Lieutenant JG Etan Iljor - A Suspicious Mind Part II

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Michael Meir-Wright

Sep 24, 2021, 5:52:43 PMSep 24

(( Science Department, Rinascita Station ))

Careswell: Heh, as the saying goes, when you’re in the business of making water, you learn to keep things tidy.

Yellir: I do suppose that’s the benefit of having a smaller crew, everything is often much more manageable on a smaller scale.

Grendle: In truth, there are times where I believe being alone on the station would be most beneficial. ::turns to Careswell:: It would certainly make your job easier to only protect one being here.

Careswell: :half-chuckles, gestures to Grendle::  Heh, this guy, am I right?  I tell ya, Grendo, you’re a rare kind.  I love ya, buddy.  ::grins::  I swear, I would just die if anything ever happened to you.

It took all of Iljor’s self control not to roll his eyes and scoff incredulously. He might not have been much of an actor but Careswell’s performance stunk. It was disingenuous and artificial. Whatever was going on, the man did not care for Grendle nearly as much as he was professing. The permanent glower emanating from the Dokkaran was proof of that.

Beside Iljor, Sherlock muttered something inaudible.

Adyr: I'm sure with you on the case that's not going to happen then. ::Smiling.:: It seems like everything is well in order.

Etan: Could you tell us a little of the station’s history? Has it always been an outpost dedicated to scientific advancement?

Yellir: Was this station always dedicated to water reclamation? Or did it serve some other purpose previously?

Grendle: The station is doing exactly as it was meant to do. Anything other would be illogical.

That did not satisfy Iljor. Not in the slightest- it was not even an answer. Something was going on, Iljor was sure of it. The question now was finding out what exactly these people were up to?

Adyr: Good to know. An entire station dedicated. Must be very efficient.

Sherlock: So it’s a singularly focused research

By now Careswell and Grendle were leading them towards another area of the station. Iljor swept a keen eye over every inch he could, trying to find some indication of the truth.

Careswell:  Well, what are you waiting for, Grendsetter?  Let’s show these Starfleet folks how we Rinasciters make a cup of tea!

Grendle: I’m sure that they have not come all this way to drink tea. They must be getting ready to leave our station, seeing that all is well.

Iljor raised an eyebrow again. The Dokkaran clearly wanted them gone and was now all but saying so.

Adyr: What is normally done with the water?

For the second time, it was as though a member of the away had not spoken- or Careswell and Grendle had not heard them. There was no response to the inquiry.

Sherlock: I’m good, not thirsty really.

Out of the corner of his eye, Iljor noticed Careswell checking something. Instinctively, he turned to get a better look and saw that the Security Chief was looking at what appeared to a communicator. Then, as if he had been spotted, he pocketed the device and returned to the group. Iljor quickly looked away.

Careswell:  You’re gonna love this.  Best water you’ve ever tasted, I promise you.  I swear, we could bottle it.  “Grendel Spring,” anyone?

Etan: I will pass, thank you. I had a big lunch. ::it was a lie, but he was now so sure something untoward had occurred on the station that he didn’t trust the water supply.:: Couldn’t possibly drink anything else. ::he patted his stomach for good measure.::

Yellir: Response.

Sherlock: ::pointing to the device.:: Everything ok, Chief?

Careswell: Response.

Sherlock: ::stepping closer to Careswell:: If you need help with anything, just let me know.

Adyr: Indeed. We are here to observe and assist as necessary. While it is true that your station’s distress call brought us here, we are happy to offer whatever assistance we can in other areas while we are here. And learn at the same time.

Etan: As scientists, Hallia and I stand ready to assist. I’m sure our Captain won’t object if you wanted to use our facilities. The Resolution is a dedicated science vessel, after all.

Yellir: Response.

Careswell: Response.

Adyr: I’m sure that your person is in great hands. We’ve sent over our own doctor to assist. We are here to understand this.

Grendle: Understanding is the first step in harmony. You honour your superiors.

Etan: Just as you honour The Lady. ::he said, with a respectful half-bow. Then he added.:: I studied your culture as part of my anthropological studies at Starfleet Academy.

He hoped that the traditional platitude might go someway to earning the trust of the Dokkaran.

Adyr: So how about that tea?

Yellir/Sherlock: Response.

Grendle: I’m certain that Mr. Careswell is well versed in the making of refreshments. If you will excuse me, I will take these two scientists to my lab so that they can witness the making of water.

In spite of his frustrations and suspicions, Iljor found it difficult not to smirk at the backhanded comment the Dokkaran scientist had just directed towards the Chief of Station Security.

Careswell: Response.

Adyr: Response.

Iljor and Hallia made to follow Grendle towards his laboratory but as they rounded a corner, Iljor gently tugged on his friend’s arm, causing them to come to a halt. He turned to her and finally dropped the mask of neutrality that he had been forced to wear since meeting Careswell and Grendle.

Etan: I don’t buy any of that. ::he said, thumbing towards the rest of the station.:: Have you ever heard of a science station dedicated to water reclamation? They’ve got replicator, for The Prophet’s sake! That’s unlimited water right there.

Yellir: Response.

Etan: And why can’t they even answer our questions about the history of the station or what they do with the water?

Yellir: Response.

Footsteps heralded the approach of Grendle and Iljor quickly dropped his communicator onto the floor, making a show of picking it up.

Etan: Sorry. ::he said with a mock apologetic tone.:: I dropped my combadge. I’m so clumsy. ::he chuckled.::

Grendle/Yellir: Response.

Iljor and Hallia fell into step alongside Grendle, quite an accomplishment given the towering Dokkaran’s long strides.

Etan: You mentioned that some of the reclaimed water goes to the plants kept on this station? ::beat:: Do you or your colleagues undertake botanical research as well? Surely water reclamation is not the only goal of Rinascita Station?

Grendle/Yellir: Response.


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