what she was looking for.  Or, judging by the scans she was conducting with her tricorder, whether she’d already found it.

Yellir: Was this station always dedicated to water reclamation? Or did it serve some other purpose previously?

Grendle: The station is doing exactly as it was meant to do. Anything other would be illogical.

Adyr / Sherlock / Etan: response

Careswell:  Well, what are you waiting for, Grendsetter?  Let’s show these Starfleet folks how we Rinasciters make a cup of tea!

Grendle / Adyr / Sherlock / Yellir / Etan:  response

Nat checked his communicator again.  Hmm, twenty-three checkpoints were showing green, but one of them had gone amber.  Nat wished he’d brought a larger device, so he could see exactly which one it was, rather than just a running tally of green-amber-red.  He stuffed the communicator back into his pocket, hoping that everything on the station was still A-OK.

Careswell:  You’re gonna love this.  Best water you’ve ever tasted, I promise you.  I swear, we could bottle it.  “Grendel Spring,” anyone?

Grendle / Adyr / Sherlock / Yellir / Etan:  response

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