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Aine Sherlock

Sep 26, 2021, 5:51:21 PMSep 26
(( Science department, Rinascita Station ))

With Mr. Grendle about to play tour guide to the Resolutions scientist, Aine and Commander Adyr would continue their tour of Rinascita with the, seemingly, jovial security officer, Nat Careswell.

Adyr: So how about that tea?

Grendle: I’m certain that Mr. Careswell is well versed in the making of refreshments. If you will excuse me, I will take these two scientists to my lab so that they can witness the making of water.

Careswell:  Can’t make tea without water, Grenderella.  ::waves enthusiastically::  Bring us back a kettle’s worth!

As they saw of their shipmates, Aine took in a deep breath. Not only was she worried about the pair's safety, she still wasn't sure what to make of Careswell.

Careswell:  They’re going to love it.  That water thing is pretty amazing to watch.  In the meantime, I’d be happy to take you along on my rounds, show you the station’s common spaces.  We can stop by the security office, so I can show you some of the issues we’ve been having, and we can meet back up with your officers later.

Aine smiled and nodded. Thinking that perhaps they could get some answers to the reason they were really there. The reason, thankfully addressed by Commander Adyr, that Careswell and Grendle had so conveniently avoided bringing up.

Adyr: That sounds alright. They will be able to get more from the science anyways.

Sherlock: Sir, I...uh...don't mean to pry. But it seems your affection for Mister Grendle isn't reciprocated. Is that normal between you two? Or maybe just because we're here?

Careswell:  No, it’s not your fault.  It’s mine.  I'm pretty sure Grendle hates me.  ::beat::  You know how sometimes you just want to be somebody’s friend too much?  ::chuckles::  That’s me.  Kenny–my hubby–always says I’m a bit too keen, and I came on too strong back when Grend Canyon and I first met.  I just wanted him to like me.  He's such a genius.  I swear, water will never be the same.

She thought to herself that at least it seemed like an honest answer. Careswell seemed to let the facade down a bit.

Adyr: Perhaps it is a culture thing. I would not worry too much.

Aine nodded and gestured to the Commander.

Sherlock: Exactly. It could very well be.

Maybe that was the case, and she was reading into it too much. Still, the lack of concern over the distress call was nagging her.

As Careswell led the way to the Security Office, he began pointing out some of the station's popular if there were any others available.

Careswell:  That’s the lending library.  Nextdoor is the assay office–we've got some really cool lockers in there.  And that’s the cafeteria.  You’re in luck.  They’re serving kedgeree today.  It tastes pretty good, even though it does look like it's been run over.

Kedgeree? The sudden mention of food made Aine hungry, despite the Chief's description of its presentation. She thought for a second that her stomach even growled...and hoped if it did, no one heard it.

Adyr: Ah, perhaps later. I would like to finish looking around I think.

Sherlock: If we have time, Chief, I'll forgo the tea for some of that kedgeree.

The group continued down the corridor and the Chief continued.

Careswell: Response?

Adyr: Security office?

At the Commander's gesture, Aine went ahead into the small office.

Sherlock: Yes, ma'am. Mind if I take a look, Chief?

Careswell: Responses?

Adyr: So what seems to be the problem?

As Aine moved for the chair at the desk, she passed a display that showed, presumably, the checkpoints the Chief had mentioned earlier. Everything appeared in the green. Taking the seat, she queued up the console and began reviewing various functions of the station.

Sherlock: I'm not entirely sure, Commander. I'm reviewing the fluctuations they've been experiencing. Their power generator seems to be able to put out enough to power the station without issue. I'm not seeing any type of power drain from the labs. Everything seems ok.

Careswell: Responses?

Just then, the power flickered. Looking at the display, Aine attempted to assess what was happening.

Adyr: What was that?

Sherlock: This doesn't make much sense. There was no demand for extra power. It's almost like the energy's being siphoned by an outside source. ::looking up at Careswell:: Does that make sense to you, Chief?

Careswell: Responses?

Adyr: response

Sherlock: Are there any other parts of the station that wouldn't show on this monitor?

Careswell: response

Adyr: response

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