Lt. J. G. Silveira: Tea for thee? Coffee for me.

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Sep 25, 2021, 4:10:13 AMSep 25
to USS Resolution – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

((USS Resolution, deck 3, Transporter Room))

With the Head Researcher from Rinascita onboard they would have to play the welcoming game.

Rackham: Straight to business. ::He grinned, flicking his hair with a tilt of his head.:: I can appreciate an officer who delves right in. It’s why I went into the science field, myself. Cut right to the chase like a laser scalpel, am I right?
He winked at Vitor, who managed to avoid any reaction, before returning his attention to Captain Adea, clasping his hands in the small of his back. 
Silveira: And that is why we are here.

Adea: What’s the problem?
Matu/Anders: Response

Rackham: Believe me, it’s racked our brains as well. We’ve had more problems over than I care to bore you with, but the crux of it is we’ve had some serious issues with powering our equipment lately. For the life of our magic operations staff down in engineering, they can’t figure out what’s going on, but it’s putting a damper on our research processing power, not to mention playing havoc with our communications. 

Vitor raised an eyebrow, but he stood silently now, letting the others speak their minds 

Genkos nodded, taking in the man’s words, although his heart dropped a little. As a doctor, he was to be of almost no practical help in technical wizardry, but as Captain he was to be expected to know a little bit about everything.
Adea: I see. And how can we help with that?
Matu/Anders: Response

Rackham: I was hoping we could discuss sharing the use of your science facilities while your engineers look at our power regulators. It shouldn’t take long, barely a day or so, but it will get us over the last hill in our molecular moisture reclamation research and make my scientists thrilled. Your Nova-class is like a larking colt in an autumn meadow compared to Rinascita.
He shrugged a shoulder up with a wide smile and a heroic eyebrow tilt.
Vitor kept his friendly stance, but was worried about such an easy going leader. 

oO He’s a charmer. I hope Captain Doc let’s me keep you under eye. Being one myself I know charmers are the worst. Oo
Rackham: Any chance of a glass of Amielian tea, Commander? It’s been a hot minute since I was on a ship with the program. Station tea never tastes right.   

Vitor turned to the Captain waiting for instructions.
Captain Adea nodded enthusiastically. 
Adea: I understand completely Commander. Come, there’s a chemistry lab on this deck. It should have both a replicator for tea, and will also give you an idea of our abilities.

They left the transporter room and Vitor stood behind, quietly following the others.
Rackham/Matu/Anders: Response
They began to walk,  the Captain falling in step with Dr. Rackham.
Adea: So tell me about this Amielian tea; what sort of flavour does it have? ::he looked behind him:: What about you three, do you drink tea?
Silveira: Just peached flavor ice tea, which isn’t really the time for. Other than that it’s coffee for me.

Rackham/Matu/Anders: Response

They walked a bit further and arrived at the lab, Vitor was the last to enter and he took a stand next to the door as the others talked. He would have felt more comfortable if he got a phaser with him, but he didn’t even know if the Res bridge had any weapons storage.

Adea/Rackham/Matu/Anders: response

Silveira: Please, indulge yourselves, I will take my coffee last. ::he smiled again at their gest.:: Doctor Rackham if you don’t mind me asking, do you have any military research going on?

Rackham/Matu/Anders: Response


Lt. J. G. Vitor S.Silveira
Tactical Officer
USS Resolution, NCC-78145
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