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Michael Meir-Wright

Sep 26, 2021, 8:23:03 PMSep 26

(( Mess Hall, USS Resolution ))

There wasn’t much call for an Astrometrics Officer during a routine patrol mission, even with word of the cancelled distress call from a science station in the backside of the quadrant. As assignments went, the Resolution was shaping up to be what Arlo Thornton’s father might have called “a doddle”. It was certainly less intense than being chased by dinosaurs on a terraformed asteroid or encountering sentient ‘shrooms beneath a Romulan colony world. So far, the most exciting thing Arlo had done was report to the Chief of Science and settled in to her new quarters.

As she sat in the Mess Hall nursing a Jibalian tea that was turning from hot to lukewarm, she studied what little Starfleet had on Rinascita Station. She might not be a bridge officer anymore, but there was no harm in prepping just in case she was called upon to serve. That thought made her stop her musings in her tracks and put the PADD sharply down onto the table, the sound echoing in the nearly empty Mess Hall.

Thornton: oO Crap. Oo ::she thought to herself.:: oO I’m becoming Starfleet again. Oo

She was still not entirely sold on the idea of returning to Starfleet, having made some discreet enquiries into civilian work- even after Genkos’s crafty use of the reserve activation clause. That said, she could not deny she felt a sense of purpose for the first time since her extended leave of absence had been granted. Whether or not she belonged in the uniform was still up for debate- but denying its effects was simply not possible.

Thornton: oO If I become one of those Starfleet officers who lives and dies by the uniform, then I’m going to beat Genkos with own cane. Oo

She was half way through a sip of her tea when her communicator chirped. She swallowed the sweet beverage and tapped the small delta shaped device.

Adea: =/\= Adea to Thornton. Please meet me and Commander Rackham in the chemistry lab on deck three. =/\=

Thornton: ::she was already on her feet and heading out of the door (tea forgotten about) when she replied.:: =/\= Understood, Captain. =/\= ::she could not contain the smile that broke out. It was wonderful to see Adea thriving. =/\= I will be with you shortly. =/\=

(( Chemistry Lab, Deck 3, USS Resolution ))

On the Gorkon and Helaspont Station everything seemed to be located far away; a stark contrast to the Resolution where everything and everyone seemed to be on top of one another. She had felt a tinge of claustrophobia when she had first boarded the little surveyor, but it had passed. This, the journey to the chemistry laboratory was short and free of incident. She stepped into the room, her mind filled with questions. Given that the cabin was little more than a broom closet with some advanced scientific equipment, she saw the Doctor-turned-Acting Captain nigh instantaneously, flanked by a number of officers that were not immediately familiar.

Thornton: You asked to see me, Captain?

Adea/Anders/Matu/Rackham/Silveira: Response.

She turned to the blonde haired and closely cropped Doctor Rackham with a smile and extended her hand.She noticed that the man’s eyes seemed to twinkle, although she suspected it was a trick of the overhead lighting or she was seeing things. Hopefully, the former.

Thornton: It’s a pleasure to meet you, Commander-  and welcome to the Resolution.

Again, she surprised herself- feeling comfortable in the uniform and practising diplomacy.  Thinking like an officer was one thing but now she was seriously considering that perhaps Genkos had been right. She was a Starfleet officer and that she should give her career with the organisation another chance.

Adea/Anders/Matu/Rackham/Silveira: Response.

Thornton: I’d be happy to help in whatever way I can. ::she grinned.:: How can I help?

Adea/Anders/Matu/Rackham/Silveira: Response.

Lieutenant Commander Arlo Thornton

Astrometrics Officer

USS Resolution


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