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to USS Resolution – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

(( Molly Malone’s, Deck 225/226, Deep Space 224 ))

As he made his way toward the popular Irish establishment, Yogan made occasional stops to take in the various commercial establishments on the promenade.  It was a leisurely afternoon-turned-evening, and he was looking forward to seeing all of his crewmates together again.  While Resolution was laid up, her officers and crew had dispersed about the station and its neighbourhood, building homes and visiting friends and attending symposia.  Yogan conjectured that their assembly tonight at Molly Malone’s would also precede their being recalled and sent out on a new mission shortly thereafter, so it would be nice to have a bit of fellowship before getting back to work.

The invitation that Captain Nicholotti sent out specifically mentioned no uniforms, but Yogan had had enough experience with Earth customs and etiquette to recognize that this was one of those inverse instructions that were so common with Human invitations.  Like “no gifts, please” on a wedding invitation actually meant “you’d better come with a gift or you’re not eating,” and “regrets only” meant “if you don’t turn up, I’ll be the one with regrets… about our friendship.”  As such, he turned the corner into Molly Malone’s in a freshly replicated uniform and polished boots, confident that he read the situation accurately.

The captain reserved a group of tables near the back of the place, and as Yogan approached them, he realized that he was, in fact, dead wrong about the instructions he’d received.  The captain, first officer, and chief medical officer all looked resplendent in their wholly civilian attire.  Maximizing the irony by using the Human vernacular, he exhaled his disappointment in words:

Yalu:  Oh, crumbs.

It was too late to change course.  All that remained was to keep his chin high, his chest out, and try not to crash too hard.  He tugged at the bottom hem of his jacket to straighten out his gig line.  In for a penny, in for a pound.

MacKenzie: I believe the Captain and I were just taking bets on who was going to disobey orders and show up in uniform anyway. You want in on the action?

Adea / Nicholotti: response

Having overheard the last bit of their exchange, Yogan continued his final approach and joined his superior officers at the table.

Yalu:  If you picked me, you won.

Nicholotti / MacKenzie / Adea:  response

Yalu:  I suppose every Starfleet officer remembers the day when they disobey a direct order for the first time.  ::beat::  Would have hoped for a more exciting story.

A server came over to take Yogan’s order of a chilled Kohlanese cola, then retreated, leaving the Trill alone to accept the reactions of the group.  They might have thought him intentionally ornery, or making some kind of statement by refusing to follow instructions; perhaps just lazy or lacking a sense of personal style.

The real reason was far less interesting.  He just liked wearing it.  It was a sensible, workmanlike garment, suitable for a variety of conditions.  It fit him well, which for a person of his stature was always a concern, and he felt good about himself in it.  Perhaps most importantly of all, he was proud of it, having worked hard to earn the right to wear it.  He was certain the momentary embarrassment of his faux pas would dissipate quickly.  Hopefully he wouldn’t be sent back to his quarters to change before being allowed to join the party.

Nicholotti / MacKenzie / Adea:  response

Any:  response

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Lieutenant Yogan Yalu
Helm Officer
USS Resolution NCC-78145


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