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Elliot Huxtable

Sep 26, 2021, 12:23:52 PMSep 26

((Corridor, Deck Three, USS Resolution))


They began to walk, Genkos falling in step with Ben, Dr. Rackham, and the dull thud of his cane kept rhythm with his steps. He turned to the scientist as they walked together.


Adea: So tell me about this Amielian tea; what sort of flavour does it have? ::He looked behind him at his fellow officers:: What about you? Do you drink tea?


Silveira: Just peached flavor ice tea, which isn’t really the time for. Other than that it’s coffee for me.


Rackham: Ah, a man who likes his coffee is all business. ::He elbowed Silveira with a wink.:: Be careful of your man here, Captain. He looks like a prime steakhouse and handles like a bistro. 


Genkos pursed his lips in a smile, but affected a professional, slightly stern, tone of voice.


Adea: I’m sure I don’t know *what* you mean...


Anders/Matu: Response


Rackham: Amielian tea is a precocious suggestion of bursting berries, unlike anything you’ve ever tasted, until you’ve had it of course. It springs over your tongue like a frolicking philly. 


Genkos nodded with a smile; it sounded right up his alley. Exactly the sort of thing he might like. His usual beverage, uttaberry green tea was starting to lose its lustre, and he was finding he had to add various herbs to keep it interesting.


Adea: As the Ferengi say “I’m sold”. 


Anders/Matu: Response


They traversed the corridor and arrived at the science lab dedicated to the application of chemistry. Genkos was pleased to note that Silveira took a position next to the door; although Rackham was quite the charmer, there was not necessarily any reason to give him full run of the place just yet.


Rackham: I have to say, Captain, this is exactly what we need. You have some marvellous equipment here. 


Adea: We do indeed. ::he shrugged, looking around:: Unfortunately I’m a medical doctor so a lot of this is unfamiliar to me. ::he grinned:: But I’ll take your word for it.


Anders/Matu: Response


Silveira: Please, indulge yourselves, I will take my coffee last. ::He smiled again at Ben, who beamed back.:: Doctor Rackham, if you don’t mind me asking, do you have any military research going on?


For a second, Rackham’s eye twitched as he regarded the bearded security officer, before flicking his glance to the man’s collar; the pips specifically. As he looked back up at him, the smile didn’t shift, but he tilted his head a little. Genkos pulled his lips together in a tight frown of consideration; clearly there was more to “Ben” than met the eye. 


Rackham: I’m afraid that’s a little above your classification, Lieutenant. Suffice to say, our research would be useful in the right hands to those with the appropriate intention to use it. 


Adea: What sort of thing can you tell us? 


Anders/Matu/Silveira: Response


Rackham: Eco-regeneration, meteorological, vulcanology… ::He thought for a second before adding with a light chuckle,:: I was a little put out as a youngster to discover that was the study of volcanoes and geophysical phenomena, and not the study of my delightful Vulcan colleagues. 


Genkos listened with a gentle nod to the list of sciences, and let out a light laugh at the man’s witticism but his intrigue was piqued. He was clearly deflecting and distracting, but whether from professional pride or for something more sinister was yet to be elucidated.


Adea: Ah, for that you need to go to Starfleet Medical.


Anders/Matu/Silveira: Response


Rackham: I have to say, Captain, I’d be thrilled to meet some of your colleagues in science and pick their ample brains about our situation to hurry our research along. 


Genkos nodded and played lightly with his cane as his eyes shot upwards to go through the list of science officers on board who might be around to help. He first considered Farrel but something about the woman intimidated him; there were all sorts of rumours flying around about her role taking over the bridge during Kalianna’s collapse. Then it struck him; an old friend.


Adea: Well a few of our most capable officers are over on your station, but an old friend of mine has just transferred. She’s a whiz with science, and she shouldn’t be doing anything that can’t be left unattended.


Rackham: Response


Anders/Matu/Silveira: Response


Genkos tapped his combadge and affected his most authoritarian Captain voice.


Adea: =/\= Adea to Thornton. Please meet me and Commander Rackham in the chemistry lab on deck three. =/\=


Thornton: =/\= Response =/\=


Genkos grinned at them all and drummed his fingers on the handle of his cane.


Adea: She’ll be along any minute… It seems almost a shame I won’t get to see your station Commander.


Rackham: Response


Anders/Matu/Silveira: Response






Lieutenant Commander Genkos Adea MD

Second Officer & Chief Medical Officer

USS Resolution



"You know, I'm really easy to get along with most of the time, but I don't like bullies and I don't like threats, and I don't like you, Culluh. You can try and stop us from getting to the truth but I promise you that if you do I will respond with all the 'unique technologies' at my command." - Kathryn Janeway

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