PNPC LtCmdr Cayden Adyr - Seeing More than the Seen

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Marissa Jeffrey

Sep 26, 2021, 2:17:08 PMSep 26
to Resolution Sim Group
(( Science department, Rinascita Station ))

Adyr: So how about that tea?

Cayden was going to redirect back to the purpose. There were certainly answers to be had, it was just going to be a matter of finding them and making those who held them force them into the light. She looked from one of their hosts to the other, and then to her own team for a moment.

Grendle: I’m certain that Mr. Careswell is well versed in the making of refreshments. If you will excuse me, I will take these two scientists to my lab so that they can witness the making of water.

Careswell:  Can’t make tea without water, Grenderella.  ::waves enthusiastically::  Bring us back a kettle’s worth!

The look on the security officer's face betrayed something, but Cayden still could not place it. Was it concern? Or was it something more along the lines of worry that something was going to go wrong? Either way, she wondered just what the dynamic was between these two as she looked at him once she lost sight of the other half of the team. 

Forcing down the mild concern for their wellbeing, she took a couple of steps back into the room. It seemed like they were there to wait and might end up there for a short time.

Careswell:  They’re going to love it.  That water thing is pretty amazing to watch.  In the meantime, I’d be happy to take you along on my rounds, show you the station’s common spaces.  We can stop by the security office, so I can show you some of the issues we’ve been having, and we can meet back up with your officers later.

That should make the Resolution's security officer pleased. Perhaps in seeing the offices and any of these so-called 'problems', the woman would pick up on something important. Still, the sunny disposition and the clueless nature of the man seemed to indicate that the station was just what they said it was. At the same time, something in the pit of her stomach, other than her symbiont, was telling her something else was up.

Adyr: That sounds alright. They will be able to get more from the science anyways.

She offered a bit of a smile, but the security chief offered more, which seemed to get more of an answer. On a ship like the Resolution, it seemed like no one was who they appeared to be. They were all either dual-talented, or they literally filled multiple roles.

Sherlock:  response

Careswell:  No, it’s not your fault.  It’s mine.  I'm pretty sure Grendle hates me.  ::beat::  You know how sometimes you just want to be somebody’s friend too much?  ::chuckles::  That’s me.  Kenny–my hubby–always says I’m a bit too keen, and I came on too strong back when Grend Canyon and I first met.  I just wanted him to like me.  He's such a genius.  I swear, water will never be the same.

Adyr: Perhaps it is a culture thing. I would not worry too much.

After all, being stuck on that station together like that for so long would ultimately result in friendship at some point. Right? 

Friendship or death...perhaps.

Sherlock:  response

And so began their tour, with the security officer leading and pointing out the sites that made sense and leaving the others uniflated for 'another time'.

Careswell:  That’s the lending library.  Nextdoor is the assay office–we've got some really cool lockers in there.  And that’s the cafeteria.  You’re in luck.  They’re serving kedgeree today.  It tastes pretty good, even though it does look like it's been run over.

Cayden raised an eyebrow. She had agreed to tea, but the idea of whatever this kedgeree was, she was almost hesitant to think about it given that it 'looked like it's been run over'. 

Adyr: Ah, perhaps later. I would like to finish looking around I think.

Sherlock:  response

With a smile, they continued to follow him down the corridor.

Careswell: Response?

More locations of interest, more direction, more walking. For a small station, it seemed like there was a lot. She smiled and followed along, trying to take it all in. Finally, they arrived at the office she knew Sherlock would find most intriguing.

Adyr: Security office?

She gestured towards Sherlock to go ahead of her into the small room.

Sherlock/Careswell: Responses?

As they entered, Cayden did her best to not be in the way, and yet still see it all.

Adyr: So what seems to be the problem?

Taking up a place near the back of the room, she let her eyes wander, looking at everything and trying to make sense of it. There were monitors that showed different locations, though none of them seemingly consequential at the moment, and a bar that showed all things to be condition green - for the moment. After that, a lot of what she was looking at got lost in translation.

Sherlock/Careswell: Responses?

Okay, that made some sense. Even so, Cayden found herself wondering what it was that Sherlock was looking at...just as the lights flickered slightly and the underlying hum of whatever was powering the station dipped in frequency and intensity for a moment. Raising an eyebrow, she looked to the others.

Adyr: What was that?

Sherlock/Careswell: Responses?



Lieutenant Commander Cayden Adyr

Mission Specialist

As simmed by:

Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti
Commanding Officer
USS Resolution


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