Lt Aine Sherlock - Official Business, Part 2

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Aine Sherlock

Nov 16, 2021, 11:11:20 AM11/16/21
((Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth))

When the sleek space liner arrived at Earth, it was 2130 hours local time in San Francisco. The person she'd come to see was already turning in for the night. He was a man of strict schedule and wouldn't be bothered by her visit at this time of hour. She had some time to kill and spent it restlessly wandering around the campus. It wasn't that long ago she was a red shouldered cadet with bars on her collar.

Aine visited old spots she used to sit and study. The wall overlooking The Bay and of course everyone's favorite tree, Boothby's elm near the center of the main quad of the campus. She found it funny that every place she went, sure enough, there was a cadet not much younger than her there doing the same thing. Each time the cadet would look at her and notice the pips on her collar and stand, snapping to attention. Each time she found it humorous and waved them off. There was no need for such formalities as her official business wasn't with them.

After a time, she'd made her way into the cafeteria, there were always cadets there at all hours studying and socializing. The cafeteria was almost like a Chief's mess on a ship, never an officer in sight. And sure enough, there were stares like she'd just trespassed on sacred ground. They served real food here, sure there were replicators, but most liked the real stuff as it may be the last they have for some time once they graduate. The meals weren't always great, especially on the night shift, but it didn't matter. She grabbed a tray and utensils and walked up to the chef who was serving up a classic, Salisbury Steak.

She instinctively went for the table her and Mel used to share lunch at, but was occupied. Probably for the better. One was open near the windows looking out into the courtyard. As she ate, a couple cadets even inquired who she was. They sat with her for a time asking questions about getting posted. Much like she did with her mother in the past, she spared them the details that no one really wants to hear. Instead sticking to the things one had to look forward to. Of course the topic of what ship she was posted to came up, and with this one she wouldn't hide. Telling them of the Resolution and its fate and the fate of fourteen officers. Though it was something no one wanted to think about happening, it still did. It was reality. Not every day was surveys and patrols that lead to nothing or, at best, great discoveries.

The rest of her time was spent reading her PADD. Reports of The Borderlands. Fleet movements. Transfers. The normal day to day of Starfleet minus the normal reports from her own ship. Eventually time passed and the new day was starting. She wasn't sure if she would try to intercept him on his way to his first class of the day. She opted to wait until it was finished.

Walking up to the door of the small gym, it swished open and she walked right in. The class was finishing up. All the cadets looked winded, like they'd just run a marathon and knowing how his training sessions normally went, it wasn't far off. They all stood in formation wearing their Academy issued athletic wear. Some of their eyes shifted towards her as it was unusual for guests mid-class. The man she came to see didn't even turn around, not even a break in what he was speaking. Stalwart as ever, focused. But she knew that he was aware of her presence, or at least someone's. She would expect him to not be, his senses tempered way back during the Dominion War.

She waited patiently, standing-at-ease. When he was done and had dismissed the cadets, much to their relief, he didn't even turn around when he spoke. His voice was always gravely, just like now.

Graves: I'm surprised to see you here.


Lieutenant Aine Sherlock
Chief of Security
USS Resolution
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