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to USS Resolution – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

(( Home of Ambassador Sarep, Vulcan ))

Yalu:  ::whispering:: I thought I was saying ‘live long and prosper.’  Why, what did I say?

Sherlock: Sounded fine to me. ::shrugging her shoulders::

Yogan hoped that someone was carrying their combadge in their pocket–so the universal translator could provide an interpretation–and that he hadn’t embarrassed himself by reciting Bolian limericks or something.

Yalu:  ::whispering, to himself::  Damnit, Kirky tricked me again.

Without another word, Sherlock quickly moved away from Yogan, presumably trying to metaphorically and physically distance herself from any potential embarrassment Yogan might have inadvertently caused.

Yalu:  oO Smart.  If I were her I would probably do the same thing. Oo

Fortunately, Yogan was possessed of enough self -awareness to know that he had said far stupider things in far higher-stakes environments than this.  In 368 years, one was bound to get oneself in the occasional muddle, and as far as muddles went, this one was fairly minor.  He remembered a particular incident when Eira, his seventh host, then a newly-elected senator welcoming a delegation of Tellarites, had accidentally told them ‘Tellarites are freaks’ instead of ‘Tellar is unique.’

Sherlock: ::turning to Hurmin:: It's lovely to meet you. I would have brought something, but I only just got on the ship a short time ago.

Hurmin: Worry not dear, your presence is gift enough.

As Commander Ilsam stepped forward to introduce himself and express his gratitude for being invited, Yogan heard the whir of an active transport taking place just behind them.  He turned around and saw Meidra limping toward the group.  She looked like she’d just come from a streetfight.

Ilsam: Wuh tan, t'nash-veh t'sai, tor gluvaya itaren na' ish-veh ves k'waw'zhe. (A gift, my lady, to show thanks for your kind invitation.)

Sarep: ::To Hurmin:: He thanks you for your invitation.

Hurmin: It's my pleasure. 

Sirin: ::to T’Suran’s parents:: I am honored for the invitation. Sarlah nash-veh k’tan nah du (I come with a gift for you) 

MacNemar: Yes, and Vulcan is lovely.  This is the first time I’ve been here.

Sarep: I hope you enjoy your visit. I have on good authority that this is the most culturally diverse place on the planet.

T'Suran: I am good authority now, but not when Vasia has questions? 

Sirin: It is a lovely home. ::to Hurmin:: I’m certain it reflects the kindness of its inhabitants.

As the large group started to split off into smaller pairs and triads of conversation, Yogan observed the individuals whom he’d not met from across the room.  There was another Vulcan, a Deltan, and Andorian, a Bolian, and a fellow Trill.  He wondered what their connection to the Sarep–Hurmin family was, and hoped to learn more about them as the evening progressed.

(( OOC: Feel free to continue this conversation portion. ))

Hurmin: Shall we?

As the group followed their hosts, Meidra fell in step with Yogan and Sherlock.

Sirin:  It is agreeable to see you both. Did you enjoy your excursion after training?

Sherlock: Responses

It appeared to Yogan that Sherlock was preoccupied with something, and it only took a cursory visual inspection of the room to see with what, or rather, with whom.  From a few metres away, she and Commander Ilsam seemed to be having an entire conversation with their eyes.  It was interesting to see how Resolution’s crew, once acquainted, started to pair off.

(( OOC: Sherlock, since you’ve got a convo with Ilsam in progress further down, I won’t tag you up here, but feel free to add dialogue if you want in this bit if you like! ))

Yalu:  I ended up going back to the ship, where I encountered a certain young Bajoran EMT who was asking after you.  Crewman Hamsan?  He says you two are getting to know each other.

Sirin:  response

Yalu:  Well, he was a nice enough bloke.  Although he did interrupt me while I was eating a cheeseburger.

Sirin:  response

Yalu:  ::grins:: I’m choosing to overlook the cheeseburger incident, because he seemed to be really interested in you.  I’m no telepath, but I could tell he likes you a lot.

Sirin:  response

Yalu: ::referencing her bruises and limp::  By the way, what happened to you?  Did you get mugged on the way here?

Sirin:  response

(( OOC:  Since I imagine these small group conversations are all taking place concurrently rather than in turn, I doubt Yalu can hear them all.  Rather than cut them out completely, I’m just separating them with OOC brackets, in case the participants want to split them into separate sims before we all regroup for dinner.  MacKenzie/T'Suran family convo. ))

MacKenzie: Ambassador, I don’t suppose you’ve heard, but our Captain has been hospitalized at the Vulcan Science Academy’s medical department.

Sarep: I believe it has been mentioned.

MacKenzie: I had an opportunity to visit and speak with several of the doctors. The therapies they’re using are fascinating…

Sarep: I am afraid I am not well versed in medicine. T'Suran!

T'Suran: Father?

Sarep: You should introduce Commander MacKenzie to Spal and Lali. ::To MacKenzie:: Spal is one of T'Suran's childhood friends, and Lali is his student. The two of them work in the VSA's medical department.

MacKenzie: Response

(( OOC: Ilsam/Sherlock convo. ))

Sherlock: ::softly to Ilsam:: This place is beautiful. I'd almost want to live here if it weren't for the heat.

Ilsam: Response

Sherlock: I wonder if dinner will be traditional Vulcan or if they've got something different altogether? Sorry, hungry after our excursion.

Ilsam: Response


Lieutenant JG Yogan Yalu
Helm Officer
USS Resolution NCC-78145


As you liberate yourself in metaphor, think of others, those who have lost the right to speak.
— Mahmoud Darwish

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